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Chapter 4

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Pete comes over to your house/flat/thing

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“Yeah I don’t wanna be sitting here listening to you two fight over some chick I wanna shred some fucking metal dude.” Joe says lazily, drawing out his words like he was tired.

“Dude are you high or tired Joe?” Andy asked.

“Both” The three boys responded to Andy in unison.

I hope she’s okay and it’s nothing really bad. Pete thought to himself as they began playing again.

The rest of that day was spent just laying around and moping and being grumpy and eating and trying to do some study. But we all know the last one didn’t happen. Your roommate came in every now and then, sitting with you for a while watching whatever it was you had on the TV and laughing with you at times. It was comforting in a way, nothing being said but just sharing the space. That was what your best friend and roommate was excellent at. It was what you needed to be able to start functioning like a “normal human” again. That night though, your anxiety settled in and kept you awake until your eyes refused to stay open at 4:00am. When your alarm awoke you the next morning you were somewhat refreshed and willing to meet Pete as promised.

Your roommate texted him the address and got the response back that he was on his way. Then everything began to collapse for you and you broke down into a crying mess. Not able to complete a proper sentence, all you could get out was babble about Pete thinking your psychotic and leaving. Your friend tried to tell you that wasn’t true and Pete won’t leave but it just made everything worse and you eventually shut yourself in your room again. This time though, you were just balling. Clinging to your favourite pillow like it was all that was real in this horrible world.

Pete was outside the apartment complex and looking for a park. Eventually he found the underground parking entrance and drove in, using the intercom system to call up to your flat and get the code. Once Pete had the code he put it in and parked his shitty car at the closest park to the elevator. He took the elevator up to the third floor and went up to your apartment door and knocked three times.

“Oh thank god you’re here!” Your roommate exclaimed once she opened up the door to Pete.

“What am I on a TV game show now am I?” He questioned, being cocky as usual.

“No (Y/N)’s broken down and is refusing to even open the door.”

Pete knew something was up. His gut twisted in a way he’d never felt it do before and he started to feel panicked … He hated this feeling of whatever it was. Your friend let him in and showed him to your bedroom door and left him there, not wanting to disrupt whatever was about to happen. Pete went up to the door and knocked three times softly and then called out to you.

“Hey (Y/N)? It’s me, Pete. Can I come in sweetheart?” Pete asked softly and gently, not wanting to cause any further harm to you. It wasn’t long before the sound of door locks being undone and chains shifting met Pete’s ears and a soft voice replied.

“If you really wanna come in and see the mess inside then sure knock yourself out buddy.”

Pete slowly opened the door, looking back briefly at your roommate for permission and she nodded her head in approval. The sight that met Pete’s eyes was a shamble to say the least. He’d thought that your room would have been a little tidier and organised, based on your behaviour. But this was as if a hurricane had appeared and disappeared again inside the tiny space. There were clothes here and there on the floor, there were movies stacked everywhere in no particular order. There were chocolate wrappers everywhere. And a single solitary item dangled from the ceiling. Pete moved closer towards it and then looked you dead in the eyes when he realised what it was.

“You have the hat I stole?”

“Yeah … Boss didn’t want it back because didn’t know what happened to it … So I kept it … Was planning on hitting you with it if I ever saw you again … But punching you happened first.” You replied, smiling at the thought.

“Thanks.” Pete replied flatly. “Can I come over to you or do you want me to stay over here?” He asked, his voice shifting from being cocky to being caring.

“If you wanna come over here … No promises I’m not going to give you a shower of salty tears.” You both laughed at your own joke and Pete came over and wrapped his arms around your small frame, protectively cuddling you. It was warm and nice. Something you really could use a lot more of in this mundane world. After a few minutes of silent cuddles and little butterfly kisses from Pete on the top of your head he spoke up.

“Did you wanna talk about it? So you know … I can sort of understand … And … Um … Not say the wrong things or anything like that …” He stumbled with the wording, trying his hardest not to be rude or mean to you whilst you were in this fragile state. Pete’s caring and the amount of love and attention he was giving you right now made you mentally bend and break.

“I’m just so sorry Pete I’m broken and I’m so confusing and I’m a mess I don’t mean a thing to anything here and I’m just a broken pile of rubbish that someone forgot to put in the trash can and I don’t deserve you and you definitely don’t deserve to have to put up with my bullshit and my broken state of mind I don’t even know why you bothered to try and make me feel better because everybody leaves me in the end and nobody ever actually cares about anything but themselves and I’m just so sorry that you’re wasting your time with me because there are so many other girls out there that would be able to give you more because they’re so much better than me they actually know and recognise you and your amazing band and they’re all better looking than me because they have a bigger bust and they have impeccable make-up skills and they are absolutely flawless and they’ve got the perfect thigh gap and they’re beautiful and they don’t look like a rotten potato when they cry they look like god fucking damn goddesses when they cry and they don’t sound like males with their normal voices and they don’t sound like a dying walrus with a carpenter on the side when they cry and they know what to do and when to do it and I’m worthless I’m nothing of the sort like them and I saw the looks those girls were giving you when you were onstage they were eyeing you up and down and I saw the looks they gave me when you weren’t paying them attention and you were paying me attention they were at first murderous because it was me that you were giving the attention to but then they’re faces went from murderous to looks of shock and then they started laughing at me and laughing at themselves for thinking that you were paying someone else special attention and then they started being flirty towards you again and I’m just nothing to anyone and I’m so sorry to spill all this on you it’s not fair and now you’re gonna run away because I’m just so destroyed and broken and I’m psychotic and I talk to myself and I have split personality disorder where I have more than one personality and it’s so annoying to tell other people because they run away and think I’m supposed to be in a mental institution and I can’t make any new friends and I’m so sorry that you have to find this out now it’s just that I didn’t want to tell you because I didn’t want you to run away because I really like you despite you being a cocky little shit you’re really good at bass and I’d love to learn how to play an instrument like guitar but I’m a useless tool and I’m so selfish I didn’t tell you all of this because I’m so hopeful and I’m ridiculously clingy and I’m so horribly bad with relationships and I don’t know what the social norm for relationships are and I don’t know how they work anymore I don’t have any social skills and I’m just a massive big couch potato and I’m just so sorry Pete I’m so so sorry and I get it if you want to leave and never see me again I know I understand and you don’t have to say anything you can just leave it’s fine and-” You babbled by Pete cut you off and pulled your head in close to him and you buried it in the crook of his neck, all the while he was rubbing small circles with his hand on your back.

“Hey hey hey. Sweetheart I’m not leaving any time soon okay?” Pete said firmly, forcing you to stop. “Look, I don’t want to leave you. Those other girls that you’re trying to compare yourself to mean nothing to me. They’re all fake smiles and fake faces. They make the right suggestions and the right moves and all they want is to get in your pants and take your money. That’s it. That’s all they are. They’re not real people who really care about you. They don’t want a caring relationship. They only want sex and the prestige that comes with it. I don’t want that.” Pete stopped, moving back to look you in the eyes.

“But they’re-”

“No (Y/N). I don’t care that they’ve got a thigh gap and that they know how to put their fresh face on with bullshit cake mixture. They might be sexy with their big busts and push-up bras making their boobs look bigger. But they’re not beautiful like you.”

“But how aren’t they beautiful-”

“(Y/N), listen to me sweetheart. I promise you I’m not leaving you. I don’t want to. I don’t want those other girls that think they’re the best of the best. Because they really aren’t. They’re actually pretty shit when it comes down to it.”

“But I’m a mess-”

“We’re all mad here.” Pete paused, then continued in a quieter voice. “Look, I didn’t really want to tell you things about me either. I’m not as fine as I seem. I’m kinda broken too.”

“Wait, you are broken?” You said, pulling your head out of his neck crook and looking him in his soft, melting eyes.

“Yeah, I’ve got problems just like yours … Well not the split personality thing but similar things … I hear voices sometimes and I talk to myself and I have bipolar and other stuff. I have to take meds and I’m stupid and I have bad habits. I don’t have good relationships with my family either so I don’t really have anyone to help me with this stuff and I know I’ve got the guys but I don’t really like having to spill or lash out or vent to them. It’s not really good for them and it can make them feel bad too and I don’t want that. That’s why I didn’t want to tell you either, because I didn’t want to affect your life in that way. But you, you’ve got your family to help you and you’ve got your roommate for support. You’ve got people that love you.” Pete said, not being able to meet your eyes. You realised that he was telling the truth, he had bad habits and bad things just like you.

“Pete, I’ve never been good enough for my family. I was always the disappointment. My older brother and sister were perfect because they got the good grades, they had the popular status within the school, they had the good standing with the teachers, they had the leadership roles like being school captain and they won the awards. I was average, I didn’t bother studying and I got B’s and A’s with little to no effort, I didn’t have friends, I sat alone, I didn’t socialise, I was the school yard laughing stock and the one everyone picked on to make themselves feel big and strong, I wasn’t a school leader and I was a disgrace to my family name.” You told Pete, maintaining eye contact with him as he brought his eyes to meet yours.

“(Y/N), I’m sorry I-” Pete tried to say sorry for assuming that you had a good relationship with your family but you cut him off. He didn’t need to say sorry for something that he didn’t know about.

“Pete it’s fine I’m over that now … Especially considering-” You started before you remembered when you were little. You relived the memory and after it was finished you broke down and cried into Pete’s neck again. All the while Pete just sat there patiently cuddling you and giving you small kisses on your head.
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