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guys or girls.

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When the guys are captured by sirens its all up to Theresa and Atlanta to save them. Who says girls can't fight? A/A,J/T

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Somewhere in their dorm two teenagers were debating, as usual.

"I'm telling you Atlanta," barked a purple-haired teenage boy, "If the seven

heroes fighting against Cronus were all girls, the world would have been doomed

two weeks ago!"

Atlanta, the red-headed girl he was debating with replied, " Well Archie, if

the team was all guys you wouldn't have lasted three days after finding out you

were the descendent of a greek hero who is NOT afraid of water!"

Archie ignored the afraid-of-water remark, "Oh, then why do you suppose I'm

alive today then?"

Atlanta smirked, " 'cause I'm always there to save your butt, that's why!"

The leader of the two debating teens, Jay, who happened to be in the living

room where the arguement was taking place, looked over at his other teamate,

Theresa and they both rolled their eyes. This was ,what, the third arguement

those two have had this week.

Jay sighed. Everyone knew that Archie had a really big crush on Atlanta, but

she was waaayyyy too oblivious to his affections, and Archie never seemed to

summon up the courage to tell Atlanta how he felt, which is why those two

were arguing right now, instead of going to movie, or something.

Jay looked over at Theresa. Everyone knew it that Jay and Theresa liked

each other, but they were both too shy and always hoped the other would fess

up and ask.

Then Herry, Odie, and Neil came in.

" What are they bantering on about now?" complained Neil.

" Dunno," said Jay, "something about which gender better suits the


"Huh?" asked Herry, confused at Jay's choice of words.

"Whether girls or guys are better, Herry," Odie explained.

"Oh," said Herry.

Theresa sighed, " will someone tell them to knock it off already, it's

driving me insane!"
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