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Shes the prettiest

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Like the force awakens? Well this is my twist on it to where Ben solo isnt so solo anymore. He has a girlfriend who he travels around with and does awesome adventures. But it didnt always start tha...

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Kylo Ren walked from his previous location to his new destination. The 22 year old was tierd of all the crap around him and wanted pleasure fast.

For the past three months, Casendra and three other girls older than her have been taken away from their training as storm troopers and taught how to pleasure a male and were taught that they would be punished harsly if they didnt obey orders.

Now was the time. The three of them were lined up oldest to youngest, her being the youngest, with their hands bound with chains and wearing white clothes to cover their bodies.

Kylo ren soon walked in. He stopped in front of the girls and talked to the man in charge of them.

"These are four of the prettiest girls wedound in an instance. The oldest is 18, second and thrid are 17 and the youngest is 14"

As he said their ages, he also pointed to them.

Ren stared at Casendra. She had straight blonde curls, big nerd glasses and a nice body. For a younger person she was beautiful compaired to the others.

They were all hanging their heads, so he took in a breath and said "Raise your head and let your eyes meet mine"

He looked at them, Casendras eyes being flakey in meeting his.

He stared at her and she seemed to get more and more nervous.

"Casendra look into his eyes" the man that owend them yelled.

She flinched and looked at him. There eyes meeting. As Ren looked at them he could see the fear she had as they watered up.

The man that owened them walked over to her and slapped her in the head. She flintched and the tears came out faster as he hit her till she was cocering her head for protection.

He kicked her over andthe walked back to Ren.

"Please make your choice sir, dont mind her she will be punished later"

Ren quickly made his desirion. He walked over to the small frail body on her knees and picked her up bridal style.

"Take your other girls. This one i choose. Shes the prettiest"

He walked away before letting the man talk and walked them to his room.

She was still crying when they got there and she was shivering with fear also. He layed her on the bed and stroked her hair.

She had herknees brought up to her chest and her face covered by her hands. She was tense and scared but Rens quiet shushing calmed her down after a little bit.

She uncovered her small face and looked up at her master. That is what he was now.

He looked back down at her and kissed her forhead. "Stay here little one okay. I have to go somewhere but illbe back. Your safe here"

His calm voice made her smile and nod her head. He covered her withthe blanket and left the room. She was tierd, and hirt, so she fell asleep quickly and peacefully.
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