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Chapter fucking 2

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Im in a bad mood like this chapter

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Hi guys author here im having a bad fucking day so im gonna make a badfucking chapter and horrible things are gonna happen so MAN UP AND DEAL WITH IT

Ren stormed into the sproom, startling Casendra. He pulled out his light saber and started destroying things.

He got close to the bed and destroyed things. Sparks flew around her making her yelp out and try to protect herself.

He heard her yelps and stopped destroying things. He stared at her as his heavybreathing came through the mask.

He deactivated it and took his mask off. Casendra looked at his features, nice jaw line, beautiful hair. She thought it was hot

He threw the light saber down and took his cloak off. He took his shirt off andclimbed over Casendra

He was furious. He wanted to get al, his anger out and he was gonna let it out on her.

He ripped her shirt and bra off and pinned her arms down. She started screaming out in fear as he took hand cuffs and handcuffed her to the bed on her back.

He started taking her pants off. She didnt understand what was happening and tried to fight against what he was doing.


She whimperd and acted lifeless. She was scared and didnt want it to hurt because she knew it was gonna hurt anyways because it was her first time.

He ripped everything off her body and unbuckled his pants. He slammed into her harshly and pounded on her body while she was dry.

There was a lot of friction happening be ause she was so tight. Pre cum came out of the both of them and made it easier to move. Blood also came out indicating he took her virginity.

He continued pounding on her body using her as support and he pressed his fingers into her shoulders and waist.

He felt her tightening and loosening, he was also theobbing inside of her. She soon had her orgasm and he had his

He continued pounding her until every kast drop of cum was our of his system. He pulled out and colapsed beside her

She layed there, crying from the pain and fear that devowerd her. She felt used, pointless. Just like anyone would of they were raped

Ren took his oamts off then pulled the sheets over them. He held her close to him and drifted off to sleep. She cried herself to sleep after him.
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