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Chapter 3

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A day to themselves

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In the morning Ren was the first to wake. He looked at Casendras small frail body in his arms and noticed something different about her.

The night before her hair had been blonde and straight. This morning it was brunette and had light curls in it.

Had she done that in the night? He hadent felt her stir.

He brushed her hair aside her face and whispered in her ear "Casendra wake up"

Her head lifted and her tierd eyes located his. "Yes master" she said with a scratchy voice

"Why is yur hair brown. If i am so correct it was blonde last night and didnt have curls. Did you change it?" He asked

She took a strand in her andand looked at it. A smile appered on her face. She cuddled back to his chest and responded

"Its like that. It changes every few days between blonde and brown every few days and its been doing that my whole life. Im not sure why but i like it brown better"

She continued sleeping and he layed there trying to process

"Well im gonna get up and do things. Would you like to come or stay here?"

"Mm ill come with you" she said

They both got out of bed and got their clothes for the day. Casendra was confined to a simple black jumpsiut and black heels.

After both using the bathroom, changing, and Ren putting on his mask, he took her hand and led her outside his room.

Immediatly storm troopers were running by them towards the controll room of star killer base.

"There must be something going on. Cmon" he pulled her arm towards

In the halls people were running and and shiuting everywhere. When they got to the control room, you couldnt even hear yourself thinking

General hux walked past them quickly and Ren got his attemtion.

"Whats going on" he said through the mask

General Hux pulled his arm away "None of your buisness Ren its personal to the first order. Go to the training room and teach that woman how to defend herself"

Ren put his arm up and was about ready to choke hux when Casendra small hand was placed on his to stop him.

He looked at her and dropped his hand at her gentle touch. Then he lead her to the training room
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