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Chapter 24

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Nicholas's P.O.V.

"Hey puppy,"
I saw Reyna sitting there alone eating her breakfast while Granger seemed like she and Weasley had some unfinished business. Can't be anything good that's for sure. Reyna said that Harry and Ron were on bad terms but she didn't go into much details. She seemed really stressed out about it.
I saw her smile genuinely but then she made this weird expression and the smile flattered. What was she thinking about? Was she possibly...bored of me?
Maybe she is bored of me. Reyna just told me what happened during detention last night. And to be honest, I thought she wanted to tell me that the mucus incident was very fun but I never knew...
I mean, don't get me wrong, I've always been understanding. But this time...I told Reyna to just give me some time. It hurts to just tell her "I need some time to think about it." What with her cute puppy eyes staring at me with the sad expression. But I had to do it. Say I'm being blunt and mean but, if she really did love us, she wouldn't have leaned in.
And then I leaned in she told me. My heart broke into a million pieces after hearing that. I thought she would smack Malfoy for trying to mess with her but instead she leaned in. She didn't punch him or hurt him whatsoever like I had hoped. She did something I never thought she wouldn't. Reyna Hazel Chase my Girlfriend leaned in to kiss Draco Malfoy. Out of all people. It's him.
And I thought Reyna was more sensible than that. I was utterly disappointed in her.
I'm not denying it anymore.
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