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Chapter 23

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Reyna's P.O.V.

"Why aren't you eating anything?" Hermione asked.
You could have guessed. Yep, I was going absolutely crazy over about how to tell Nicholas about the events of last night. What would he think of me? A slut like how Draco had addressed me yesterday? No way, Nicholas loves me too much to say that. But I betrayed him. Would he still love me the same?
"Huh? I uh...well uh...not hungry," I stammered.
I wouldn't say her question caught me off guard because this is Hermione we are talking about. She was like a Sister to me. She knows me way too well to know that something is bugging me.
Hermione stared at me for a few minutes before saying sternly, "Spill" I knew she caught me and there was no way I was going to try and wriggle myself out of this. So I just told her briefly, "I nearly cheated on Nicholas yesterday."
Hermione looked beyond shocked. "But...but...Reyna! How could you do such a thing? Wait...what do you mean by nearly?" She paused and looked at me for more answers.
I sighed. "I nearly kissed someone,"
"And who is that?"
Oh no. Not this. Absolutely not this question.
I looked at her then looked at my plate. I could feel Hermione staring at me the whole time as I took a sudden interest to my plate of sausages and eggs. I just couldn't tell her. What would she say? Imagine that look of terror when you find out one of your best friends is cheating on your enemy.
"Reyna..." Hermione said dangerously calm. Too calm.
I had to tell her. This was it. I stuffed my mouth with a sausage and said, "Malfoy." Although it sounded more like "gadoy".
"Huh? Who's Fairdoll?" Hermione asked curiously.
Huh, she has terrible hearing then.
I sighed. "Malfoy." I said simply although the matter was definitely not simple.
Hermione gawked. Her mouth literally dropped opened. You could see some of her scrambled eggs that she was munching just now in her mouth and the sight was just absolutely disgusting! I used my fork and pushed her jaw up; closing her mouth. "There you go," I said happily. Those disgusting looking eggs. Oh god...
"You...WHAT?!" Hermione spluttered. The eggs came flying out from her mouth and landed on the table and on my robes. Ewww! Hermione! I tried swapping away the eggs with my hands, trying my best to avoid those exceptionally "wet" looking ones.
"Chill a little, I didn't okay?" Although I knew I was definitely not chilling but was instead freaking out inside that I had in fact indirectly whether I like it or not, cheated on my Boyfriend Nicholas who loved me so much and here I am going around skipping like I'm single. I'm a terrible person and the guilt is eating me alive!
"Oh I don't believe it! What were you thinking? And oh—" Hermione stopped.
I turned around to see Ron talking to Seamus and Dean like the three of them were best friends for life. Hermione seemed angry because she stomped towards Ron, leaving me alone. Oh well, this must be something got to do with Harry then. I don't want to pry although I was like part of the Golden Trio but I still feel that it's nice to see just the original three. If you get what I mean.
"Hey puppy,"
My heart nearly skipped a beat. Nicholas. The one that makes everything right.
"Hey," I smiled sheepishly as I recalled what he told me this morning.
I'll wait for you today, tomorrow, whenever. I don't need anything else but you. I love you pup.
And the smile immediately flattered when I thought about me leaning in nearly kissing Draco Malfoy.
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