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Chapter 22

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Reyna's P.O.V.
I walked back into the Gryffindor common room. It was 3am in the morning and the common room was silent; there was nobody. I sat down on a couch feeling absolutely stressed out.
That idiot! That no good piece of filth! Why oh why did he have to ruin things? I mentally slapped myself. What exactly did I mean by ruining things?
Did I mean us nearly kissing? Or him trying to mess up my brain?
I couldn't think. Because believe it or not, I think Malfoy talked a lot of sense back there. I mean, why in the name of Godric Gryffindor would I lean in? Malfoy's right, I was inviting it. I was making a mess out of my hair. I was so confused. I just wasn't loyal enough to Nicholas! He didn't deserve me! A girl who nearly cheated on him!
"Hey puppy, what are you doing?"
Dang it. Nicholas.
He was eyeing me up and down. "Am I seeing a Monster right here?" He chuckled. Nicholas had his hair ruffled up and it was so messy it obviously looked like he just woke up, which must have been the case. His entire appearance somewhat looked like a 5 year old child carrying a teddy bear asking for their parents to tuck him to sleep. Oh God, why does he have to be and look so cute?
"Hey! I'm your girlfriend for goodness sake! Be more polite!" And I threw a pillow at him, which he obviously dogged easily since I threw the pillow with no aim.
Then my heart turned stiff. I'm your girlfriend for goodness sake. Yeah right Reyna, you were nearly cheating on him just about an hour ago. Some girlfriend I was. I didn't seem to realise I was staring at Nicholas until he asked, "Pup, what are you thinking about?"
"Pup?" I asked, raising my eyebrows.
He smiled and said, "Yeah, your eyes are like a puppy's. Cute and big and round." He then whispered hotly in my ear, "Pup is nice. I love it. But I love you more."
I felt my cheeks go tomato red. Gosh, have I ever blushed so madly before? Nope, don't think so.
"You are cute when you blush," He smiled cheekily at me.
I felt myself blush even harder if that was even possible. Nicholas chuckled and I bought a pillow up to cover my red hot cheeks. Nicholas quickly took my hand and threw the pillow to one side. I just stared. He cupped my cheeks and hugged me close to him, his eyes never leaving mine. "Don't you ever dare try to hide that beautiful face of yours from me."
And he started kissing me passionately. God, he tasted soooo good. He pulled away to my dismay. As if sensing it, he chuckled, "One of the first few kisses for me, I like it slow and quick. I don't want to drag. We can do that when we are together longer."
Was he serious?
That kind of broke my heart. And I didn't try to hide the disappointment showing on my face.
Nicholas laughed. "Hey, you need sleep pup. It's like 3.45a.m. I need my pup energetic for tomorrow's class. I'm always ready to kiss you hungrily. And then we can go to the next and the next and you know from there," A smirk playing on his lips.
Oh this git was absolutely impossible.
I nudged him playfully in the shoulder. "Shut up, don't even think about it Nic."
"Awww come on. That means I don't even get some in this whole relationship?" He faked cried.
"You disgusting. No!"
"Owie, hurt much pup."
I rolled my eyes. "Be patient,"
I lied down on his lap and began drifting off to sleep. But not before I heard him say,
"I'll wait for you today, tomorrow, whenever. I don't need anything else but you. I love you pup."
Oh just great, how was I going to tell him about the events of just now then? He was surely going to doubt my love and loyalty for him. Nicholas loved me too much. I didn't deserve him.
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