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Chapter 21

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Hermione's POV

"True love...oh I swear I saw it somewhere before!" I grumbled angrily.
I see the book when I don't need it. I don't see the book when I need it.
"Ahem," a voice coughed behind me. "Looking for a book?"
I took a breath before turning around to face that snarky ass.
And then I saw the book. The true love book.
I gave Malfoy a look of disbelief. How did he get his hands on the book?
"Shut up Granger. Follow me," Malfoy hissed.
He took me to the shady side of the Black Lake to apparently "clarify" some disturbing news.
"Ok Malfoy what do you want?" I asked impatiently. He was going way too deep into the Black Lake, places I didn't even know existed.
He took in one deep breath before saying, "Answer my question. Why were you looking for this book?"
"I don't see how that's any of your business,"
"You know very well what you were looking for involves me," Now it was his turn to be impatient.
"Then why keep interrogating me if you know my purpose?"
"JUST ANSWER MY QUESTION!" He yelled. Okay great, now he was both super mad and impatient. This was starting to scare me.
"Ok only if you act a little more civilised!"
He looked at me expectantly, waiting for an answer. I just stared back, wondering what to say.
"You know I cannot stand your presence so hurry up won't you," Malfoy snapped.
"If you desperately wanted answers you would do your job well to shut up," I snapped back.
"Granger don't test me,"
"Oh fine, I'll just get to the point!" I threw my hands frustratedly into the air. "I suspected and am still suspecting that you and Reyna are a true love couple." "Ever since you and her wouldn't stop stealing glances at one another," I added.
Malfoy took a moment to process the thought before asking, "Does that mean anything significant?"
"Oh you very well know what it means since you have that book in your hands don't you?" I said, pointing my hands to the True Love book in his hands.
"Explain yourself properly. I don't have time for guessing games Granger," he hissed angrily.
"True love is simple enough to understand. It is the strong connection between two people, a girl and a boy, that both are unable to resist. Fate brings them together. There are many kinds of true love couples. The one with the strongest bond that is just simply irresistible is between enemies. Each is like their own personal brand of heroin. They will be pulled to each other through the ever famous gravitational pull of the Earth. Once prepared, the Earth itself will craft a magical palace-like place made just for the couple. The place is held together by their strong love. The stronger the love, the more beautiful the place. But if something happens between the couple, this place will start to wither away. Mainly because the love bonds aren't there to withstand the place. Earth will take the couple to the specially made place when it feels it's time for the relationship to blossom. It is said that the place holds no boundaries. The most magical medicine and whatever not are found there. Water there is the most famous thing. They say that if you drink the water, you will not only feel minty and refreshed like you will never understand, but also, it cures all sickness and scars and more. The water is said to be so powerful, anyone who drinks it will become immune to all spells. There is only one couple in each magical generation. The next pair will emerge only when the previous one has passed on. Are you happy now?" I raised my eyebrows, annoyed.
Malfoy just stared at me. "And your conclusion?"
"I think you and Reyna are the true love couple of today's magical generation," I said simply.
"Well well, you do study a lot don't you...Muggle," He whispered and I could feel his minty apple breath on my neck. I shuddered. How was Reyna going to live with this jerk?
"What does she know?" He asked harshly, stepping back from me.
"She knows nothing. And no, I think it's safer not to tell her. I don't suppose I would like you near her anytime soon," I snapped.
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