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Chapter 20

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"I'm a Malfoy, I always get what I want" She is a typical Gryffindor, and he is a typical Slytherin. But something about her makes him want more, he is obsessed with her but she is not and he is d...

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Reyna's POV

Detention! Oh what a silly thing to get myself into! Not to mention serving it with that foul git!

I opened the door that led to McGonagall's office. I saw Malfoy already sitting in one of the comfy chairs playing with his hair, looking impatient.

"Ms Chase, late again I see," The professor eyed me.

Oh. And to think I was actually on time as I looked at the clock on the wall. Silly me.

"Take a sit," and she pointed to a chair next to Malfoy. "The both of you shall be cleaning my office today, it's been collecting a lot of dust of late and could do with some cleaning. Once you are done you may return to your dormitories and I'll check tomorrow."

The both of us looked around McGonagall's office and groaned. It really needs cleaning! Dust on books everywhere! Thick dust if I might add. I thought she had always been clean! It was as if she purposely sparkled dust into her books just to let us do something for detention if that was even possible!

"Well? Start!"


Malfoy took out his wand and that was when McGonagall said, "Oh, no wands and magic. Manual cleaning will do the trick."

"What?! No magic?" I exclaimed.

"Well Reyna, you are serving detention aren't you not? And since when did detentions required the use of magic?"

Malfoy and I groaned again.

This was going to be longer than I expected. This two months of detention is going to take away my soul!

We took the dusters and started dusting away the dust. I sneezed and coughed and Malfoy kept grumbling.

"Why did you have to be late? We could've started earlier and ended earlier!" Malfoy asked angrily.

"Says the guy who is always late too," I snapped.

"At least I was early today!" He whined. "No magic! How far can that old hag go?"

I ignored him and continued dusting the books. This was going to take ages! It's been slightly more than two hours and we were probably only on our way to dusting finish only a quarter of the load! My nose was not doing me much help either. I kept sneezing on her books causing my mucus to be splattered all over them and Malfoy couldn't stop laughing at the extra amount of work I got myself into. Urgh goodness! He was definitely going to finish his share of dusting before mine! No magic! Gah!

"You done?" Malfoy asked.

FOUR DAMN HOURS PASSED and I'm not even half done!

"No, I'm..." I trailed off and my mouth was prepared to sneeze. Malfoy seemed to realise this because he was on the verge of trying to get out of my way when "AH CHOO!"


I looked up to see my biggest pile of mucus for today all over his face!

Malfoy looked at me in shocked but then turned to a mirror to examined all the slime on his face.

"AHHHHHHHHH! This is killing me!" He screamed. Like a girl! And fell off his chair.

I couldn't stop myself from laughing! The sight! Oh god! It was so hilarious! He was trying to get the slime off but then it was all over his fingers and he screamed again and again like a girl! I was clutching my stomach and rolling all over the floor. I think I might have helped McGonagall cleaned it up!

I felt someone swipe their hand at my clothes. I touched my shoulder and felt slime. I saw Draco looking down at me. His face was so amused. I looked at my hands. Slime. Green and yellowish slime.


Now it was my turn to scream and his turn to laugh hysterically. He's so gonna pay for this.

I started chasing him around and around but I was at the loosing end. I mean, all the mucus is on him! He's got a whole lot of supply!

Then I grabbed the helm of his shirt and pushed him against the shelf. Worst mistake I ever made. I was facing him. Face now half filled with slime. I was looking into his eyes. He too was looking at mine. And I felt a pull. A warm breeze. I think he must have felt it too because then his head snapped up and gave me that "did u feel it look". Must be the cold breeze from outside. But the windows were closed. So what caused it?

And then I realised. I was too close to him. I think Malfoy realised it too. He smirked, leaning forward. I was leaning forward too. Oh what was I doing? I don't know...I just knew that I had the urge to go forward...
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