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Chapter 26

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Reyna's POV

I was really nervous when I decided to go talk to Malfoy. I mean, we all know Malfoy, bargaining with him? Pffft, don't even think about it. But I had to, my relationship with Nicholas was on the edge, I had to salvage whatever I can to keep it intact. But I feared the price. Bargaining with that jerk will always end up making you look like a fool. He will have you wrapped around his little finger so tightly you might as well be dead.
That's when the voice I least needed to hear talked. "Hey freak, what are you doing here," Pansy asked nastily.
Should I tell her I was looking for Malfoy? What would she say? I was having an affair with him? No way, Nicholas doesn't need to hear more of this Reyna and Malfoy nonsense. But I was just standing outside the entrance into the Slytherin common room, what excuse do I have? Like hey, I was just walking and staring. How lame could things get?
"Just peachy. Get Malfoy out will you? Professor McGonagall needs him," I answered, emotionless. I needed to hide my fear.
"You can't order me around, Chase. Why not you go and chase him out since your surname is Chase?" She snickered at her "joke".
Jeez, was that even a joke? Because I've never heard anything so lame ass before. Like hey, Pansy since your name is Parkinson does that mean you have Parkinson disorder? What the hell?
"You will have McGonagall to deal with if you don't call him out right this instant. I'm sure she will give you a lecture on how to tell proper jokes that are actually funny. An old woman can tell better jokes than you, how hilarious," I snorted.
She huffed and puffed and stormed in. Well that was so necessary.
A few minutes later, Malfoy came out. Just nice I was staring at the door which meant that while he was walking out I unknowingly kept staring. And I was still not out of my trance.
"See something you like Chase?"
I snapped my head up. What the fuck?
"I know I have one hot ass of a body but that is no way to stare at someone. Especially when you are committed. Cheeky I see," He smirked.
Gosh that's so intimidating...Wait, WHAT?! Nonsense Reyna. Nonsense!
"Internal mind fighting? I see... The devil says stare some more! The angel says no! No matter how sexy, how badass, how smoking hot, I'm committed! Oh I just...," And he faked fainted.
I raised my eyebrows and gave him the 'seriously dude?' look. He raised his back with a 'what' look. We just stared into each other's eyes, challenging and exchanging looks. And I hate myself for this but I took this opportunity to take one good look at him. His eyes and platinum blonde hair was just...perfect match. His body...oh don't even mention it. Despite the fact that he was wearing the Slytherin cloak and it was not tight fitting enough to see the whole shape, I knew whatever inside was splendid. Like nice abs and a muscular chest. And that's when everything around us seemed to have stopped.
Warm breeze surrounded us and I felt a gravitational pull like the last time. But this time, things were starting to get heated. I felt someone push me towards Malfoy. But when I turned back, there was no one. But that wasn't the scariest thing. The scariest thing was that there was a dome like shield, a mix of green and red, covering Malfoy and I from everything like the entrance to the Slytherin common room. Malfoy seemed to be pushed towards me by an imaginary person as well because he stumbled and fell next to my foot. As we got pushed closer to each other, the dome closed in on us until eventually, we were in the most awkward position you could ever find enemies in. We were pressed against each other's bodies so tightly I found it quite difficult to breathe. If people didn't knew we were like world famous enemies, then they would have thought we were the cutest couple ever, ignoring our shocked and red faces.
And then the imaginary person gave a last push and I crashed into Malfoy's lips and so did he. Everything stopped for a split second before the dome pulled away from us, opened up and vanished. We scrambled as far away from each other as possible. I was about to bolt back to the Gryffindor Common Room when I realised, I didn't know where I was.
Author's Note:
Hey my lovely readers! I'm so sorry for not updating in a long time! I have been so busy and might still continue to be busy :( But like I promised, I will update as soon as I can! And here it is! Tell me how the two chapters (25&26$ were! Love you all lots!
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