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Chapter 27

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Reyna's POV

No way. What is this place? Where was the entrance to the Slytherin Common Room? Where was the marble tiled floor? What is leaves and broken twigs?! My heart started racing like crazy. What the hell was happening? First this...this crazy thing with Malfoy happened twice and now it's this mysterious place! Oh Godric tell me something! I turned to look at Malfoy who looked as scared as hell but not the "Hogwarts Malfoy". It was different. He looked scared but he kept his composure. The Malfoy I knew would have ran off or something. Huh. Interesting.
I decided to play it cool too. "You alright?" I asked, but I kept my distance.
"Yeah, you?" He stared at me. I nodded my head.
"Where in the name of Salazar are we?" Malfoy asked as he took in the surroundings.

There was this small river. Everything was so quiet. It was amazing. We turned to our left to see a pathway leading to an unknown place.مناظر%20�... (I think it's an Arab website? But don't worry it's safe! ;) )

It was...magical but of course we ourselves were magical but then you get it. The temperature was cooling but not cold and not warm. It was...right. And then again, what is a right temperature? I decided to find out what awaited me at the end of the road when Malfoy stopped me.

"Wait wait wait. You are going in there?"

"As a matter of fact, yes I am. Why?"

"We don't even know what this place is. For all we know it's," he paused and air quoted "magically dangerous,"

I looked at him. "What? You said it out loud!" Urgh. Do I have to say everything out loud? "Well, you rather stay here?"


"Good. Then adventure awaits. Get your wand out."

He mumbled something about "don't tell me what to do" but whatever. I was excited to see what this place had in store for us. Ok ew much. We walked and walked. There were no birds chirping no nothing. Just the sound of our footsteps stepping on the wet ground of twigs and leaves. Then, we stopped, gaping what was before our eyes.

Wow much. This place was starting to scare the crap out of me. But it just fascinated Malfoy even more. "Amazing, I could live with living here for the rest of my life..." He muttered. I was sacred. What was happening? I really want to go back to Hogwarts... Malfoy stepped forward and into the water when Dumbledore just appeared before us. "AHHH!!" Malfoy screamed and I gasped. All I heard was Dumbledore saying, "You are not ready" before everything went black.
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