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"Yeah It's Cool, I'll Be Okay ..."

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Twenty One Pilots fic not MCR sorry

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Okay so I'm sorry but this is a Twenty One Pilots fanfiction not a My Chemical Romance fanfiction ... However they don't have a Twenty One Pilots selection here and the song that I've used is by Frank Iero.

It's called "Joyriding" by Frank's band "frnkiero andthe cellabration"

Anyway wanted to get that cleared up ...

So how this story started:

Promt: by twentyonepetra (Petra1999)
Josh Dun/Tyler JosephTyler Joseph Josh DunValentine's Day

This is from Archive Of Our Own and I've finally finished it but I can't post it there just yet and this is a fanfic website so whatever ...

Tyler is in love with Josh ... Josh wants Tyler to be loved ... Tyler starts to fall again ... This time it's worse that the last ... Josh decided to save Tyler's heavydirtysoul ... On Valentine's Day ...
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