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Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

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Okay little note at the end here … So with the medicine name I just used the first one I found for depression (and it’s the one I was on for a while before we found out that it wasn’t working properly for me) and I honestly don’t know if he is/isn’t taking medicine … It’s just a part of the story plot that I wanted to play …
Also with the school names I have no idea where they went to school and I Google searched schools in their area and picked out the ones I used just at random … I honestly don’t know if the schools are even within the same vicinity of each other I just randomly went: “That name looks big I’ll use that … That sounds like a school I’ll use that …”
And I’m not entirely sure but I remember my friend (who has been a fan longer than me and they introduced me into this band) telling me that they didn’t like one of Tyler’s brothers because they were a homophobic and they didn’t like that community …. I don’t know which brother or if this is true again I just wanted to play it as part of the plot … And I remember Zac being the name of one of Tyler’s brothers …
I also have no idea what their family members names are so I didn’t use them and I don’t know if they actually would/do act in the ways I’ve portrayed them so I’m sorry …
Also sorry for the ending but that was the plan at the beginning however my story kinda got drawn out a bit and then I forgot how I wanted to make it end … So I went with something I’ve never seen or done before …

Hope you liked the story!
Much Love ~ Kat ~
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