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Chapter 1

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It's been 11 years since Olivia Benson lost her daughter, Susan, to Child Services. Will she ever find Susan?

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Chapter 1

Point of view of Olivia Benson

As David Haden and I are talking after coming out of a movie, a young girl comes over to us. I ask her what is she doing out late. She says she wants to ask me a question because she knows my name is Olivia Benson.

"What do you want to ask me, sweetie?"

"Do you have a daughter named Susan who would be around 11 by now?"

I stare at the girl. Everyone on the squad except for Nick Amaro and Amanda Rollins, two new detectives at the 1-6, know about Susan Victoria Benson-Stabler, my love child with my ex-partner, Elliot Stabler. David says he'll see me later. I say okay and he walks away. I ask the girl if someone told her about Susan.


"Then how do you know about my daughter?"

She starts to walk away quickly. I hurry after her. Once I catch up, I squat down in front of her and take her hands in mine. She must have been abused by somebody because she won't look at my face. I tell her to tell me her name. She finally looks at me then releases my right hand so that she can pull a folded piece of paper out of her jacket pocket.

"My name is Susan Victoria Benson-Stabler. According to this birth certificate, I'm your daughter with Elliot Joseph Stabler and I want to come home. Please, Mom."

I tell Susan (if this is Susan) that I need to take her to Mercy General for a DNA test just to make sure. She agrees and we walk to Mercy. When we walk into the ER, a blonde woman wearing light green scrubs smiles when she notices Susan who hugs her. Apparently, they know each other. The woman sees me watching and comes over to me as she holds Susan's right hand.

"Hi, my name is Julie. Are you a friend of Susan's too?"

I tell Julie my name is Detective Olivia Benson and that I need a DNA test done for both myself and Susan. Julie says okay. She leads both me and Susan to an examination room. After swabbing both our mouths, Julie leaves the room. While we wait, I notice Susan is trying to stay awake. I tell her to climb onto the exam table and try to rest. I help her onto the table. When Susan lays down on the table, it's only then that I notice blood staining her jeans. I tell her that I'll be right back. She says she's been wishing she could find at least one of her birth parents and closes her eyes. Once Susan is asleep, I go looking for Julie. As I walk down the hospital corridor, I try calling Amanda on my cell. When she answers sleepily, I immediately apologize for waking her up then ask her to call Fin and ask him to call me. After I hang up, Julie comes walking over to me. I ask her if Susan has been here before.

"Yes, many times. I first met Susan when she was 8. Her foster mother, Melanie Parker, brought her in one afternoon. Susan told me in private that Jason, Melanie's husband, has been touching her down there. I immediately called Special Victims and Child Services. A male detective came down and talked to Susan about Jason. Susan told the detective that Jason took pictures of her birth mother at Meloni's. I guess the detective didn't believe her because Susan left with Melanie a few hours later. Susan has started coming in whenever she knows that I'll be on duty. She trusts me. I recently asked Susan to show me one of the pictures Jason had taken. At first, Susan said she couldn't because then her mother would be in danger. She finally showed me a picture she has taken from Jason's file cabinet in his office. I made a copy and placed it in her file. Let me go it get for you."

As I wait for Julie, my cell rings and I answer. It's Fin. I ask him to please call Elliot and ask him to come to Mercy. I'm still on the phone when Julie returns with Susan's file. As I leaf through the folder and come across a photo of myself, my knees feel wobbly. I hear Fin asking me what's wrong.

"Just tell Elliot to get down here, Fin. Now!"

I hang up just as Julie hands me the DNA test results. I can't believe it when I read the name Olivia Serena Benson under "Birth Mother." My knees start to fold beneath me and Julie grabs me around my waist before I sink to the floor. As Julie tries to hold me up, she asks me if I know the name of Susan's birth mother. I just nod.

"Julie, she's me. I'm Susan's birth mother."

I tell Julie to keep a watch out for a man who says he's Elliot Stabler. I go back to where I left Susan resting. I sit down in a chair and watch my little girl sleep as I try to calm down. El, John, Fin, and Don have been trying to help me locate Susan since she was taken from my arms when she was only a month old. Child Services said that they believed Susan's father wouldn't want to support us since he was my partner and married with 4 children. I have always believed Kathy was responsible for me losing my daughter. I cried for weeks after Susan was gone. Even El couldn't comfort me. Now, here was Susan. A lone tear slides down my cheek. I wipe it away. I missed both El and Susan. I need to feel Elliot's arms around me.

Please get here soon, El. Our little girl found us.
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