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Chapter 2

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It's been 11 years since Olivia Benson lost her daughter, Susan, to Child Services. Will she ever find Susan?

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Chapter 2

Point of view of Elliot Stabler

After Fin tells me Olivia wants me to come to Mercy immediately so that she can to talk to me about something important, I throw on jeans, a grey hoodie and sneakers then hurry to my car. As I drive to Mercy, I wonder what Olivia needs to tell me. I've missed her like crazy ever since I retired earlier this year. I walk into the ER and ask a blond woman wearing light green scrubs where I can find Olivia Benson. She asks me if I'm Elliot Stabler. I say yes and the woman points me to an examination room. When I walk into the exam room, Liv is sitting in a chair sleeping. As I watch her, I remember making love to her for a month 12 years ago. I walk over to my Liv. She looks so beautiful as she sleeps. I lean down and softly kiss her lips. She softly whispers my name then opens her brown eyes. When she realizes it was me who had kissed her, she starts crying. I pull her to her feet and hug her. She wraps her arms around my waist and lays her head on my right shoulder as she continues to cry softly. I breathe in her scent as I hold her close to me. I kiss her hair as we stand there holding each other. A few minutes later, I hear a girl's voice behind us say the word "Mom." Liv smiles and introduces me to Susan Victoria Benson-Stabler. I stare at Susan in shock. I walk over to the table she is sitting on. When I tell Susan that I'm Elliot, she smiles and flings her arms around my neck. As I hold my daughter close, I notice a dark-haired man wearing a white lab coat watching us. Susan sees the man and starts shaking. I tell Liv to watch Susan for a minute and leave the room. I follow the guy who starts running. I run after him. I tackle him a few minutes later. He says he's a doctor who was supposed to exam Susan. As I lead him back towards the exam room where I'd left Liv and Susan, I ask him why did Susan start shaking when she saw him watching her.

"I'm her foster father, Jason Parker. She's probably worried that she'll get in trouble for leaving the house."

Liv is standing in front of Susan when I bring Jason in. I can hear Susan begging her not to let Jason hurt her again. I sit Jason in the same chair my Liv was sleeping in when I came in.

"Start talking, Parker. Why is Susan begging her mother not to let you hurt her again? What did you do to my daughter, you son of a bitch?"

Before Jason can answer, Susan tells me Jason has been having sex with her since she was 8. My blood boils. My fists clench. Liv gently lays her hand on my left arm.

"El, please don't lose your cool in front of Susan. She's scared enough."

I ask the same woman I met when I came into the ER to get a security officer. When a guard comes in, I tell him to put Jason in a locked office until an NYPD detective can come get him. After the guard takes Jason out of the room, Liv asks me to come home with her and Susan.

"Okay, babe. Come on, Susan. You're coming home with us."
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