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Chapter 8

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It's been 11 years since Olivia Benson lost her daughter, Susan, to Child Services. Will she ever find Susan?

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Chapter 8

Point of view of Olivia Benson

Susan and I take a cab to a little Italian place in Brooklyn. Susan looks so beautiful in her dress. She is even wearing the locket I gave her earlier. Soon, Elliot's text comes in.

E: Hey, gorgeous. You ladies ready?

L: Ready as we will ever be, handsome. Can we come in now?

E: Yeah, babe. All the kids are here even Richard.

L: When we get back to my place, you will love what I have planned for you.

E: I am sure I will. Just hope we do not wake Susan up.

I smile and tell Susan we can go in now. When we walk in, I think I recognize someone sitting at a nearby table. She is sitting where I can clearly see her face.

Kathy is here tonight too. I wonder if El realizes she is here.

I steer Susan over to where El is sitting with his kids. He smiles then stands up and leans towards me. He brushes his lips against mine. I know Richard must be upset that Elliot kissed me. If he is, he doesn't say anything. When Susan and I are seated, I lean over and whisper to El that Kathy is here too. He says Kathy is dating someone but swears he doesn't know who.

El glances towards the door. He frowns when he sees someone walk in. He quietly tells me Kurt Moss is walking towards our table. When Kurt steps up beside my chair, I don't look at him. El squeezes my hand under the table.

"Hi, Olivia. It's been a long time. How are you?"

I finally look up at him and say that I'm fine. He looks over at Susan who is talking to Kathleen and Lizzie so she hasn't noticed him yet. I stand up and face Kurt.

"Kurt, please leave. I'm here with Elliot and his kids trying to enjoy a nice dinner. I don't need you ruining my evening."

"If that girl is Elliot's daughter, then why does she look like you? I know about you having a child with him. Kathy told me. She and I are dating."

I hear El tell Susan that he's taking both of us home now. He takes me by the hand and pulls me along while Susan walks beside me. Once we're outside, I break down crying. El pulls me against him and holds me as I lay my head on his left shoulder. I'm still crying as Susan asks me who that man is.

"Susan, he is someone your mom dated once. Liv, I think we should go to a hotel instead of your place. Kathy knows where I live so we can't go to my place either."

I say okay. I just can't believe Kathy told Kurt about Susan. We drive to a hotel and request 2 rooms next to each other. After I say goodnight to Susan, I go into the room I'm sharing with Elliot. He's lying on the bed in just his boxers with his hands locked behind his head. I walk over and lay next to El. My back is facing him. He wraps his arm around my waist and gently kisses the back of my neck.

"Kathy had no right to tell Kurt about Susan, El."

"I know, babe. I think she's getting back at me for asking her for a divorce. She knows I love you."

I turn until I'm facing El.

"You're filing for divorce, El? Why didn't you tell me?"

He tells me he was waiting for the divorce to be finalized so that he could be with me and Susan every day instead of just at night and a few hours during the day.

"I love you, Olivia Benson. You're my Liv."

"You're my El. I don't want to lose you again. I can't handle the look on Susan's face if you walk away from us. Please don't ever do that."

"I swear I will never leave you two. I love you both with all my heart."

El kisses my lips.

"Can I ask you something I've wanted to ask you before I even retired, baby?"


"I want you to be my wife. I want you to become Olivia Serena Benson-Stabler. Will you? Please?"

"I don't know, El. I want to be your wife but I'm not sure how your kids might handle that. I love each of them but I don't want them to think I'm trying to replace Kathy."

Just then , Elliot's cell rings. He answers it. I can hear someone crying on the other end. He sits up as he listens.

"Kathy, it's over between us. I love Olivia not you. I know you're dating Kurt Moss. He had the balls to tell Liv that you told him about Susan in front of me. If the kids hadn't been sitting there, I would have gladly let Liv beat the shit out of him and laughed as she beat him. Just stay away from both Liv and Susan. I have to go. Please don't do anything stupid."

He hangs up and sighs as he sits on the edge of the bed with his back to me. I hear him start to cry so I rest my cheek on his muscled back as he sobs his heart out. I kiss both of his shoulder blades trying to let him know I love him. He finally turns around to look at me. Tears are still streaming down his face so I cup his handsome face in my hands and gently kiss the tears away. When I finish, El is smiling. He kisses my lips as he unzips my dress. He lowers the straps revealing my bra-less chest. El lays me on my back and leans his head down to kiss my left breast then my right. He removes the dress and proceeds to kiss his way down my body. When he reaches my underwear, he lowers them and kisses my thighs. My breath is ragged as El rains light kisses on my left inner thigh. He knows just how to tease me so I'll beg for him to enter me.

"El, please enter me. I can't wait. Please."

He removes his boxers and lays over my body. I can't wait so I grip his hips and guide him down into me. He chuckles at my insistence of needing him inside me. He starts moving in and out of me. I moan and dig my nails into his shoulders as he keeps moving. I must have had my nails in his shoulders too tight because he cries out. I notice blood coming from under where my nails are digging into his shoulders. He pulls out and buries his face in my neck as he tries to catch his breath. I say over and over that I'm sorry that I made his shoulders bleed. El just kisses my neck and whispers that he's okay. As he lays beside me after catching his breath, I say again that I didn't mean to hurt my El. He says that he has had worse things happen to him before. I lay my head on his chest as I remember kissing Dale Stuckey while El watched.

"El? Remember Dale Stuckey?"

El sighs as he strokes my hair. I know the memory of watching me kiss that prick is still fresh in his mind. I tell El that I only kissed Stuckey to save the man I loved with all my heart .

"I know that, babe. You were scared Stuckey would kill me so you did what you had to do to save me. You were sending me a silent message with your brown eyes as you kissed that little bastard. You said 'El, I'm sorry you have to watch me kiss anyone else but you. I have to protect you so that we can find our little girl someday.' Well, we found Susan. She's in the next room sleeping soundly knowing that we're close by."

Suddenly, we both hear a girl's scream. My heart gets stuck in my throat. It sounds like Susan. El pulls his pants back on and softly opens our room door. He leaves me alone in the room for what seems like hours instead of just a few minutes. He comes running back and grabs his phone. I watch as he dials Fin and screams that somebody just took Susan. I quickly put my dress back on. I pull El's white shirt on over the dress. I don't have time to zip it up. Susan is missing and we have to find her before we lose her forever.
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