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Chapter 9

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It's been 11 years since Olivia Benson lost her daughter, Susan, to Child Services. Will she ever find Susan?

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Chapter 9

Point of view of Amanda Rollins

When Fin and I arrive at the hotel where some psycho took Susan from, we find Elliot trying to comfort Olivia as she sobs uncontrollably in his arms. A few minutes later, Nick and Munch arrive too. Munch knows that now isn't the time for his wisecracks so he offers to take Olivia and Elliot back to her place. Just then, Olivia's cell rings. We all quiet down as Elliot tells Olivia to put the phone on speaker so if it's Susan, she might help us locate her. Olivia presses the speaker button. We hear crying on the other end.

"Mom? Dad?"

It's definitely Susan. Olivia begs her to be brave and tell us where she is.

"I'm sitting in my friend Sara's old backyard. It's 2 houses from where Dad lived with Kathy. I'm hiding so when Kathy comes back, she won't find me. I'm in the basement under the stairs. I know about a secret way into the basement no one else but Sara does. I want you to find me before Kathy comes back. Please come get me. I love you, Mommy."

Then Susan hangs up. I know that last sentence has torn Olivia's heart in half. I ask Elliot if he wants to come with me and Fin to get Susan back. Immediately, he agrees. Olivia begs Elliot to let her come along. He tells her that there's a chance that we'll find Susan before Kathy comes back. He kisses her deeply then tells her he loves her.

"I love you too, El. Promise me you'll call if you find Susan."

"I promise and don't forget that you're my Liv and I'm your El always and forever."

Fin, Elliot, and I drive to where Susan said she's waiting.
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