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Chapter 1

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This is the sequel to "I missed you, Elliot Stabler." It will mainly focus on Susan's life after leaving for college. All the people in the first part are in this too. WARNING: a character from Sea...

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Chapter One

Point of view of Susan Benson-Stabler

I'm now 19 and attending Sienna College. Will is here too. Everyone screamed when I read my acceptance letter in the squad room. Dad even picked me up and spun around with me in his arms. Mom cried all afternoon after I made the announcement. I called Sara the minute I got home. She is still living with Aunt Lex in Chicago. They were excited too. I can't believe how lucky I am. I found Mom and Dad 8 years ago because of Sara. One fall evening around 7:15, I hear a knock on my dorm room door. I get up from my desk where I'm writing a letter to Mom. I open my door and see no one standing outside. Just then, my Will grabs me around the waist from behind and kisses my neck which makes me squeal. It's his little game. I love it. Will has one of his friends from his Psychology class knock on my door and then hurry away while he climbs in my window while I answer the door. I turn and look into his green eyes. He says he has a few nights free and wants to spend them with his Susan. I ask him if passionate lovemaking is on the agenda. He chuckles and says maybe. I frown like I'm disappointed but Will knows I'm teasing him. He nudges my door shut with his foot. I know what he has in mind so I remove the sweatshirt Mom gave me before I left for college. It was hers years ago when she was an NYPD detective and was sleeping with Dad for a month. I was conceived because of that affair. Mom doesn't regret that at all. Dad doesn't either. I know that if they hadn't had the affair, I wouldn't be here with the guy of my dreams who is staring at me with love in his green eyes. Will removes his shirt. He comes over to me and kisses my lips as he traces the scar Kathy left when she shot me in my right side 8 years ago. He reaches down and picks me up around my hips. I wrap my legs around his waist and lock my ankles together as he carries me over to my bed in the corner. He lays me on my back. After Will removes the rest of my clothes and then his, he enters me. I grip his shoulders as he moves inside me. After about 20 minutes, I fall asleep with my Will's arm around my waist. I love the way my life has changed since I was 11 and reunited with the mother I dreamed of meeting since I first saw a photo of her when I was 8.
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