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Chapter 2

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This is the sequel to "I missed you, Elliot Stabler." It will mainly focus on Susan's life after leaving for college. All the people in the first part are in this too. WARNING: a character from Sea...

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Chapter Two

Point of view of William "Will" Jameson

The day after I called Susan's mom to ask her to ask everyone from both her family and the SVU squad to surprise her tonight when I take her out to a karaoke club, I see my Susan chatting with a friend of hers from her History class. She sees me and smiles. I smile back. I met Susan when she was in my Honors History class in 10th grade and I fell in love with her the second she said hello to me. I walk over to Susan and her friend. I kiss her lips. Her friend says she'll see Susan in class in the morning. Susan tells me she can't wait for tonight. I tell her I'll come to her dorm room at 6:30 and to wear a really nice dress.

"Okay, Will. I love you."

"Love you too, babe. I need to get to my Psych class so I'll see you tonight at 6:30."

"Okay. See you tonight."
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