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Maddie's Birthday

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wrote this for my mom's b day in 2015

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Maddie's Birthday

a.n March 14TH is my mom's b day
so i decided to write this its 12:53 am

Danny's POV
Aww man I forgot my mom's birthday! I thought as I was doing my morning patrol.
what am I gonna do! what am I gonna get her!..... hmmm? well it's hard to decide when your mom isn't one of those normal every day moms. but she is mine and that's the most important thing.

But what ever I get for her i'm sure she'll love. she is my mom. I looked in my pocket after I landed on the street by the flower shop. I have fifty four dollars and sixty five cents. I put my money in my pocket and headed inside. 'Hello welcome to my flower shop how,may I help you?' she asked with a big smile on her face. ' yeah some flowers' she smiled. 'Special occasion'? she asked as she got up to help me pick a bouquet.'How about these?' she said as she showed me a bouquet of blue flowers with little black flecks on them. ' wow there beautiful my mom will love them how much?' 'ten' I handed her the money and exited the store. now for a gift. I headed to the science store figuring out what to get my mom.

I headed to the store and looked at the different science stuff after a half an hour I got a few test tubes... a thermometer. and a new pair of latex gloves. After I finished shopping I decided to head home for mom's birthday party.

30 min later
Happy Birthday mom'! we all yelled when mom came up from the lab, she was so excited to see everyone gathered in the kitchen. 'Oh wow you kids Thanks for this.' really '. we all enjoyed the party and mom opened her presents. she loved every one when she opened mine. Her face lit up. 'Danny these are completely amazing thank you my baby boy she said as she hugged me . yup even though I cant breath its still great. 'Happy birthday mom.' I said as I helped her open the rest of her presents.


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