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Enemies who used to be friends

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ever wonder if the Dp HS gang were friends? '

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Danny Phantom
enemies who used to be friends

Danny's POV

I'm so late I was supposed to meet Sam and Tucker at the Nasty burger a half and hour ago!
I thought to myself as I flew at my new speed of 117 mph. I over slept again, stupid Ember.
I flew as fast as I could to the Nasty Burger. When I got there. I was surrounded by fans. I only saved the world and revealed my identity.
But since I did everyone wants to be my best friend. I landed in front of the Nasty Burger and headed inside to meet Sam and Tucker.

Nasty burger
''Danny! D!' Sam and Tucker said as I entered the restaurant. Only to be bombarded by crazy fan girls. I can tell Sam was getting jealous so I went invisible and walked to our booth. The booth by the front of the restaurant became ours after I saved the planet from the asteroid. I then sat next to Sam.
''What are you guys talking about? and why does Sam look like she had a run in with Paulina? and wants to rip her head off?' 'she does' Tucker said before taking a bite of his burger. 'Why?' I asked while I shifted my position towards Sam. So I could talk to her face to face. '

Because Danny! now that she knows your secret , she'll do anything to get to you.' anything!' she yelled. 'Don't worry about it Sam, I may have had a crush on her freshmen year but I had a crush on you too, but It was bigger I swear! It was puppy love... but the love I felt for you... and still do is real love.... I have never felt this way about any other girl. even Valerie when we dated. your the only girl for me and don't forget that. ' 'I know' she said. ' So why do you hate her?' Tucker asked as he Started scarfing down the fries that the lady gave us on the house.

'You honestly don't remember?' I asked as I took a bite of my salad. 'No' he said. Sam gave me a tell him look ... so I started to tell Tucker how friends became enemies. Even though they want to be our friends again.

Authors note
Danny Sam and tucker are 6 so 3rd grade remember they are kids so they over react

Maddie Fenton had just dropped her eight year old daughter Jazz in the fifth grade part of Casper Elementary and was leading her six year old son towards the third grade part of the school. Where they soon met up with old friends Kayla and Maurice Foley and there son Tucker.
'Hey Kayla hey Maurice can you believe its our boys first day pf third grade?' Maddie said with excitement.

'No they grow up so fast. isn't that right Maurice?' asked Kayla as she nudged her husbands side. 'Uh oh yes of course'..... ' Hey Danny ' said Tucker as he left the grasp of his mot

hers hand to talk to his best friend since birth. Maddie had met Tucker's Mom Kayla during baby palate's they've been friends ever since. 'Hey Tuck!' Danny said as he gave his best friend a high five. 'Hey man' Tucker said as he welcomed the high five with another. 'Did you bring your new space shuttle toy'? Tucker asked with a excited interest.

'Uh huh my mommy has it it's in my backpack' . Tucker fixed his hat. 'So where's Sam?' Tucker said with a mischievous grin. 'Oh no not again!
Danny yelled as Tucker started to taunt Danny in song. (authors note god help us) with his well unique singing. 'Danny likes Sam! , Danny likes Sam! Danny likes Sam!',...... 'Quiet Tucker she might be here already and heard you!'

'So it's true gross girls have cooties!' Danny gently shoved his friend. 'no they don't and I do not were just friends.' 'nuh uh Danny you really like her!' Danny, Sam and Tucker met in the second grade and lets just say you wouldn't have and still wouldn't have believed it was her.

she wore a pink dress the first day of third grade. 'Hey Danny, Tucker!' Sam yelled but with a tad more excitement in Danny's name. Tucker knew that Sam had a crush on Danny since they met in first grade which was when Sam first moved to Amity Park.

But as usual Danny was Captain Clueless. 'Hey Sam!' Danny yelled. ' you ready for the first day of third grade?' Tucker asked 'you bet! I cant wait to see Paulina I haven't seen her all summer.' said Sam 'So we should go get our mommies so we can go in. I think Dash, Paulina and Quan are In there already.' said Danny. 'Mommy!' Danny yelled as he tackled her in a hug. 'What is it baby?' Maddie asked. ' Is it time to go inside yet?' Maddie glanced at her wrist watch with a sigh before answering her excited son's question. 'yes Danny come on let's go.'

20 minute's later
'Paulina!' Sam yelled as she entered the very loud classroom of six year old's. 'Sam hey how are you?' ' I'm great how was your Summer?' asked Sam. 'Fun, come on class is about to start' and with that Paulina grabbed Sam's hand and led her to the rug.

With Danny, Tucker, Dash and Quan
' what's up Danny, Tucker'! yelled Dash and Quan as they entered the classroom. 'Nothing much, so? Do you like Paulina asked Danny . 'What make's you say that?' said Dash as he slightly blushed, he also chuckled slightly.

'No! of course not why would you say that!?' Tucker laughed 'because dude you've been staring at her since we got here.' .......... 'I have not!' yelled Dash. 'Have so!' Danny and Tucker yelled. 'Whatever it doesn't matter let's just go on the carpet the teacher should be starting class anyway'.

'Hey Paulina'! yelled Sam as Paulina entered the playground. 'So it's true?' asked Paulina with a skeptical look.
'What ?' asked Sam. 'That you kicked Ricky Marsh of the monkey Bars. last year?' 'Uh yeah he deserved it! he threw up in my Lunchbox. What was I supposed to do?!' Paulina froze and not so soon after pushed her towards the concrete floor. 'You witch! why did you do that!?' Sam yelled. Paulina turned around with a glare in her petite like form. 'We are not friends anymore Samantha Manson!' and with that she stormed off the campground towards class.

Back at the Nasty burger
'and that's why Paulina hate's Sam and vice versa'. Said Danny, 'are you serious?!' yelled Tucker.
'Yes!' yelled Danny and Sam. 'God jeez okay don't need to yell, so Danny how come Dash hated you?'....
'Uh? I don't know why he did.' said Danny. 'probably because of his own insecurities.' said Sam as she took a bite of her Tofu soy melt. 'I don't know about you but i'm glad we climbed the social ladder of the social grapevine.' said Tucker as he took a bite of his burger. 'yeah I guess if you count anti social jocks and stuck up cheerleaders your friends only because Danny's the earth's savior, and your the Mayor, then yes Tucker there best friends.' ! yelled Sam as Danny chuckled slightly.

'Aww come on Sam are you saying that no one wants to date this!? said Tucker gesturing to his out of shape body structure. 'Yes .' and with that Danny and Sam busted out laughing with a confused and baffled Tucker in a daze.

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