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I could of done something but I didn't I let her slip through my hands why did I? Post PP

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Danny Phantom
this is for everyone who thought
a punishment wasn't fair or any sorrow

Danny's POV
Pain that's what I feel every day when I look at the picture of us in the frame by my bed.
I told them I wasn't going anywhere that I really loved there daughter. But her manipulative superficial for bayed me from ever seeing her again. They told me if I truly loved her I would let her go. I know her heart is hurting because I can feel it deep inside my soul. If I could change the past I would. I would fight! fight for the pain of our hearts to cease. I could of done something but I didn't I let her beautiful hands slip through mine never to be felt by mine again. I should of fought for our love! for our future! I wanted her to be the new Mrs. Fenton. But I didn't fight I let her slip away. She probably never wants to see me again. I heard my door open slightly. I didn't bother to look. I figured it was just Jazz trying to be all physiologist on me. Well, she's not going to get through my brain! her hand rested on my shoulder. I looked up to see those beautiful animist eyes that apart of my heart held dear. I stood up from my desk chair and looked strait at those eyes. I opened my mouth to speak but she put her index finger on my lips to shut me up. I gently caressed her soft skin. Wondering why she's here. she should hate me. I was about to break away from her embrace but she stopped me by pulling me into the most passionate kiss I have ever felt from her. I then realized that our love was stronger than her parents harsh commands. We were in love and that's stronger than the pain we have felt for the last month. We were happy together and that's all that matters. I thought as we continued our kiss that felt like we've been doing it for centuries.

dpl2 hope you enjoyed my one shot
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