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The Ultimate Evil

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Dan Phantom


The Ultimate Evil


Here's a new one shot yay I wrote this in my college class

Enjoy Dpl2

The only thing I remember from my pathetic human life is that idiot Cheese head trying to help me. Oh please… Like I needed that fruit loops help. Maybe I did once but then and there NO! He took a piece of me. That's why I took a piece of him.

I wanted him to feel my pain. The only way for that to happen, would be if I took out his half as well. Which I did by taking out Vlad's ghost half I would make him feel the pain he deserves.

He would have to live with it for the rest of his life. Once I was totally myself I decided to rule the world by destroying it. But first I had to get rid of the people that would be a distraction before I blew up Vlad's Mansion. I decided to kill my quivering human half that was shaking in the corner.

I decided to crack his neck and kill him right then and there. After that well you know…. from that day on I decided to kill my friends, family, and overweight teacher. I wasn't risking my goals. With reminders from my past life.

I was going to rule. No one can stop me now!


And I always get WHAT I WANT.



There you go guys =)

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