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A Father's Love

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Happy Father's Day one shot Danny's wondering what to give his Dad for Fathers day the thing is the gift was under his nose the whole time would of uploaded yesterday but laptop was being stupid ne...

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Danny Phantom


A Fathers Love

Authors note here's a father's day one shot enjoy! Also I don't own Danny; yada yada yada even though I wish I did if I did there would be a season 4 ;( on to the story! Post PP

Danny's POV

Father's Day tomorrow and I have no clue what to give Dad. Knowing Jazz she already bought him the perfect gift. I started to head to the mall to see what I could get Dad. I talked to Jazz she insisted that I show Dad my way of Ghost hunting but what if he doesn't like it. I started to head out of the mall towards Fenton works. When I got home, dad was in the lab, trying to improve on his Fenton inventions. ''Happy Father's Day, Dad. Thanks Danny boy.'' He said with a big grin plastered on his face. ''I went to the mall today I didn't know what to get you. I bet Jazz got you the best present as always''. He put down the invention he was working on before looking at me. ''Danny, I know that it sometimes feels like I love your sister more but that's not true''. I gave him an odd look. ''I'm serious Danny, I may be a goofball at times and forgetful but there's one thing I know I'm capable of doing. 'I looked at Dad with a curious eye. ''What's that''? He looked at me strait in the eye. ''Raising you, and I did a pretty good job to''. He shook my head with his big hand. ''Thanks Dad, and just so you know you being you is the best Father's Day gift I could ever receive''. ''Really?'' I asked with hopeful eyes. ''Yes Danny I'm so proud of you and what you do. ''Thanks Dad''. I said as he engulfed me with a bone crushing hug. ''Best Fathers Day ever.'' Said Dad and I couldn't help but agree.


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