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The Enemy of my Enemy is my friend

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Will he forgive me?

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The Enemy of my Enemy is my friend

Hey everyone, I don’t have anything new to update
My stories but I do have a new one shot for you here we go
During PP

Valerie’s POV

There was a big party honoring Danny at City hall. I walked all around and all I saw was Jazz and Tucker. Sam was missing too.
It was weird, Danny, Sam and Tucker are always together, but this time… they weren’t, I didn’t know where they were. I also couldn’t understand how, the boy I hated and eventually liked could be my worst enemy.
On the other hand, he did save the world. Maybe he wasn’t so bad. I hope we could be real friends someday. I hope it’s not too late. I really want to make up.
I hope we could start fresh. I really hope so. ……………

Please Danny give me another chance. Please…..
I looked and looked and still no sign of Danny or Sam, I don’t think I’ll be seeing any of them,
While I’m here. I don’t think they’ll be coming at all…..

Hey guys hope u liked it
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