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An maigical accident lands a Juvenile Steel Dragon in the Harry Potter universe. The trials, tribulations, and loves of the dragon are chronicled.

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I've lived and worked in Waterdeep most of my "young" life and am one of the many steel smiths that works for a living in the City of Splendors. Only after learning the subtle science of weapon-smithing have I been able to afford my own house and workshop. Searching for mortgages to buy from local banks found me a decent tower in a good neighborhood that belonged to an old human wizard.
Purchasing the Script for his dept was easy to accomplish. Acquiring a new payment arrangement, however, was proving to be difficult. After several meetings I learned that the old wizard, Sirius Black, was working on creating new portals in a research project for the Watchful Order of Magists and Protectors. A Guild Wizard of Waterdeep, Mr. Black was researching new portal creation methods for his Guild. As such he was a little strapped for cash at the moment. We finally did agree that in lieu of payment in gold, I would get a room to sleep in and some workshop space to work on my own projects.
After the first few ten-days we had gotten our routines down so that we were not constantly tripping over each other in the lab. I was at the time working on new arrowheads when Sirius let slip about what he was currently working on. He told me in confidence that he was not from this world and that after nearly seventy years of portal creation he was finally getting close to going home. This of course prompted the question of why he didn't try a simple Banishment spell or even a Wish or a Miracle spell. Mr. Black had replied that he had tried all of that already. It was only fifteen years or research that led him to believe that the Portal that he fell through to get here was a One-Way Portal and that there was some kind of odd time distortion involved with the trip. When I asked what was so important that he spend such effort on getting to his home plane, he proceeded to tell me all about the world that he came from and his quest to know what had happened to his Godson.
It was after my third monthly hunting trip that Sirius confronted me on what I was. I of course tried to deny his allegations until I realized that a true seeing spell had been cast on my person. Usually when people find out that their landlord and roommate is a dragon they either attack or try to kick them out. So, when the moment of truth came, I was pleasantly surprised when all he did was chuckle and give me a grandfatherly pat on the back.
On that particular trip I had picked up a fair amount of treasure off of a small band of adventurers. Two powered wizards, a cleric of Velsharoon, and a barbarian were quickly dispatched. They were fairly disheveled when I attacked after I caught them looting one of the outlying graveyards. From the way they fought me it was obvious that they were inexperienced, had just lost a lot of people, or they had spent all their strengths on something nasty that was guarding that resting place. Judging from the amount of treasure that I looted off of their cold dead corpses, I guessed that I had caught them after a large draining battle.
Following the brief confrontation, Mr. Black went back to work on his latest Portal, and I proceeded to transfer my loot into my Heward's Handy Haversack that I was currently using to hold my Horde until I could find a safe place to permanently store my wealth. Quickly transferring in the gold and valuables, I set aside the magic items that I wanted to identify in the morning. Pack attached firmly to my back I started to walk over to Sirius's workstation to see what he was up to when the lab went straight to hell.
Looking back on it now, I distinctly remember the Portal in front of me flickering on in a shimmering plane of dark green light. Sirius Black, in the last words I ever heard from him, shouted, "Eureka! I did it! Whoopee!" My guess is that one of the magic items behind me triggered on one of his words because suddenly there was a great explosion behind me and I was knocked off my feet falling headfirst though the newly active experimental Portal. A flash of dark green and severe pain accompanied me to a dusty room were unconsciousness met me.
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