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Waking Up

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Waking up in strange places is always fun. Not.

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Chapter 1: Waking Up or WTF!

Breathing in lots of dust, I awoke to blinding pain and darkness. I was laying on a smooth stone floor in the corner of a large space. First impressions, aside from the agony of strained muscles, was that I was in some sort of seldom visited storage facility as many shelves and crates filled my vision. Seeing nobody in my vicinity, I transformed into my natural form and used my draconic senses to confirm that I was alone.
To my immediate dismay I learned that whatever it was that I went through had discharged all of my spells for the day as I first tried to heal myself by converting to cure spells. A simple cantrip out of my Sorcerer spells failing and I learned that the discharge was complete. Grabbing my conveniently available pack and calling forth my Bag of Holding Type IV that contained my collection of cure potions, I quickly healed myself to full health. I was really sort of glad that I had collected all of the potions that I collected off of unfortunate adventuring parties that crossed my path and lost.
Once healed, I tried praying for spells. Not finding the Deity that usually granted my spells to me, I began search for Deities that would grant me spells in this place, wherever this place was. I prayed for over nine hours straight before finding a Deity that I agreed with. Several of the ones that I stumbled upon were stingy in their gifts. In that ninth hour I found one that served dragons and humans in this universe. He would give me access to spells quickly in that I could either sleep eight hours and get my spells in one hour's worth of praying (or meditating for Sorcerer spells), or I could spend ten minutes per spell level per spell in prayer or meditation to get spells back without sleeping first.
Calling it a day well spent, I ate some ration bars from my pack and curled up for a night's rest. In the morning I prayed for an hour and meditated for an hour and got all of my spells back. Thanking my new Deity again, I ate a few more rations to break my fast and started exploring my new environs. Many of the objects stored in the boxes were strange to me. I did find a few wood working tools and some glass jars filled with preserved food before I found a set of wooden stairs leading up to a strange looking door.
Folding my wings up, I proceeded to climb the stairs. Still sensing no other presence nearby, it took little work to figure out that the metal knob needed to be turned to open the door. The room that greeted my eyes was as familiar as it was strange. Chairs of exquisite craftsmanship surrounded a great hearth. On the wall on either side of the hearth bookshelves filled with books ran from the floor to the ceiling. A strange wood and glass box sat on display in one corner of the room and a wine bar was opposite the hearth and next to a short hallway. Windows containing the smoothest glass I had ever seen filled up the intervening wall. If not for my spell work, then for the strange moon and night sky that lay beyond those windows confirmed that I was on a different Material Sphere.
Exploring the rest of what I came to find was a house proved to be a great juxtaposition in questions and answers. On the ground floor I found an indoor privy made of white glass, more very smooth glass in windows and mirrors, and many varied strange metal boxes with doors on them. A small seat six Dining room and a seat four servants table made for an odd eating environment. An entry hall led to the stairs for the second floor. Up there I found two more indoor privies that each hade their own bathing areas. Four bedrooms with very soft beds and closets filled with baubles and humanoid clothing made me wonder where the owners of this place were.
On the ground floor there had been four doors leading to the outside. Opening the door to the entry hall led me eventually to a great discovery. I propped open the door and proceeded to explore around the house. A smooth stone pathway led to a smooth stone road. One end of the road led to a large building that I found to be a barn for animals and strange horseless carriages. The animals in the building proved to be some sort of bovine if of course I was looking at the bones correctly. One of the carriages contained a human skeleton with massive damage to its head caused by the Gnome built hand cannon in the seat with it. Along with the body I found a key ring that I later learned had keys for the house on it. The other end of the road led through the surrounding forest as far as the eye could see and would have to wait for morning to be fully explored.
When morning came the light revealed a home overrun by nature. It was kind of homey in a rustic, overgrown way. An exploration of the property revealed the probable cause of the owner's demise. There was an area more cleared than the rest of the yard that contained five gravestones. The inscriptions written in Common (English) foretold the deaths of an entire family in a very short span of time. Being respectful of the deceased, I dug a grave next to the woman's headstone and buried the remains of the husband. The digging of a mass grave for the animals nearby and some crude stone carving later and I was prepared to start the magical process that would ensure that the remains stayed in the ground. Praying for thirty minutes I received a consecrate spell to cast over the graveyard.
Casting the spell went without a hitch. Praying for another twenty minutes to get another spell proved to be no problem. It's what came an hour later that started my next great adventure.
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