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Magic Trouble

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Who knew that a simple spell could call forth tasty treats?

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Chapter 2: Magic Trouble

After getting my spell back from the burial, I set to work to make the house livable again. The central point for any good home is its hearth, so I quickly gathered up the dead wood on the property into a great pile. Just as I finished clearing the yard of debris, a large barn owl swooped out of the canopy and attacked me with a white object. Hitting me on my flank the object didn't do me any harm. The owl then tried to fly away, but thinking quickly, I fired off a magic missile at the bird. All four missiles hit their mark and the bird instantly died.
Not being one to pass up an opportunity, I hung the bird from a tree for later plucking and a fresh meal. I took a few moments to get my spell back before searching the house for cleaning supplies. I had cleaned out the hearth thoroughly, using a combination of my acid breath and some hard labor, by the time I was attacked again by two owls. Splitting up the spell this time so that two missiles hit each bird still killed them quickly. When I tied up the birds this time I noticed that while one of the birds had let loose its object the other still had an object attached to its leg. Removing the object from the leg and retrieving the other two objects, I investigated them. A detect magic spell proved them to be un-magical objects. I cautiously unrolled them one-by-one and discovered that each was a letter.
The first letter was from a Mrs. Hopkirk, claiming some nonsense about casting magic in a muggle (whatever that was) zone and threatening consequences. The second letter was from the same woman admonishing me for casting more magic and charging me twenty Galleons for her owl. The third undelivered owl piqued my interest as it promised a visit from an Arthur Weasley, from something called the M.L.E. The letter went further to detail that he would be arriving about an hour after I received the letter. Judging by how much time had passed since I killed the bird I guessed that I had about twenty minutes before his arrival.
I spent the first fifteen minutes getting my two spells back and spent three minutes finding a good hiding place behind some bushes in the side yard. I didn't have to wait long before I heard four loud cracks. All the cracks were on the road leading to the house, and from my position I could see two human men and two human women wearing robes on the path. They slowly started to approach the house before I stopped them in their tracks at about thirty feet from my position.
"Hold! Which of ye be Weasley?! State thine business here!"
The man with reddish hair replied, "I'm Weasley! We're here to investigate a disturbance and to see about the collection of fines!"
As I sat in thought I took the time to study them a bit before their appearance and the Weasly name clicked a memory of the story that Mr. Black told me some months ago. Suddenly realizing where I was and what these wizards in front of me were capable of, I tested, "Tell me of your youngest four children Mr. Weasley!"
"My children? My youngest is a girl named Ginerva, she's eleven and will be starting her first year at Hogwarts in a few weeks. Ronald the next oldest will be in his second year and my twins, Fred and George will be in their fourth year," Arthur replied.
"And thine companions be?!"
"Aurors Hestia Jones and Donald Shurnpike, and Auror-Trainee Tonks of the pink hair," Arthur introduced.
"Ms. Tonks? Would that be Nymphandora Tonks?" I questioned.
"Aye! It is, and if you know what's good for you, you'll kindly not repeat that name!" Tonks shouted, "Now are you coming out, or are we going to have to come in and get you?!"
"I'll come out after my questions have been answered! Ms. Tonks, do you have a cousin by the name of Sirius Black?!"
If anything could be said for their expressions they all went white as the blood drained from their faces. Ms. Tonks stuttered, "Y-ye-yes. He's currently in Azkaban for life. May he rot in hell!"
Ah, another opportunity presents itself, "And if you know what's good for you, you'll kindly not bad mouth my father! Mr. Weasley, I'll pay the fine! And if you are agreeable room and board at your residence until I can get enrolled to start at Hogwarts in a few weeks!"
The looks on their faces was priceless. Weasley shakily answered, "I agree to those terms."
I took a moment to change my shape into that of an eleven year old human boy, before I stuck my head out of the bushes. "Hello, um, you caught me at a sort of a bad time, and um all of my clothes are in the house, so... Could one of you conjure me a blanket?"
Mr. Weasley cranked out an orange blanket and took it to my waiting hand. Wrapping it about myself, I left the safety of my hiding spot, as he got an eyeful of my nakedness. Wearing the blanket like a tight toga, I shuffled up to the group. "What's the amount of the fine?"
Looking into my steel grey eyes, Ms. Tonks answered, "Twenty Galleons for each owl killed and an added one hundred Galleons for the house call."
"OK, Mr. Weasley, could you accompany me while I get my things?"
"Sure, lead the way young man. Come to think of it, what is your name?"
"Oh, sorry, it's Xix Steel. A pleasure to make your acquaintance," I said while extending a hand in greeting.
Shaking my hand, Tonks spoke, "I thought you said that Black was your father?"
"Not literally, but figuratively he could be supplanted into that role. Plus the look on your face was priceless, Nymphy."
"Grr, why you!" she said while whisking her wand up, "Stupefy!"
The red bolt of light that came from the end of her wand hit me square in the chest, then rolled off me as it failed to break though my spell resistance. I retaliated with a raspberry, "Thbbbtttttt!" and turned to head into the house. Getting to the front door, I turned to give an apology to Mr. Weasley, but he wasn't with me. Looking back, he was in a heated discussion with his friends. I shrugged and went inside.
Dropping the blanket in the entryway, I ran down into the basement and retrieved my pack. Grabbing the Bag of Holding type IV that contained my costumes, I hurriedly found a travelers' outfit in my current size. After replacing the bag and putting on the pack, I ran back upstairs, grabbed the blanket off the floor, and exited the house and locked up behind myself. The "Adults" were still arguing so I retrieved the letters with the address to this place on them and put them in a side pocket of my pack. Putting the three dead owls into a pocket for storage, I walked around the perimeter of the house again to check on and pray over the graves.
When I turned from the graves to go with them, I found the person I had heard approaching me. "Mr. Weasley? I'm ready to go now."
He seemed to look past me for a moment at what lay behind me before he said, "Yes, it's time to go."
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