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1. Give Me Liberty

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Alex, a hit man for hire has just been given the chance to get away from this gritty underworld of mafiosa crime

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Chapter one: 'Give me Liberty'

He walked into Escobar International. 'Id sir' a man asked him and he flipped open a wallet with a picture of a man with brown hair and a black jacket. The name was Joseph Connor. He closed it and continued to walk towards the metal detector. He walked threw and nothing alarmed. He continued to walk towards the escalator. He rode it up to the second floor. He pulled out a small piece of paper with a mans face on it. He looked at it carefully and then glanced up to his left. There stood the man in the picture. He walked over to a small potted fake plant. He felt threw the dry plastic leaves. There. He found it. A new high powered pistol with a laser atop its barrel for precision targeting. He slipped it into his drench coat that he was wearing.

He began to walk casually to his target. He was about ten feet away. He had to wait for the right moment. For the right chance to kill. He pulled the gun from his coat as the laser went up the mans side. His jerked slightly, too much, and the man noticed a red glint to his left. He turned just in time to be hit with a high powered bullet to the head, but 'Joseph hadn't pulled the trigger. He looked up towards his left in the corner on a balcony just in time to see a hooded figure scurry away. It had taken his kill. He was going to get big pay for that guy. He rushed outside into the freezing cold rain. To his right a car revved up and then fish tailed around and raced towards him. He jumped out of the way just in time from being hit by the Classic 1988 Infernus.

He raced into the parking lot. He punched threw the glass of a Cheetah and jumped in. He took off after his rival. He pulled out his cell phone. "Yeah?" someone on the other line said. "Have some men blockade Bridge. Expect a Infernus to come by." he said to them. "You got it Alex." the man replied. Alex pulled out the wallet and threw it out the window. It was a fake a friend of his made for him to do the job. By now he was heading up Bridge as the bells began to ring.

The bridge was about to rise! He seen the Blue Infernus up ahead. He floored it. He astoundingly gained back up to the blue streak. As their tires drifted past the sfety lne the felt themselves rising. But this did not stop the Infernus. Nor Alex. He looked over to the car and the driver looked at him although he could not tell for the windows were to dark to see in. And then just as he looked forward again he was in air. He had plunged off the bridge along with the Infernus. His car now grazed threw the air. The un-welcoming asphalt below him seemed to grow closer but almost in slow motion. Elsewhere Joey Miller walked up the spiral road leading to the bridge. Then a shadow came over him. He looked up.

"Shit." He was crunched under by the roaring Cheetah. Alex could not regain control as his car headed for the edge of the spiral road. "Oh fuck!" he shouted as his car went soaring into the trees of Belleville park. BAM! He crashed into the brown dirt that sprayed against the pedestrians who weren't hit from the Cheetah when it was falling. Alex was now unconscious and sliding towards the lake. The car gently as a swan went upside down into the water. Water began submerging into the car. It rose to his head, then his chest, then to his waist. It seemed hope was gone. A red gaze came into his mind. He felt dizzy. Then a brightness. He looked at it curiously. Now the dizziness was to bad and he could see nothing. The next thing he knew he was in a hospital bed. Wires were hanging out of his arm and a breathing tube was under his nose. He yanked them all off and jumped up. He had a change of cloths next to him. In a minute he had on a pair of brown khakis and a white t-shirt under a loose hooded zip-up sweater. He heard footsteps and quickly jumped behind a chair next to his bed. As the doctor paced in, he looked around for his patient. Then suddenly he was hit in the back of the head with a chair leg. Alex checked the man for anything useful and found two one hundred dollar bills in his coat pocket. He took these and crumpled them up in his pocket. He walked out and looked both ways. He was at the Staunton Hospital.

He walked to the front desk and noone was around and he quickly leapt over. On the other side he found a small crate containing his weapons. He jumped back over the counter and was about to leave just as a cop walked in. He turned around and began walking away from the cop.

"Sir," the cop said to Alex before he could put any real distance between them. "Fuck." Alex thought to himself. He stopped and turned around holding two Uzi's. "Eat this, pig." Alex murmured as bronze shells fell to the floor. The cop was immediately pelted with a barrage of 9 mm. pieces of lead that penetrated his body armor. As he was shot, a bullet hit an internal artery and a burst of blood shot out of him as he fell to the floor. As the cop lay on the black and white colored marble floor a puddle of blood had poured out of the many bullet holes filling his body. Alex walked over and checked his wallet and took his Colt 45 ammo. In the wallet he found three hundred dollars. He had this weird feeling. He slowly glanced up to see a camera. A light on the side was flashing red. It was recording. He dragged the cop into a broom closet, careful not to get any blood on his tennis shoes. He then left the hospital casually. He walked about a mile before he seen a couple of squad cares race by.

He didn't think it would be safe in Staunton tonight. He walked over to a red bobcat but instead of stealing it, he hoped quietly into the back of its small bed. He laid down quietly while the Truck went up the Callahan Bridge to Portland. As soon as it reached the island he pointed his Colt 45 to the back of the window right behind the mans head. He pulled the trigger and immediately the interior became a brilliant crimson red. The car now went out of control and Alex jumped out. He hit the ground pretty hard and rolled. He got up and wiped the blood from his mouth. He looked around. Triads everywhere. He must be near Chinatown. He got up and brushed his sweater off of dust. A fish truck was nearing him. Just as it passed him he jumped onto the back and opened the cargo area. He hoped in. As soon as he was in he closed the door and turned on a flash light. Nothing unusual, just a couple of crates probably full of fish. He walked over and cracked one open. He felt around the Styrofoam peanuts. He found a small bag. It was wrapped with red tape. He took out his army knife and cut it open and to his surprise SPANK poured over the floor.

His jaw almost hit the ground. "What could the Triads need with SPANK?" he asked himself. He opened other wooden crates and seen it wasn't just SPANK. He found all kinds of sub-machine guns in one, illegal car parts in another. This seemed more than what the Triads needed to protect there territory.

It seemed like, like...they were preparing for an assault. He jumped out of the truck in front of a stallion. Although he didn't like the car too much, it would have to do this time. He walked over to the car and pulled the handle to find it was locked. "I'm in no mood buddy." he said as he pulled out his colt and blasted away the door handle and window. He reached threw and grabbed the screaming man and pulled him out onto the street and put some lead in his skull. He hoped into the car and took off for Salvatore's.

Once he arrived a couple of other mafia cruisers pulled out. He looked out his window. "Where are you all off to?" Alex asked the man beside him. "Salvatore told us to cruise this area." the man responded in an Italian accent. Alex nodded to them and continued up the drive way. He stormed in threw the doors. "Salvatore I told your ass I needed back up at the bridge. Why in the fuck were you not there!" Alex unleashed onto his boss. Salvatore jumped up and grabbed Alex by the scruff of his neck. "Listen to me you little shit! I got you off the streets when you had no one! You better show me the respect I deserve or I will have you sleepin' with the fish! Understand me!" he shouted. "Y-yes sir." Alex said disappointed in how scared he appeared, but how much anger was inside.

"I have some information. A Triad truck today was transporting Spank, guns, and other goods. They may be trading or preparing an assault on us." Alex stated trying to get the Don back on his good side. "Well, it is good that you have told me this. I will have a squad of my best men go out to the factory and I will assign you to a partner. You and your partner shall lead the men into a full out war." the don finished. He sighed and gave Alexs a thoughtful glance. "If you can do this for me, I will make you a made man."...
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