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2. Partners

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Preperations for the looming downtown assualt have been completed, Alex now meets a surprising new partner

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"I light my cigarette. All the thoughts. This horrible place. Right now, I know there's someone out there getting mugged, carjacked, murdered. But I have murdered. I have mugged, I have carjacked. I have been lowered to the standards of this city. This city that kills from the inside out."

The train swept across the landscape. Alex looked out onto the ocean form the train. "I wonder who it'll be. I usually work alone. Salvatore knows this." Alex mumbled to himself. The train slowed to a screeching halt. Alex looked around before hauling himself up and into the rain. He sighed as he put his hood on and began walking to his apartment about a mile away. The rain cooled his head as steam rose from the hood. He walked with his head down and pulled his pistol out as he walked. "Where did things go wrong" he thought to himself. As he was walking something caught his attention and he looked down a small ally. Behind a dumpster a man was throwing a woman on the ground and grabbing her purse. Alex began walking down the ally. "Shut the fuck up you whore!" the an screamed scurrying through her purse as the woman cried. Alex began nearing and startled, the man pulled for his pistol, but quickly Alex grabbed his arm and twisted it and snapped it behind his back. The man screamed in pain.

"Are you stripped for cash. Is that why your reduced to mugging? Have you applied for a job?" the man was silent. "Have you applied for a fucking job!" Alex shouted losing his cool and clenching tighter. "NO! NO" the man screamed in pain. "So you think you can just fly through life, hurting others?" Alex said puling out his gun and placing it to the back of the mans head. "Oh god, i'm sorry, man i'm just 19 please don't kill me" the man whimpered. "So nineteen's too young to get shot?" Alex said pushing the gun farther into his head. "Go apply for a job tomorrow. I'm going to watch you and if you aren't contributing to society in three weeks, we'll have another talk, and it wont end as good as this one." Alex said as he released the kid and pushed him down the ally.

"Here." Alex said as he threw the woman her purse. "Thank you so much!" the woman yelled crying. "Why did you help me?" "Just call it redemption." A few minutes later Alex was back in the rain. "I'm a hypocrite." Alex thought as he walked through the door of his apartment. Immediately he felt a wave of steam hit him as he hit the wall and drew his pistol. He slid along the wall and peered down the hallway. It was emitting form the bathroom. He slowly approached the door and peered around, the curtain closed.

"Who the fucks in there?" He said raising his gun at the curtain, The shower stopped and a hand grasped the edge of the curtain. Alex tensed and aimed. Pulling the shower curtain around herself, a woman peered around the curtain. Her brown hair had two brilliant highlights across each side of her face which lay drenched around her shoulders and back and he could see her blue eyes from where he stood. She was a tiny bit shorter than he was and had firm athletic build. "I'm your new partner." Immediately Alex turned around facing away. "I'm sorry. How the hell did you get in my apartment?" The woman stepped from behind the curtain and pulled on her panties and snapped on her bra. "Salvatore told me where you live and really picking locks isn't too much of a deal." she said walking past him casually. "Will you put some goddamn cloths on at least?" Alex said walking the other way. "Why, naked women make you uncomfortable?" she quirked. "No , I don't normally have naked women walking around my apartment!" he shouted walking into his living room and laying his gun on the table. "Oh so you prefer naked men then?" she said from the other room.

" No, damnit shut the hell up!" Alex said taking off his shirt and laying on the couch. "Calm down don't get your panties in a wad." she said walking passed him into the kitchen. Alex sighed as he turned on the TV. "Your sleeping in the bedroom, ill take the couch. Don't get used to this, you staying here is a one night thing." Alex said lying back. "Iv done many one night things." she replied smiling from the kitchen. "Will you just go to bed?" Alex said. She walked back out and headed for the room and stopped, "You don't even wanna know my name?" she asked looking back. "Not really once this job is done, we're not gonna have any ties, this is just a job." Alex said, closing his eyes and shutting off the TV. She stood there looking down for a second before continuing back to her room.

The next morning, both stood outside in the overcast skies in silence as two mafia cruisers pulled up. Alex got in one, the woman in the other. The ride to Salvatore seemed like it was taking forever. "That Kate, she's a hottie eh?" the driver said. "What" Alex asked. "Your partner, Kate." "Oh" Alex responded looking in the rear view mirror. He looked at her for awhile. 'She is pretty cute.' he thought to himself. The cars pulled into the driveway and slowed to a stop. He got out and began walking up those cement stairs he dreaded walking up, but has done so for years.

"Ok, so I want you boys to hit downtown chin, show those fuckers we aren't joking." Salvatore said as they sat in front of him. "Iv got a car waiting for you outside it should have everything in it you need." he finished. Walking outside Alex tried to give his apologies. "Hey about last night..." Alex started "No its ok, what you said was right, this is just a job and that's it." she said and walked ahead of him. He stopped in shock. 'This is gonna be hell...'
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