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Chapter Three: Broken Bottle Heart Attack

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I didn't mean it when I said I wished you were dead.

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Author's Note: It's super short due to it being Sunday and I have school tomorrow and unfinished homework. Thank you too all the people that reviewed.

I reached for Sydney's hand out of habit. She quickly grabbed mine and we huddled close together. Slowly, we turned around toward where the sound came from. We stared into darkness, and my heart was racing. I felt the prick from Syd's arm hair against mine. Our breathes were slow and heavy.

"What was that?" Syd asked again, moving slightly behind me.

Afraid to move I whispered, "I dunno."

"Oh my god," she panicked, "I don't want to die!"

I turned my head quickly to her and furrowed my eyebrows at her. "You're not going to die," I whispered harshly.

She looked back at me not so sure as she stared at the tall approaching figure. She gripped my hand tighter and whimpered. I jolted her arm a little, and she ceased, but still proceeded to hide behind me. As the figure came closure I could start making out small features. Skinny, pale, and long hair. He didn't have to come any closure for me to figure out who it was.

"It's William!" Sydney exclaimed as she released my hand from her death grip and came from behind me. "I knew it." She started to prance over to her boyfriend, somewhat skipping. It was disgusting how happy they made each other. Call me jealous... maybe I was.

I rolled my eyes and turned back to the boxes, "I'm sure you did," I said sarcastically as I bent over to pick up a box so I wouldn't have to see them act like they haven't seen each other for years, with baby coos and constant kisses. They've been together for three months, and they swear to each other they were going to get married. It wouldn't be that surprising if they did, since they made their relationship 'official' they were hardly apart. I give Syd all my props for forgetting all the assholes in her past, go, and letting William in. If only all people could do that.

I lifted the box, nearly breaking my back. You'd think a box of t-shirts wouldn't weigh that much. I bent back slightly to let the box's weight push against me, making it lighter on my weak arms. After two weeks of doing this, I should be strong enough to carry three boxes, no problem.

"Ya need help there Aarie?" William asked, his arm around Sydney's slim waist.

I shook my head. "No, I got it," I grunted.

William half laughed, "Doesn't look like it Aarie."

"I got it William!" I half yelled.

William put his free hand up in defense, "You're never going to change."

Sydney shook her head in agreement, "She's always going to be voted, 'Most Likely To Be A Self Made Millionaire,' in my yearbook."

"Mine too," William put his hand on his chest nodded his head toward me. I felt my face flush red. Three years out of high school and they're still going to bring up the stupid nominations from Barrington's yearbook. "Gimmie that box," he said as he took his hand away from Jessica's waist and grabbed the box away from me. "This is a man's job," he said in the most husky voice he could make. Sydney and I busted in laughter.

"Too bad I don't see any around," I teased as I picked up another box, as did Sydney.

He turned around, swinging the box with him. "Then maybe I should get Pete out here, Aarie," he cocked his head to the side and smiled.

"Of all the bands he could've picked out of his label, he had to choose The Academy Is," I made moved my hand up and down beside his figure. "Ladies and gentlemen, welcome the great William Beckett! Pete Wentz's rumored hubbie!" I said loudly as we walked to the roadie bus.

"That's not cool Aaryn. You know you want Peter out here as much as anyone."

"Not really," I lied.

"Well, with a black voice as loud as yours, you probably woke him up!" Sydney jumped in.

I shook my head, "C'mon now, we all know Pete needs his beauty sleep."

Sydney giggled, "A lot of it."
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