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Chapter Four: Bed Head

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Pardon the intrusion, but I really wish I knew why you're staring from across the room. You make me wanna...

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Author's Note: I love you guys. I made it lengthy to make up for the short chapter before this. So, readdd. :].

A chilling breeze crept up the sleeves and hem of my jacket, making me shiver like the frost kissed, dead trees against the winter wind. I always hated thinking the trees were dead, so I just thought they were sleeping. Pete always thought it was cute how I still kept habits from my childhood, and that's why he always brought me to this park in winter.

Snow built on my shoelaces from our walk through the park to a bench that seemed to be hidden from the rest of the world. Bushes grew tall around it, and vines ran through the decaying knot holes in the wood. With the new snow fall, it reminded me of a gazebo for a white wedding. Pete took my hand and laced his fingers as tightly as he could with our gloves. He led me to the bench, wiping off the inch of snow that built up on it, then motioning for me to sit down.

"It's so cold," I whispered, cuddling close to him and his big snow jacket. He pulled down his hood, revealing a black beanie with a little ball on sitting on top of his head. I let out a giggle, and he smiled. A real smile. The first real smile I had seen in the longest time. Feeling my face turn hot, it stung my cheeks against the cold. I looked down at my folded hands in my lap.

He tugged a little at my jacket, and I looked up into his hazel eyes. Our noses barely touched, and he pulled down my hood, revealing a messy ball of brown hair. He smiled. He always loved my hair messed up.

"You look so good in blue."

Rubber met the hard, black, concrete, causing a loud screech of friction. There was an abrupt stop, causing my feet to plow into the foot board of my bunk. Startled, I screamed and propped my upper body up with my forearms. Suddenly there was a loud thud followed by a loud groan mixed with a curse. I pulled back my black curtain that was my only form of privacy on this bus, revealing Fluer laying on her back on the floor with a painful grimace.

"What the hell!" she groaned as she slowly sat up.

My mouth opened to explain, but closed it quickly, since I had no explanation for such an immediate stop. Fleur's long, light brown hair stuck out in every direction and her big matching brown eyes were fully alert.

"I finally get some sleep and Jesus MUST hate me to wake me up SO forcefully." She brushed hair out of her face and frowned.

"Shut up," I teased, "you know Jesus loves you most."

Her frown turned into a quick smile and nodded in agreement. I stuck my tongue out at her. Scooting closure to my bunk, I laid back down, turning onto my stomach, and hugged my pillow to my head and upper chest. She rested her head on the edge of my mattress and with a soft whisper, pointed to the top bunk behind her.

"William is on the bus."

I looked up to the bunk that was covered by a black curtain. No movement could be detected. They could probably sleep through a stampede of rabid elephants. When those two were out, they were out, and there was NO way of getting them up. Unless you wanted to get attacked with swinging arms.

"They're even cute when they sleep together," I said with a hint of jealousy.

Fleur scoffed a little, "You're telling me."

Sounds from the bunks in front of ours indicated the other roadies were awaken also. Mumbles echoed throughout the narrow hallways.

"I wonder what time it is?" Fleur wondered as she got up and went to her bunk on top of mine.

"Too early," I groaned as I flipped to my side and pulled my purple hearted comforter over my head. Curling up into a ball I took in the familiar scents of home and faint cologne... his cologne. I felt the curl of a grin and tugged the blanket closure to me, remembering the dream I had been pulled away from so quickly. My grin slowly lowered, as I thought about the day that occupied my dreams a few minutes ago. If it wasn't real, I thought to myself, then maybe I could just lock it away and never think of it again. But it was real, and lately was the starring cinema of my dreams.

The bus started to move again as the hollow wood door slid opened with a loud locking clunk and I pulled my covers off of my head. Dirty stood in the doorway with his untamed brown hair and gut hanging out over his jeans.

"Is everyone alright back here?" he asked with both hands on the door frame on either side of him.

I nodded along with Fleur. "What happened?"

He dropped his hands from the door and took a step in. "An asshole cut off the bus right before we turned into the venue."

I propped myself back up, blowing strands of hair out of my face. I should really get a haircut. Dirty came over and sat down on the edge of my bunk and slapped my stomach, making me release all the air I had.

"Ow!" He laughed loudly, almost hitting his head on the top bunk as he tilted his head back.

"How's the merch booth for ya girls?" he asked, his beer stained teeth formed a smile.

Fleur ran her fingers through her hair as she rested the other on her hip. "I didn't work yesterday."

Dirty's eyes widened to me. "And miss boss lady over here didn't bitch you out?!"

Fleur shook her head no. "Why would she?"

Dirty playfully scowled at me. I returned the same face as he spoke. "She always did it to me. Thank god I got promoted to doing absolutely nothing, and get PAID for it."

I rolled my eyes and kicked Dirty and he quickly stood up. "Don't we all wish we could get paid to get drunk like Dirty."

He pointed his index finger at me, "Don't get all sarcastic on me now Aaryn."

I lifted my hands up and shrugged, "Can't help it."

Dirty frowned at me, but then turned to Fleur with the same yellow grin. "Fleur's the only one that makes any sense on this part of the bus."

"Save it Dirty," she pushed her way past him and went out to the other part of the bus. His eyes followed her as she left.

"Maybe if you weren't so dirty...Dirty, she'd be interested," I suggested.

He shook his head no. "I couldn't do that to Andy," he looked back in her direction that she left, "plus she's never interested."

I sat up fully and adjusted my deep purple with stars, pajama pants so that they weren't so high up. I moved to the edge of my bunk and my sock less feet touched the shaggy, tan carpet. Dirty looked at me as if I was going to spit out a fireball, but I just looked back at him.

"Not gonna say anything?" he asked somewhat surprised.

"Eh," I rubbed my face, feeling oil rub off onto my palms, I really needed a shower.

"Women," he snorted. In big heavy footsteps he walked over to Sydney's bunk. "Shit, can she sleep through anything?" he asked as he put his hand on the curtain.

Nodding, I stood up. "I wouldn't wake her up either," I warned.

Dirty rolled his wore down, brown eyes. I shook my head disapprovingly, but then hid a small giggle. I grabbed my beat up LG Verizon camera phone that I always placed under my pillow so I wouldn't miss any calls. If he was going to get beat, I wanted proof of his stupidity. At first, he slowly pulled back the curtain, but then sped up. He stood on the bottom bunks wooden frame while holding onto the top one's. He put his face close to Sydney's and took a deep breath.


Next thing I know, Dirty is on the floor, face in his hands, half laughing, half groaning in pain. I quickly snapped a picture, as I held my side that was tightening from hard laughter. Sydney's head popped out of the bunk, and looked down at her intruder. William's appeared next to hers, eyes wide staring at Sydney's scowl with a sleepy smile.

"You ass," she said hoarsely, "I was awake the whole time."

William stroked her fair skin, and her scowl turned into a small grin. "I love you," he said, laughing as he stared down at Dirty's body laying on the floor.

Fleur appeared in the doorframe, along with a few other curious roadies.

"What happened?" they all seemed to chorus.

I flipped open my phone and walked over to the group, stepping over dirty, still laughing, with tears brimming my eyes.

The group all burst out in laughter. I kneeled down to Dirty and he pulled down his hands, revealing a reddish fist mark on his right cheek.

"I told you not to."

His hand raised in my face, giving me the famous bird. I slapped it out of my way and stuck my tongue out at him. Serves him right for never listening.

He got up, his face flushed, and stormed out of the room, pushing past the laughing group at the door.

If only every morning was like this.

After an excitement filled morning, I got dressed, fixed my hair, did my make-up, and all those other things girls do when they wake up to look presentable for the public. I pulled out a box of Fruit Loops, and poured it into a clear blue, tinted, cup. I opened the fridge and grabbed the milk. Twisting the cap a little, a putrid smell escaped. Nearly passing out, I closed it, and threw it back in the fridge. Who leaves bad milk in the fridge? I thought as I walked away, grabbing a spoon from a counter, and dug it into my dry cereal. I walked over to the entertainment room and sat in my usual spot where the couches curved, shoving a mouthful of cereal in my mouth. I frowned as I crunched the cereal, trying not to cut up the roof of my mouth. The laptop that me, Sydney, and Fleur shared, sat closed next to me, and I pushed it open. It was still logged in from last night. A blinking orange light flashed in the task bar, indicating that someone was Iming me. . I set down my cup in the holders made into the seats and pulled the laptop into my lap. Pulling up the IM box, I recognized my sisters screen name.

Hey Sis, I know you're idle, but I can never get a hold of you since I don't have my phone, long story, and I'm so busy with school and sports and stuff. I just wanted to let you know I miss your ass, and only two more weeks until the tour comes around here in Chicago, and I get to see you! Everyone here is fine and misses you too. I hope everyone over there is too. Especially that hottie, Peter Pan. LOL. Tell everyone I say SUP, and that William and Andy should really consider on getting haircuts. I love you. - Tammy

I was about to reply back, but in orange, it read, /xxdankitup signed off at 6:49:40 AM/. I closed the box, and made a mental note to call home later today. I pulled up my buddy list, and checked who was online. I smiled as I checked under my 'The Snitches' section to see peteyxwentz online.

Almost instantly as I read that, the familiar tone of a new IM rang, with a smiley face from Pete.

Err is in: Hey.
Peteyxwentz: jgiuhgreale... what's up
Err is in: Nothing, tired. You should've been here this morning.
Peteyxwentz: Why
Err is in: Dirty got socked in the face by Syd. LOL.
Peteyxwentz: LMFAO! I miss all the good stuff
Err is in: Not my fault now is it?
Peteyxwentz: :[ Are you trying to make me feel guilty
Err is in: I don't like that face. :[.
Peteyxwentz: You make me make that face. :[

I felt my heart drop. If it was anyone who was making him make that face, it was him. Not me.

Peteyxwentz: What are you doing
Err is in: Talking to you...even though you're a bus away.
Peteyxwentz: Want to hang out today?
Err is in: Do I have a choice?
Peteyxwentz: Nope. :]
Err is in: What time? :]
Peteyxwentz: Well it's 9:30 right now. Do you wanna go and catch breakfast?

I smiled, and looked over at my cup of dry cereal.

Err is in: Anything is better than dry cereal.
Peteyxwentz: So it's a date?
Err is in: As long as you're paying.
Peteyxwentz: Broke ass.
Peteyxwentz: :P.
Err is in: You're lucky you're a bus away right now.
Err is in: Otherwise, smack down time.
Peteyxwentz: Sounds dirty. :D.
Err is in: Perv.

Peteyxwentz signed off at 6:49:40 PM

I stared at the box for a second, then shut the laptop, but not fully, to keep it running. I set it down next to me, and got up to retrieve my white grandma house shoes, that I wore almost everywhere. I started to hum as I walked over to the shoe rack that hung on the side of Syd's bed. I started to mumble the words to a band called Single File.

"If I had a brush right now, I'd paint you all around me," I sand loudly.

"Someone's happy."

I looked up, and Syd was looking down at me from her bunk, her hair messed up, as she propped her head up with her hand.

I could feel my cheeks turn red, as I slipped on my shoes. "I am," I admitted.


I looked down and nodded with a big smile plastered on my face. I fluffed my hair a little bit, with a little shake, to give it that messy look and it wouldn't look like I tried to get ready for him.

"Ooo," she teased. "What a cute couple."

"Shut up," I covered my face to hide my stupid smile. "We're not a couple."

She laughed, "What ever you say."

There was a knock on the bus door, and I heard Dirty's voice greet Pete with a, Hey Boss, then called for me. I looked up to Syd, and she pointed towards the door with an approving smile. I pushed my lips to one side of my face and scrunched up my face to stop me from smiling, but I know my eyes could tell everything that was running through my head. I grabbed my phone and sunglasses and stuck it into my back pocket as I made my way to the door.

I walked past Fleur, and she grinned at me as she pulled out the milk. I laughed, deciding not to warn her.

"Double up," she yelled after me as I reached the stairs, which made Dirty turn around with a questionable face. I laughed as he made room for me to get out.

He stood at the bottom step, one hand in his tight jean pocket that hugged him in all the right places, the other holding a black, beat up, sidekick. Around his hips was a white Clandestine belt, and his grey boxer briefs could be shown, since his red shirt was too short, but worked well for his slim body. I looked up to his face, my second favorite part of him, and as usual, a big white smile over took his other features. I looked up for his eyes, but they were covered in one of my old pairs of big square sunglasses, that he never returned back to me.

"Hey," he said softly. Almost like a whisper.

I started to go descend down the stairs, and Pete turned around to let me out. Dirty patted me on the back, somewhat pushing me out of the bus. The sun made me advert my eyes, stinging a little, but I slid my sunglasses on.

"Where to Mr. Wentz?" I playfully shoved him aside, but he came back, reminding me of a boomerang.

He tipped his sunglasses, and put his arm around my hip. "You'll see Miss Beauvais."

I looked around, and there was a few people carrying band equipment, they seemed to double check Pete's arm around my waist. Hesitantly, I moved my arm around his. He looked over at me, smiling with surprisement.

A cool breeze, blew across my face, making the sun not so attacking, but welcoming, to my face. Today was reading sunshine, blue skies, and no clouds in sight. Hopefully the weather man was right for once.

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