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Battles and Answers

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The meeting with the Valentine Brothers and Ari finally gets some needed answers

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She finally fell asleep with her head against his chest. He sat still and let her sleep. His eyes drifted closed as he allowed his own body to relax and recharge. Both slept for a couple of hours undisturbed. Ari awoke first, she stretched a little bit against Alucard before getting up and going to her room.

Once she was in her room she dropped the towel and created her uniform. Putting on her boots and pulling her hair back securing it with a strip of leather.

“Come in Walter.” She said before he knocked on the door.

Walter opened the door and walked in. He smiled to her softly as he took note of her uniform.

“Are you feeling better Miss Ari?” He asked.

“Yes, Walter I am feeling much better. Thank you for asking.” She replied.

About that time Alucard came through the wall into her room. She tipped her head lightly to give him a gentle smile.

“Ah, Alucard I have something for you.” Walter said.

Alucard looked to Walter as an eyebrow rose in a questioning manner. Walter brought out a box that even he seemed to struggle with. Once he got the box onto the table he opened the lid revealing a rather large black gun. Alucard picked up the gun looking it over as Walter rattled off the guns specs. He was duly impressed with his new gun.

Alucard putt his new gun away inside his coat. Walter the turned to Ari

“Miss Ari I have something for you as well.” Walter said as he pulled up a second slightly smaller box.

Ari gave Walter a very quizzical look as she watched him open the box to reveal a pair of guns that looked like Alucard’s only smaller. She picked the guns up testing their weight in her hands. She liked how they felt in her hands. She looked to Alucard curiously and the back to Walter.

“I love the Walter, thank you so very much.” Ari purred as she hugged Walter.

She quickly let go of Walter s she heard the low growl that came from Alucard. She stepped over to him purring lowly. His arms shot out and pulled her in close to him. Ari slipped her arms around him tucking her guns away inside his coat.

{I will be able to call my guns to me from your shadows now that our bond is stronger.} Ari chuckled.

Suddenly Ari’s head shot up as she let out a low rumbling growl. Walter quickly got on the phone and found out the mansion was under attack by ghouls. Ari listened to the conversation and was just getting madder by the second. Alucard looked down to Ari feeling how her rage and fury were building.

{Mica mea pisica join Walter and protect Integra. I will wait down here for the other one.} Alucard told her.

She nodded her head and stepped over to Walter. Alucard gave her a questioning look because she left her guns in his coat.

{I will call them to me should I need them.} She reassured him.

He nodded his head to her as she kicked off her boots and jumped up into an air vent. Walter follower her guiding her to the vent in the round table room. She knocked out the vent and wiggled through landing on top of one of the round table members. Ok so cats aren't always graceful. Walter jumped down easily going over to Integra.

She moved away from the round table members to stand quietly by the door. She was listening to everything that was being said. Tipping her head a bit so she was looking over her shoulder to Walter.

“Walter I have a small request.” She said softly.

“What is your request Miss Ari?” Walter replied.

“May I temporarily link our minds it will make things easier for both of us as I won’t be fighting like this.” She explained.

Walter nodded his head to Ari. She smiled to him as her eyes closed, her mind reached out till it touched Walter’s.

{Now all you will need to do is think what you want me to do and I will hear it.} She said.

She opened her eyes to see Walter smile letting her know he had heard her. She let her body relax as she slowly shifted off to her true form. She heard the collective gasp come from the members of the round table. Rounded ears flicked back and forth a bit. She heard Integra laugh.

“Gentleman, pick you jaws up and meet our newest member Ari. “Integra chuckled.

Ari watched Walter walk out the door. She tried to listed to his thoughts but his mind was completely quiet. She heard a conversation going on behind her but she paid no attention. She was listening for Walter’s cue.

{Now Miss Ari!} Walter called out to her.

Ari leapt forward knocking the double doors wide open. She plowed straight into the ranks of the ghouls striking out with massive paws. She laid waste to the ghouls easily. The one who seemed to be leading the ghouls went to attack Walter. She spun around and leapt at him knocking him to the ground.

She put a paw in the middle of his back holding him down. She growled lowly at the man cussing up a storm basically calling her everything but something food to eat. She just ignored his words. Walter smiled to her and nodded his approval. Walter began questioning the man who just laughed and wouldn’t give a straight answer.

The something caught Ari’s attention. It was the sound of shuffling feet. While Ari was distracted he slipped out from under her paw. Ari turned her attention to the approaching ghouls. Her lips were drawn back into a deadly snarl.

She let out a scream as her eyes changed to a blood red. She ran head long into the mob of ghouls. She lashed out with her paws and snapped off head with powerful jaws. She quickly tore through the ghouls decimating them. Ari didn’t hear Integra scream out her name or hear her run up to her. She felt Integra’s arms wrap around her neck.

{Settle down Mica mea pisica you have laid waste to the ghouls. Snap out of it and see that it is done.} Alucard’s voice cut it.

She shook her head and blinked her eyes as they returned to their normal ocean blue color. She turned her head and nuzzled Integra lightly letting her know she was alright. Looking over to Walter she blew out breath of air making a woofing type sound. It was her way of saying sorry because the temporary link she had with Walter had be severed when she had went into her blood rage.

She felt Integra slowly let go of her neck. Looking around she saw the destruction she had caused. The ghouls were scattered all around. She stepped away from Integra and shifted to her hybrid form. She rose up to her full height brushing her hair back out of her face.

She stayed back even when Integra shot the man that had gotten away from her earlier. Ari was listening to what was being said by the blathering fool. He small ears twitched a bit hearing the round table members approaching. She jumped in front of Integra when the man burst into blue flames.

Ari remained in front of Integra till the man was completely burned up. She looked over her shoulder to Integra.

“May I go join Alucard in the basement Ma’am?” Ari asked.

Integra nodded her head to Ari letting her know she could go. Ari turned on a heel and made her way down to the basement. She didn’t bother going to her human form, she jumped into the shower as the tears began to flow. She was feeling the weight of all the deaths she had caused this night.

{What is wrong Mica mea pisica ?} Alucard asked.

She didn’t answer him. She just sat in the shower crying. Alucard came into the bathroom, turning the water off and pulling her out and into his arms. She buried her face in his chest and cried for all the souls that had been lost this night. He took her back into his room, using his foot he pushed his coffin lid back.

“Mica mea pisica the dawn is approaching let us retire for the day.” He spoke softly to her.

She just nodded her head. He set her down inside his coffin and tossed his coat aside. He sat on the edge of his coffin and took his boots off. Slowly he climbed into the coffin, the he pulled Ari down to his chest. She buried her nose into his chest.

He held her close to his body till she cried herself to sleep. He knew when she finally fell asleep because her mind went completely silent. Closing the lid his eyes closed as he let himself slip off to sleep. Now both slept as the sun began its ascent into the sky.

They both slept through the day. Ari was the first one to wake up. She slid back the coffin lid and saw that Walter had already been there. Her breakfast as well as Alucard’s nightly blood were sitting on the table. Slowly she got out of his coffin.

She looked over to the still sleeping Alucard. A smile crept across her feline features. She had yet to shift to her human form. She went to the table and made short work of her breakfast. Leaning back in her chair she started to clean her face.

She heard Alucard begin to stir. Looking over to his coffin she saw him sit up. He looked over to her and let out a soft growl. Tipping her head slightly as she let out a low growl of her own. Alucard shook his head a bit like he was clearing out some cobwebs.

“Not cobwebs mica mea pisica just the last bits of sleep.” He chuckled.

He rose up and drank down his nightly blood ration. Alucard looked over to Air.

“Mica mea pisica it would seem that my Master wishes to speak with you.” He said with a soft growl.

Ari got to her feet and went over to him. She stretched herself up his body nipping playfully at his chin.

“Tell you Master that I am on my way.” She growled playfully.

She spun on her heel and headed upstairs. She met with Integra who directed her to a room that was presently filled with a group of rowdy looking men. Integra laughed when they said there was no such thing as monsters. Ari had slipped silently into the room. She leaned back against the wall listening to the chatter.

“Then what do you call her?” Integra said as she pointed to Ari.

The men suddenly went quiet as the leader finally approached her and started laughing.

“It is just a girl in some sort of costume.” Pip laughed.

Ari let out a low rumbling snarl. Her ocean blue eyes looked over to Integra.

“Ari, why don’t you show them something so they will stop laughing.” Integra said.

Ari nodded her head as she pushed off the wall. She crouched back a little and then made a leap into the air shifting to her full form in mid air. She landed as the massive black panther before them. Massive paws flashed out knocking Pip around without doing any harm. About the time she was ready to bowl Pip into his own men Alucard phased through the wall into the room. The men all backed up from Alucard out of fear. Walter came running in.

“I tried to stop him Ma’am.” Walter said.

“If theses men are to guard us while we sleep I wanted to take their measure.” Alucard laughed.

{You are such a show off.} Ari groused.

“Is he like her?” Pip asked in a shaky voice.

“No, you miserable blood sack I am completely different from Ari.” Alucard snarled.

Ari just huffed out a breath and trotted over to Alucard sitting down beside him. She felt his gloved hand on her head.

{You know you can be a major ass hole.} Ari said.

“No, Alucard is a vampire as for what Ari is that will be up to her to tell you.” Integra supplied.

{ Mica mea pisica you know me so well.} Alucard chuckled.

Ari just shook her head and looked back to the gathered men.

“Now that the introductions are over this was delivered for you Ma’am” Walter said as he handed a letter to Integra.

Integra took the letter and read it but Ari could see the worried expression on her face. She had no idea what the letter said but it had Integra worried. Alucard tapped her shoulder lightly nodding his head towards the door. She got to her feet and walked to the door. Alucard was right behind her as they made their way down to the basement.

Once they were in his room she shifted to her human for. She looked over to Alucard and smiled, she had her uniform on. He walked over to her and wrapped his arms around her. She leaned back against him purring lowly. She knew their bond had grown stronger.

He had probably gotten her blood when she had been injured by Father Anderson. Not that she was bothered by it in the least. She rather liked having the stronger bond with Alucard. The only thing was did she risk telling him how to seal their bond. There was still the question of whether she could accept him as her mate. She needed to talk to one of her Elders and get some answers.

Tipping her head back so she could look up to him. He smiled down to her.

“Such interesting thoughts you have mica mea pisica.” Alucard commented.

She blushed hotly and ducked her head down to her chest. She had forgotten he could read her thoughts.

“Mica mea pisica if you seek answers why don’t we seek them out tonight.” He said.

She nodded her head with a smile. Alucard let her go, she went and put her boots on. She came back to him ready to go and find some answers.

“If we can find a wooded area away from the mansion I should be able to call and Elder to me.” She said.

Alucard held his hand out to her. She took his hand with purr. Once she had taken his hand, he shadow ported the out away from the mansion. Ari looked around and was content with where he had brought her. She stepped away from Alucard some as she prepared herself.

He watched Ari as she stepped away from him. She looked up to the night sky. Her body relaxed as she let out a cat’s calling cry. He felt her call out with her mind as well. They didn’t have long to wait as two white flashes caught their attention.

Ari lifted her head to look directly to the two men who had answered her call. Alucard watched as she slowly approached the men.

“Kamtan, Ezreal it is good to see you.” She said softly.

“Why have you called us Ariella?” Kamtan asked.

“Yes, why?” Ezreal echoed.

“I called to you so I could get some answers.” She replied.

The two looked to each other and then back to Ari. They seemed to be deciding whether or not to help Ari.

“Well, what questions do you have for us?” Kamtan asked.

“Firstly, I am curious of the gold marking that have been spoken of in story. What do they mean.” She spoke.

Kamtan and Ezreal looked to each other as the began to talk between themselves. They went back and forth for several minutes before turning back to Ari.

“The markings are a gift from Bast. Any who show the markings are also said to be more powerful that any of our kind.” Ezreal spoke.

Ari just smiled softly to the two men. She shifted her weight lightly from one foot to the other.

“What would you say if I told you that I had shown theses markings?” She asked.

“I would say you are lying.” Kamtan growled.

A low growl came from behind Ari startling to men. Alucard stepped from the shadows behind her.

“You dare to call her a liar.” He growled.

Kamtan and Ezreal both stepped back in fear. Ari looked up to Alucard with a half frown.

“You know you can be a major pain in the ass ya walking corpse.” She growled playfully to him.

“You mean Ariella showed the true markings of Bast?” Kamtan breathed quietly.

“She did” Alucard supplied.

“Now. I have one more question for you two.” She said.

“What is your question then.” Ezreal replied.

“Has one of our kind ever take a vampire as a mate? “ She asked.

This earned her a look from not only Alucard but Kamtan and Ezreal as well. She just rolled her shoulders lightly as she waited for an answer.

“It is written that the chosen of Bast will be mated with a master vampire. For their powers combined shall restore the balance.” Kamtan spoke.

“If what you are saying about the markings is true, then the vampire with you is your destined mate. Plus you are our born leader.” Ezreal spoke.

“There must also be a great evil coming for one like you to have been born.” Kamtan said.

Alucard and Ari looked to each other and then to Kamtan and Ezreal. This bit of information they would keep from Integra for now. She looked straight to Kamtan and Ezreal.

“You two go and gather what remains of our people and wait for my call.” Ari growled to them.

Both men bowed and then disappeared. Ari turned to face Alucard now, she was relieved to know she has been born for him. Now she wouldn’t fear her body’s reaction to him. She saw that smug smile creep across his face. She lifted up her hand and punched his shoulder in a playful manner.

“Will you wipe that smug smile off your face” Ari laughed..

“Shall we return to the mansion mica mea pisica?” He asked with a chuckle.

She nodded her head to him as she wrapped her arms around him. His arms went around her as he shadow ported them back to his room. He slowly let her go as he went and prepared his coffin for sleep. Looking over to her he held his hand out to her. She took his offered hand and went to his coffin.

“Let us rest mica mea pisica we can deal with everything else when we wake up.” Alucard purred.

She curled up next to him making herself comfortable. He just laughed as she got comfortable against him. Soon the pair were sleeping soundly.


Mica mea pisica = My little cat
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