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Binding and Confusion

by miwildcat

Taking their binding to its limit as well as the confusion that follows

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Something woke Alucard in the middle of the day. He rose up slowly. Ari stirred beside him blinking her eyes.

“What is it Alucard?” She asked.

“Something has my Master’s attention. I don’t like it.” Alucard growled.

Both got up and dressed neither one was very happy. He opened up a shadow portal for them both. Alucard stepped through the portal first growling a few choice words to whomever was on the other side. She followed him stepping through in time to see him draw a gun and put it to the forehead of a priest. Ocean blues locked on to the priest.

She let out a snarl as a familiar scent reached her nose. Her entire body went ridged. Her snarl was loud as she was locked onto Father Anderson. Alucard stepped in front of the snarling Ari. He and father Anderson went head to head weapons drawn and pointed at each other.

They stood stock still weapons ready. Ari had unconsciously shifted to her hybrid form. The golden markings were back. Her long tail was lashing back and forth like a whip. Enrico Maxwell gasped at the sight of the snarling Ari. Alucard finally turned away and started back towards the shadow portal.

Ari on the other hand refused to move. She wanted nothing more that to kill Father Anderson.

{Mica mea pisica he isn’t worth the time or trouble. You can’t allow him to rial you up.} Alucard growled to her.

He was hoping to sway her attention away from Father Anderson. It didn’t work her attention was fully locked onto the one who had caused her so much pain. Her body began to shake and Alucard moved quickly grabbing Ari dragging her through the portal. Oh now he had her full attention. When he let go of her she whirled around to face him.

Her lips were pulled back in a deadly snarl. Alucard felt the sheer rage and fury that was building within her. It felt like she was on the verge of a blood rage. He wanted to get Ari out of the mansion but it was the middle of the day. He warded his room so Ari couldn’t leave the room.

He went to his chair and settle himself down for a very long day. Suddenly Ari dropped to her knees. He could feel her pain. She lifted her head up her eyes pleading with Alucard to stop the pain. He got up and went over to her kneeling down in front of her.

“Listen to me mica mea pisica. Concentrate on my voice alone and shut out all else. Don’t let the pain control you mica mea pisica.” Alucard said in a low voice.

Ari locked her mind down on the sound of his voice. She then let out a shrill cry of pain as a set of wings burst forth from her shoulders. Alucard rocked back in surprise. The wings were as black as her fur. They were feathered wings of pitch black.

Slowly Ari stood up as she had a confused look on her face. She moved each wing testing them. Carefully she folded them down against her back. Looking over to Alucard she had a curious look on her face.

“I take I look more like a monster now than I did before?” She asked softly.

“Come with me mica mea pisica.” Alucard said as he held his hand out to her.

She took his hand without a second though. He lead her into the shared bathroom. Turning her to face the mirror so she could see herself.

“What I see is a very beautiful creature Ari. I told you before I have never come across anything like you. You have amazed me at every turn. I see no monster I see a beauty that has captivated me.” Alucard explained.

She looked at their reflection in the mirror. She took a few minutes to study the gold marking on her face. Small rounded ears flickered a bit.

“It would seem that your encounter with Father Anderson has caused your powers to come through more mica mea pisica.” Alucard said.

“So it would seem, but he will pay for what he did to me in Badrick.” She growled.

Alucard didn’t blame her any at all. He looked to their reflection in the mirror and smiled. He let a hand trail along the edge of her wing. He thought back to what the Elders had told Ari about him. How was it that such a beautiful creature had been born just for him he wondered.

“Interesting thoughts Alucard, I think we both have been wondering the same thing.” She purred softly.

He nodded his head quietly as he tugged her back against his chest. She relaxed back against him letting out a soft sigh.

“I think we had best get some rest mica mea pisica. I have a feeling things are going to get crazy for us soon.” He said.

She tended to agree with him not to mention the fact that she was actually sleepy. Both left the bathroom and went back to his room. Ari looked to Alucard and then to his coffin.

“How do we do this?” Ari asked.

Alucard looked to Ari and then to his coffin a rather confused look on his face.

“Do you have to sleep in your coffin?” She asked.

“No, mica mea pisica I don’t have to.” He replied.

She nodded her head as she reached out and took his hand. She lead him into her room. Once they were in her room she went and pulled her blanket back. She looked back over her shoulder to Alucard.

“I know it isn’t your silk lined coffin but it will work till I figure these out.” She said as she shifted her new wings.

They were both in agreement because with her new wings sleeping in Alucard’s coffin would be rather difficult. Alucard kicked off his boots and tossed his coat over a chair. Ari had ruined her clothing when she had shifted. She shredded what was left of her clothing. Alucard waited till Ari was ready.

Ari got into bed first rolling onto her side. Alucard left his pants on as he curled himself around Ari. She let her body relax and shift to her human form. She felt Alucard mind come to a grinding halt. She almost busted out laughing.

Alucard’s mind had come to a sudden grinding halt. He now had a completely naked woman in his arms. A woman who has been born just for him. Did he make a move with Ari? Or did he wait and as they say let nature take its course?

He opted for now to rest as he pulled Ari back against his chest. Both were exhausted from waking up during the day. Little by little they dropped off into a deep and restful sleep. They both slept through what was left of the day.

The sun slowly began its descent from the sky. Both remained sound asleep. They woke up a couple of hours after sunset. Ari again woke up first, she stretched along Alucard’s own body. She felt him move behind her.

She knew that she was playing with fire. She felt Alucard tug her shoulder. So she rolled onto her back. He was propped up on his elbow, crimson eyes were devouring her. She purred lowly as her own ocean blues were taking him in.

She was no longer afraid of how her body seemed to always react to his. She felt the touch of his gloved hands as he began to trail his fingers up her arm. She often wondered if he could take the gloves off.

{No, mica mea pisica I can’t take them off they are what binds to my Master.} He said.

She let out a half growl. Alucard just laughed lowly as the gloves seemed to disappear. She felt the cool touch of his fingers as they danced up her arm.

{I thought you couldn’t take the gloves off.} She said.

{I didn’t take them off mica mea pisica just made it seem that way. They are still there mica mea pisica.} He replied.

That made sense to her because she did much the same thing with her own clothing. She just hadn’t managed to do that with shoes. Perhaps when their bond was completely sealed she could use his shadows to create her shoes.

Just then Alucard rolled one of her nipples between his thumb and forefinger. She let out a low moan as all coherent thought left her. He wanted her to just feel not to think. Like her his clothing was in essence a part of himself. He dismissed his black riding pants.

Now it was just skin on skin. His eyes were taking in every fine detail of her beautiful body. He leaned in close to her pressing against her side. He lowered his head down putting his nose to her neck. Her scent reminded him of the forest after the rain.

He loved her scent it made his body come alive. His fangs elongated as he ran them along the side of her neck. Her purr was deep and loud. He used his lips to start exploring her body. He wanted to memorize every inch of her body.

The length of his body was pressed against her side. Slowly he slid down her side. His hands danced up her legs slowly feeling her smooth skin. He kissed and nipped his way up the inside of her leg. His fangs grazed her skin lightly eliciting low moans from her.

He reached the juncture of her legs. He took in a deep breath taking her scent in. It was a scent that had him wanting her all the more. He took his tongue and ran it up her slit. When he did this her hips bucked up as a low cry came from her.

He licked at her core more, the more she cried out. Her body was soaring with pleasure. He felt the pleasure that he was eliciting in her. He brought a hand up as his fingers began to tease that sensitive little pearl. He moved his fingers as he nipped that little pearl.

Her cries grew louder as he pushed her body higher and higher. He wanted to push her over the edge. He took his tongue and pushed into her. The heat of her inner walls made him growl out in pleasure. He explored with his tongue finding that thin barrier of resistance.

He felt her walls squeezed and clamp down on his tongue and the he tasted her release. He lapped up her release like a man on fire. To him she tasted like pure heaven. Her cry was one of a woman lost in a sea of pleasure. Slowly he withdrew his tongue licking his lips as crimson eyes looked up to her.

Her body shuddered and shook for awhile. She slowly began to recover as she pushed herself up. She moved a bit and pushed Alucard onto his back. Little by little she moved to start kissing his body. She heard his low pleasure filled growls. She started to nip his skin teasingly.

She was going to taste and explore his body like he had done hers. Slowly her nails grew till they looked like a small set of claws. She used those nails to tease him with the softest of touches. Her mind was running sheerly on instincts. The sounds Alucard maid told her she was doing something right.

She kept her body pressed against his side as she nipped and teased. Inch by slow inch she slid down his body. She nipped the inside of his legs lightly. Dark eyes looked over the heavy sack that hung down. She nipped it very lightly, hearing him growl she chanced a glance at him. His own eyes were a bright fiery red.

She put her nose to his balls and took in his scent. It was the scent of rich earth and gunpowder. She purred lowly as she licked up the line that ran the middle of his balls. She stopped for a moment to look at his cock. Her fingers were the first to explore.

She felt the smoothness of the skin against her palm. Her fingers felt the textures underside. She was slaw as her hand pulled up the length of his cock. Darkened blue eyes glanced up when she heard him let out a low pleasure filled moan. She ran the length of his cock a few times hearing him moan and growl in pleasure.

Seeing and feeling how long and thick he was she was slightly worried about him fitting inside of her. She knew there would be some pain but she would deal with that when it happened. She got an idea as she licked slowly up the underside of his cock. She felt it jump as she licked. Slowly she wrapped her lips around him.

She began a slow tortures bob of her head along his full length. She used her tongue to tease him. Her nails teased his balls lightly. She felt his body grow rigid. She felt his cock swell in her mouth, the she tasted his release.

She swallowed it all down lifting her head up slowly licking her lips. Her purr was loud and deep. Her body seemed to be begging for his touch. To be honest she really didn’t know what to do next. Or even how to express her desire for him.

She laid down beside him purring in his ear. Her mind was racing with different ideas about what she should do. Alucard moves and in the blink of an eye she was on her back. He was above her, his body was pressing into hers. She looked up to him as a low growl sounded deep in her chest.

Her natural instinct was to make Alucard fight for the right to mate with her. He knew the thoughts that were going through her head. He let out a growl of his own. She wasn’t one to back down easily and he knew that. He let her see his elongated fangs.

Her body was alive and singing for him, but she wasn’t about to make it seem like she was easy. She was Bastet and she was no pushover.

{Mica mea pisica I know you aren’t weak. You are proud and strong. You have nothing to prove, least of all to me.} His voice cut in.

Her mine started to settle down. Alucard nudged her legs open with his knee. When she opened her legs he settled himself there. She felt his cock resting on her belly. He had gotten enough from her thoughts to know this would bind them together.

He reached down between them to reposition himself. Crimson eyes looked up to her to make sure this is what she wants. The look in her eyes said it was. He pushed into her slowly letting her body adjust. When he felt the resistance of her virginity he stopped.

She let out a low whine as her hips rolled up. He lowered his head down capturing her lips in a searing kiss as he slammed his hips into her. He swallowed her cry as he tore through her hymen. Stilling his body was no easy task, but he knew she needed a little to adjust. He smelled the blood he had just spilled and it was so sweet smelling.

Once Ari’s body had adjusted she began to move under him. He pulled back till just the very tip was still inside of her. Her hips bucked up in response. He finally broke the kiss lifting himself up on his arms. He surged forward burying himself completely inside of her.

He began a slow rhythm listening to her low moans. Her mind was nothing but a jumble of sensations and feelings. He wanted her first time to be as memorable as possible. Ari moved with him moaning in pleasure. She felt the jolts of pleasure race through her body with every move he made.

To him it felt like her body had been created just for him. Her body wrapped around him like a hot, slick glove. She was starting to claw at his back. She was now crying out with pleasure. Her cries were music to his ears.

He knew she was close to falling over the edge in to sweet abyss of ecstasy. Bringing his head back down kissing her neck lightly. She turned her head to nip his neck as well. He sunk his fangs into her right as she fell into that sweet abyss. She did the same right as his release bathed her insides.

They drank each other's blood locking the bond between them. Ari growled softly against his neck. Her blood was the sweetest he had ever tasted. He now felt the full force of her emotions as well. Her thoughts were completely open to him now.

He withdrew his fangs licking the side of her neck healing the bite marks. Ari did the same thing. Her ocean blues looked up to him. Both of them felt sated and content. The had felt their bond reach the final stage.

Each one now knew and felt exactly where the other one was. Now nothing save death could ever separate them. Ari would be able to teleport to him regardless of the distance. She knew she could use his shadow abilities to a small degree. It was unknown if he would be able to use and of her abilities.

Little by little the slow untangled themselves from each other. Ari opted to go and take a quick shower. Alucard watched her walk into the bathroom admiring what was now his and his alone. He got to his feet using his shadows to clean up and get dressed. He looked down to his hands because something felt off.

He still felt Integra in his mind but that was by choice. His gloves didn’t look any different the runes were still there. He was slightly confused.

{Something wrong Alucard?} Ari asked.

He felt as well as heard her concern for him. He was going to have to adjust to having someone worry about him.

{I’m not sure mica mea pisica something feels off with my gloves.} He replied.

{Have you tried to take them off?} Ari questioned.

He had tried before when Abraham Van Hellsing had first bound him to the family. But Ari’s blood was an unknown. Did he want to chance the pain?

{No, mica mea pisica I haven’t.} He said.

Ari walked back out to see Alucard looking at his gloved hands. A look of concern swam in his eyes. She really wasn’t sure how to help him. Then she had an idea.

“I have an idea if your willing to try.” She piped up.

Alucard looked to her curiously. She knew his full attention was with her. Her head tipped just a smidge to one side.

“What is your idea mica mea pisica?” He questioned.

She let out a small sigh as she reached out and took his hand. It was time she explain part of their new bond to him.

“Our bond now allows us to take each other's pain should we so choose to.” She explained.

“Mica mea pisica you truly are a magnificent creature. You are willing to take my pain away.” He spoke lovingly.

“We are mates Alucard.” She started.

“Vlad.” He interrupted.

“What?” She asked.

“Call me Vlad mica mea pisica.” He said.

“Alright, Vlad being mated me means there is nothing I wouldn’t do for you.” She finished.

“Mica mea pisica I understand that all to well. What I worry about is weather you could handle the pain if the binding spell is still in effect.” He said.

“We won’t know till we try.” She shot back.

“Very true mica mea pisica but we can’t do it here.” He said.

She smiled softly to him as she gave his hand a squeeze. In the blink of an eye they were in the same forest clearing he had brought her to. She looked to him with a grin. She let go of his hand stepping away from him. Her body took on a shadowy kind of quality.

He let out a chuckle because he figured out that she had used his shadows to hide her change. The shadows dropped away leaving the winged hybrid Ari standing. To him she was a very beautiful creature. He still wasn’t sure about letting her take his pain. She had made a valid point.

“Are you ready?” She asked.

“As ready as one can ever be mica mea pisica.” He replied.

Ari leaned back against a tree watching. She knew he was worried that she wouldn’t be able to handle the pain. But she has a few tricks up her sleeve. She watched Alucard, well Vlad now to see what he was going to do. She didn’t have long to wait.

He stood tall and proud as he slowly started to pull off his left glove. Ari was ready for the pain, but there was none. He had taken his left glove off completely. The two looked to each other. She could feel his confusion.

He held his left glove out to Ari. She took his glove looking over the runes that had been written on them. He took his other glove off without any pain.

“Vlad, my dear we might want to keep this from Integra.” She said.

“I agree this is something we need to figure out first.” He replied.

Ari handed his gloves back to him. She watched as he put both his gloves back on. She held her hand out to him. Once he took her had she teleported them back to the mansion. Vlad let out a low growl.

“What is it Vlad?” She asked.

“We are being sent to South America.” He growled.


mica mea pisica = my little cat
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