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Revalations and Challenges

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Things are revealed and found out

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The two slept through the day and clear through the night. They slept pretty much two days straight. All the recent excitement had exhausted them both. When they both woke up Walter had already set out their meals. They both got up and enjoyed their meal.

Once both were completely awake Ari remembered her promise to Integra about talking to Kamtan and Ezreal. She looked over to Alucard who was sipping his blood.  The crimson eyes looked to her.

“What is it mica mea pisica?” He asked.

“I’m going to have to summon Kamtan and Ezreal here to the mansion.” She replied.

Alucard knew the problem she faced. If her Elders slipped up Integra would know the binding spell was broken.  Then he had an idea.

“Mica mea pisica bring them to our room first. This way we can talk to them first.” He offered.

Ari thought about what he was suggesting and she had to admit it was a good idea. She smiled and nodded her head in agreement. She relaxed her body as her mind reached out calling to Kamtan and Ezreal. In a matter of seconds Kamtan and Ezreal appeared before her. They both bowed low to not only Ari but Alucard as well.

This took Alucard by surprise, he nodded his head respectfully to Kamtan and Ezreal. Ari moved to stand beside Alucard resting her hand on his arm. She looked to Kamtan and Ezreal.

“You summoned us M’Queen?” Kamtan spoke.

“What is it you need our Majesties?” Ezreal asked.

Alucard’s eyebrow shot up in a questioning manner. It had been centuries since he had been referred to as any kind of royalty.

{Mica mea pisica are they implying what I think they are?} Alucard enquired.

{Yes, my love they are. You are by right the Bastet King.} Ari responded.

Ari shook her head as her eyes rolled in amusement. She gave Alucard’s arm a squeeze.

“Yes, I called you both because Integra has some questions that only you two can answer. I want you both to answer her questions unless it deals with my mating to Alucard.”  Ari said to them both.

They both nodded their heads to Ari and Alucard. Then Alucard thought of something.

“Also don’t answer if she asks either of you about the binding spell.” Alucard added.

Alucard looked to Ari and then to Kamtan and Ezreal seeing that the both were in their hybrid form. He wasn’t sure how the guards would take to how they presently looked. Then again they had seen Ari like that.

“Be careful mica mea pisica the guards are used to you, but Kamtan and Ezreal are unknown to them. Not to mention they are apt to make some of the men jealous.” Alucard said.

Kamtan was the one to give Alucard an odd look. Alucard just laughed at the odd and puzzled look on Kamtan’s face. He looked up to Ari and then back to Kamtan.

“No one but the four of us know that Ari and I are mated. And before you ask it’s safer for Ari.” Alucard supplied.

Ari moved to the door motioning to Kamtan and Ezreal. They moved to follow her. She lead them up to the main level of the mansion. Stopping for a moment to speak with one of the guards. She was putting the guards at ease about Kamtan and Ezreal.

Once that was handled she took them to Integra’s office. She knocked and waited till she heard Integra yell for her to enter. She opened the door and walked in, Kamtan and Ezreal right behind her. She wanted to laugh when she caught the glimpse of Integra’s body blush upon seeing her two elders. Ari had a sudden though and oh what a thought.

{Love I just had an evil thought.} Ari giggled.

Her eyes watched Integra closely the heavy smell of pheromones almost overwhelmed her.

“Integra I formally introduce you to Kamtan and Ezreal. They will do their best to answer all your questions. As I said before there are a few things they aren’t allowed to answer.” Ari said.

She turned to leave because the heavy pheromones in the air were starting to affect her.

{I know what you are thinking pisica mea întunecată and I love it}  Alucard responded.

She left Integra’s office quickly wanting to get back to Alucard. Her body was starting to feel funny. She felt an all over tingle. Finally she broke into a dead run heading straight to where Alucard was. She burst into the room almost taking the door clean off its hinges. She saw Alucard and Walter talking.

“Walter, leave now!” She snarled.

It didn’t take long for Walter to vacate the room. Alucard could tell something was off. Her emotions were chaotic at best, but there was no rage present. All he could discern was unbridled lust and passion.

“Ward the door and room my love no one comes in and no sound escapes this room.” She growled.

Alucard chuckled as he warded the room and door just as she had asked. Once the wards were in place she leapt at Alucard. He ported out of his chair to his coffin. He watched as she shifted quickly leaping at him again. This time he didn’t dodge her but let her smack into him.

Her scent saturated his senses to the point of overwhelming him. He growled at her showing his fangs as his baser instincts kicked in. Ari growled back to him as she crushed her lips to his. Their tongues danced a dance as old as time. She crushed her body to his as she clawed at his clothes.

She dismissed her clothing because they felt tight and uncomfortable. Her claws shredded his coat and shirt. Her growl changed to a purr when she felt his skin under her fingers. Her hands roamed all over his chest feeling his cool skin beneath her fingers. Finally she broke the kiss.

Her eyes had changed to a dark steely blue color. Alucard’s eyes were a bright fire red. Alucard wasted no time dismissing his boots and pants. Now they were skin on skin. Ari pushed against Alucard forcing him back into his coffin.

They both tumbled back twisting and turning both striving for dominance. Alucard pinned her down growling as he swiftly entered her. She matched his growls as her body responded to his. Alucard let go of her long enough to flip her over onto her stomach. He rammed into her from behind. His body was arched over hers as his hips slammed into her repeatedly.

Alucard bit into the back of her neck. She let out a loud scream of pure pleasure. Her body clamped down on him as he snarled into the back of her neck. Once both were sated and worn out Alucard dismissed the wards. Alucard used his shadows to dress them.

Kamtan and Ezreal walked in not but a moment or two later. Ezreal’s tail was lashing back and forth in aggravation. Kamtan on the other hand had a rather smug look on his face. Ari had a feeling she knew why Kamtan had such a smug look on his face. She leaned back against Alucard and proceeded to crack up laughing.

Alucard looked down at Ari as she laughed.

“What do you find so amusing pisica mea întunecată?” Alucard enquired curiously.

Ari took a couple of deep breaths settling herself down. She looked up to Alucard and he could still see the amusement in her bright eyes.

“I find it extremely funny that Integra had such a strong reaction to Kamtan.” Ari laughed.

Alucard had a puzzled look on his face and that just made Ari start laughing again. Her laughter sounded all through the room.

{Pisica mea întunecată what are you talking about?} Alucard prodded her.

{Integra had a mate’s reaction to Kamtan my love.} Ari responded.

Alucard was still a little bit puzzled as to what Ari was talking about. Then it dawned on him what Ari was talking about. He looked to her with a knowing look and a very huge and goofy grin. He looked over to Kamtan and Ezreal tipping his head.

“Are you allowed to take mated outside of your own people?” Alucard asked.

Kamtan and Ezreal looked to each other and then back to Ari and Alucard. The two had the good sense to at least look sheepish. Ari finally stopped laughing so hard.

“Normally no but a few of our people have taken human mates.” Ezreal explained.

“After Queen Illana’s death and Ariella’s exile we ruled over our people. There are few purebloods left alive. When a few of the males felt the pull towards human women we aw no reason to deny them.” Kamtan continued.

Ari was listening to their explanation. She agreed with what they had done. There was no reason to deny one of her people when they felt the mating pull. She looked directly to Kamtan.

“Do you feel the mates pull towards Integra?” She asked Kamtan.

Kamtan didn’t answer right away. Ari let out a very low warning growl. Kamtan shook lightly as he looked to Ari and Alucard.

“Yes, Queen Ariella I do." He finally answered.

It was Alucard’s turn to burst out laughing. Alucard laughed for a good five minutes. Ari just shook her head and listed to his laughter. Now he understood why Ari had laughed so hard earlier. Ari relaxed against Alucard letting him have his laugh fit.

“Kamtan do you wish to follow the mates pull and pursue Integra.” Ari asked.

“Yes, I would like to, but only with the permission of my King and Queen will I.” Kamtan responded.

Ari and Alucard looked to each other smiling. They already knew how they were going to answer. With somber faces they looked back to Kamtan. Ari just about lost it seeing the worry etched on Kamtan’s face.

“You have our permission Kamtan to follow the mating pull. Just be mindful of what I have told you not to speak of.” Ari said.

He nodded his head in understanding. Alucard picked Ari up and went to his chair. He sat down and then settled Ari in his lap. Ari squirmed around in his lap getting comfortable. She heard his groan as she settled in his lap.

She looked to Kamtan and Ezreal tipping her head to one side thinking for a moment.

“If either of you two wish to stay here in the mansion you will have to talk to Integra.” She said.

They both nodded their heads and just teleported out. Ari just shook her head and settled back against Alucard.

“If Kamtan does mate with Integra she will become part of my people. She won’t like the fact that she will be under our rule.” Ari purred lowly.

Alucard just shook his head and laughed. He knew Integra would hate being under any one’s rule. She was one who was strong willed and shall we say bull headed. It would make things rather interesting to see how this was going to play out. He wrapped his arms around Ari pulling her close to his chest.

“This could prove to be very interesting pisica mea întunecată.” Alucard chuckled.

Ari just laughed and shook her head. She agreed with Alucard this was going to prove to be interesting. They would both watch to see how this was going to play out. She knew the males could be cruel to each other when pursuing a female. They were also relentless when it came to their chosen mate.

Alucard got up and set Ari on her feet. He looked to Ari and there was a growl that rumbled low in his chest. She gave him a rather quizzical look.

“It would seem that Integra and Walter are trying to figure out how to get me on the deck of a ship.” Alucard growled.

Ari had a rather puzzled look on her face. She was trying to figure out why they wanted to put him on the deck of a ship.

“It seems the ship has been taken over by one of the Millennium roaches.” He explained.

Ari rolled her shoulders huffing out a breath. She knew that she couldn’t teleport them because she had never seen this place. She normally would need to see where she was teleporting first. Now she could teleport blind but that presented its own set of problems. She rolled her shoulders a bit and then looked to Alucard.

“I can’t exactly teleport us there my love. I don’t dare do a blind teleport.” Ari said.

They sought out Walter and Integra to see if they had come up with anything. They were still discussing a way to get Alucard onto the deck of that ship.  Several ideas were being tossed around till Walter had the bright idea to put Alucard on an experimental jet. It was a sound enough plan but for one small problem. There was only one of these jets in existence.

Ari leaned back against the wall listening to Walter and Integra go back and forth about the jet. Alucard stood next to Ari just listening to the bantering. They looked at each other and just shook their heads.

“My Master why not have the Round Table confiscate the jet for you?” Alucard interjected.

Walter and Integra looked at Alucard and then back to each other. They had that look of why didn’t I think of that written all over their faces. Alucard and Ari just laughed. Alucard pushed off the wall and faced Ari.

“Pisica mea întunecată I want you to stay here and protect Integra and the mansion.” Alucard said softly to her.

Ari growled in protest not wanting to leave her mate. It went against her very nature. Alucard had an ulterior motive for having Ari remain behind. He knew something she didn’t. The subtle change in her scent told him she was pregnant.

“Ari do NOT defy me!” Alucard snarled.

Ari shook her head as dark eyes went wide as dinner plates. Alucard had rarely if ever raised his voice to her. She was stunned to say the least. She bowed her head to him.

“As you wish Alucard.” She replied dryly.

He knew she wasn’t happy about staying behind but he wasn’t about to risk the unborn she carried. He sure as hell wasn’t going to let anyone else know. He didn’t want to risk her safety. It was probably for the best that even she not know. Ari gave him an odd look catching snippets of his thoughts.

{Pisica mea întunecată we will talk before I leave, promise.} Alucard told her.

She spun on her heel and walked off in an absolute huff. Alucard just about lost it because his mate was such the little actress. He knew she was acting because of Walter and Integra.

{Pisica mea întunecată you are quite the little actress.} Alucard chuckled.

{I don’t know what you’re talking about.} She replied with a giggle.

{Oh I’m sure you know pisica mea întunecată. I will be to our room as all the planning is over.} Alucard laughed lowly.

Ari went straight to their room curling up in his coffin. She took in his scent knowing they might be separated for awhile. Granted she wasn’t happy about being left behind. She knew Alucard had his reasons for not taking her. Her purr rumbled, deep and low in her chest.

She knew the instant Alucard was back in the room with her. Dark eyes lifted up looking him over seeing the rather aggravated look on his face. Her head tipped just slightly as she watched him sort of fall into his chair. Something was bothering him. Climbing out of the coffin slowly she went to him settling in his lap.

Her purr never stopped, her head rested on his shoulder. When he was ready he would talk to her. She was willing to wait for him. His mind was completely silent, she was used to that. His arms wrapped around her pulling her gently against his chest.

“Pisica mea întunecată this mission would be a suicide mission for you. I will not risk losing you to one of these cockroaches.” Alucard explained.

She listened to his explanation and then she considered it. She had to admit that he would know more about the mission than she would. There was something he wasn’t telling her, as to what that was she didn’t rightly know. She gave him a questioning look because she wanted to know what he was holding back.

“What makes you think I am holding something back pisica mea întunecată ?” He asked.

The look on her face made Alucard laugh. He gave her a gentle squeeze.

“Do remember that we now know each other’s thoughts and feeling.” she replied.

So his little cat had caught at least part of his thoughts or enough to know there was a reason why he didn’t want her on the mission. He looked down to her wondering how much he should tell her.

“Might as well tell me everything.” She said.

He knew she was right, because the more she knew the better protected she would be. But this was information that needed to stay between them.

{Pisica mea întunecată what I’m about to tell you needs to stay between us.} Alucard said.

{What might this information be my love?} She asked.

{Pisica mea întunecată have you been feeling alright?} He asked.

She tipped her head lightly thinking about what he had just asked her. She didn’t feel any different than she normally did. So why was he asking if she had been feeling alright?

{I have been feeling fine my love.} She replied.

Alucard smiled and kissed the top of her head lovingly.  She got the distinct feeling that something was up. She couldn’t put her finger on what it was.

{Pisica mea întunecată you’re pregnant.} He said with a smile.

She was absolutely dumbfounded. How was it he knew but she didn’t? She almost didn’t believe him, but he had never lied to her.

{You probably aren’t that far along. And to answer the question running around in your head. I knew from the change in your scent.} He went on.

She gave a slight roll to her shoulders. She trusted Alucard with her life. At least now she understood his reasons for not wanting her on this mission. She knew she could keep this from Integra and Walter, Kamtan and Ezreal she wasn’t so sure about.

{My love you might want to talk to Kamtan and Ezreal before you go. I can keep this from Integra and Walter easy enough, but those two are a completely different story.} She said.

{I will talk to them before I go pisica mea întunecată.}
He responded.

She relaxed against him enjoying the idea that someone cared about her well being. She felt Alucard chuckle. Their minds were now permanently linked. Privacy in thought was now out of the question. She didn’t mind it one little bit she actually liked it.

“When are they going to be sending you out my love?” She asked.

“As soon as they can get a hold of this experimental jet.” He replied.

She knew that could be a few hours to a few days either way she was going to enjoy what time she had with her mate. She knew if push come to shove even while he was on this mission she could teleport to him. She heard and felt his low growl. Leaning her head back slightly so she could see his face. She knew he had heard her thoughts.

“It’s nothing more than a thought my love and something I would do as a last resort only.” She started.

Alucard started to say something, but Ari lifted her hand placing her fingers on his lips. Her touch was gentle, feather like. Alucard kissed her fingers and remained as quiet as a mouse.

“Love I mean that your life would have to be in great danger. I refuse to go through what my mother went through when father was killed.” Ari growled softly.

Alucard understood her not wanting to go through that pain. Ari lowered her hand down to his arm. Both were silently contemplating the other's words. In their own way each one was trying to look out for the other. Ari relaxed completely against Alucard taking the time to breath in his scent.

Alucard held her close, he just wanted to enjoy their time together. He was the first one to know their time was fixing to be cut short.

“Pisica mea întunecată how do I call to Kamtan and Ezreal?” He asked.

“Easy let your mind reach out to them you are connected to them through me.” She replied.

Alucard thought for a moment about what Ari had just explained, it sounded easy enough. He let himself completely relax as his mind reached out brushing against Kamtan and the Ezreal’s mind. In a matter of seconds both were in the room. He looked over the men thinking about what he was going to say to them.

“You called us M'Lord?” Ezreal asked.

“I did we need to talk before I am sent on a deadly mission.” Alucard returned.

“What do you wish to talk to us about?” Kamtan enquired.

“Take in Ari’s scent and you should both understand why I wished to talk to you both.”  Alucard explained.

He watched the two look to each other rather confused, but the did as instructed. They both took in Ari’s scent and they went wide eyed as they processed the change in her scent. Both growled lowly as their stance changed to a challenging one. Alucard was sure how to take this but he knew they were challenging him. He set Ari aside and stood to his full height.

He wouldn’t let the challenge go unchecked, if he did he would lose the respect of the Bastet people. His lips curled showing his elongated fangs. His growl was low and threatening. He kept his body relaxed. He wouldn’t use his guns on them because he didn’t want to kill them.

{You must beat them into submission my love. As Elders they are charged with my safety while you are gone. My being pregnant forced them to challenge you.} Ari explained.

“Deci, va încerca să conteste dreptul meu pereche și regelui Ari? Adu-l la saci de purici. Să vedem dacă aveți ceea ce este nevoie pentru a proteja partenerul meu.” He snarled.

She still didn’t understand his native language. He seemed to revert to it when he was upset. It made sense as she had heard her mother do the same thing. She hadn’t understood her mother but by sound she knew the language was different. Right now it really didn’t matter what mattered was Alucard’s ability to defeat Kamtan and Ezreal.

Alucard stood still as the pair began to circle him slowly sizing him up. Crimson eyes looked to Ari. She saw the evil glimmer in their depths. She knew he was up to something. She was however forbidden from interfering in the challenge.

She had no choice but to sit back and watch. She knew Alucard could handle Kamtan and Ezreal. All she could do is sit back and watch as the pair kept circling Alucard. They were looking for a weakness, but the couldn’t find one. So they opted to try brute force forgetting Alucard was a master vampire. His powers as of yet had no equal. The two jumped at Alucard from different sides. Alucard just laughed as he dodged them with ease. He did this for awhile dodging their attacks like they were nothing.

He finally grew tired of toying with them and decided to end the fight. His shadows raced out along the floor shooting up behind Kamtan and Ezreal. In the blink of an eye they had been picked up and flung across the room like rag dolls. Both hit the wall bone crushingly hard. Twin howls of pain echoed through out the room.

Alucard waited to see if they were going to get back up and come at him again. Ari, felt how much pain they were both in, but the both got back up. Despite the pain they attacked him again. He took the brunt of their attack and then flung then into the walls again. The pair slid down the wall and stayed still.

“Do you submit!” Alucard growled.

Both head bowed in submission. Alucard went back to his chair picking Ari up. He sat down and the he placed Ari back in his lap.

“Ți-am iau amândoi mă pot înțelege?” Alucard enquired.

Kamtan and Ezreal both nodded their heads. Alucard grinned as he looked down to Ari. He knew she didn’t understand his native tongue.

“Sunt bun Ezreal de încărcare vă cu siguranță Ari. Kamtan sunteți pentru a păstra Integra în siguranță și departe de Ari cât mai mult posibil.” Alucard ordered.

“Pe măsură ce doresc rege mare.” The echoed.

Alucard dismissed them both as he picked Ari up and carried her to his coffin settling them in for the day.


Mica mea pisica = My little cat

pisica mea întunecată = my dark cat

Deci, va încerca să conteste dreptul meu pereche și regelui Ari? Adu-l la saci de purici. Să vedem dacă aveți ceea ce este nevoie pentru a proteja partenerul meu. = So you seek to challenge my right as Ari's mate and King? Bring it on flea bags. Let's see if you have what it takes to protect my mate.

Ți-am iau amândoi mă pot înțelege? = I take you both can understand me?

Sunt bun Ezreal de încărcare vă cu siguranță Ari. Kamtan sunteți pentru a păstra Integra în siguranță și departe de Ari cât mai mult posibil. = Good Ezreal I am charging you with Ari's safety. Kamtan you are to keep Integra safe and away from Ari as much as possible.

Pe măsură ce doresc rege mare = As you wish great King
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