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Hell Is Coming

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The things leading up to War

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The day passed as the pair slept wrapped around each other. As the sun began to drop below the horizon the pair began to stir. Both rose up out of the coffin still a bit bleary eyed. Walter has already been down and set out their nightly meals. Ari ate what has been set out for her but she was craving blood.

She looked over to Alucard a low growl rumbled low in her chest. Alucard saw the red starting to show in her eyes. He knew her dietary needs were changing. Alucard moved quickly grabbing her up and porting them out to the forest. He let her go and she took off shifting on the run.

He leaned back against a tree listening to her mind. Her mind was more animalistic at the moment. He figured with her being pregnant that her mind would start becoming more protective. She finished her hunt and came back to Alucard. She sat down beside him cleaning her face off.

{Feel better now pisica mea întunecată?} He asked.

{Yes, my love I do. I might need to talk to Ezreal and see if he can find anything about my pregnancy.} She returned.

Alucard nodded his head as he reached down to scratch behind her ears. She purred lowly at his touch. She used his touch to teleport them back to their room. Alucard moved to his chair and sat down. Ari curled up at his feet resting her head on her paws. Alucard suddenly growled which made Ari jerk her head up.

{It's alright pisica mea întunecată. It would seem they have finally procured the jet. I will be leaving soon.} Alucard told her.

Ari growled softly as she looked to the door catching the scent of someone she didn't know. She lunged up to her feet. The hair along her spine stood up as the growl changed to a threatening snarl. Her tense body told him something had her in protective mode. He got up and walked to her side resting a hand on her back.

Ari let out a cat's challenging cry as she shot forward busting the door clean off its hinges. Alucard heard the thud of bodies colliding. The sounds of snarls and growls reached his ears next. He calmly walked into the hall to see Ari facing off with what looked to be a snow leopard of equal size. He was confused as to the species different.

{Not all Bastet are panthers my love.} Ari explained.

He reached inside his coat and started to pull out his guns. His gaze never wavered from the two cats fighting.

{Do not interfere my love this challenge was directed to me. This young buck wants to challenge my right to rule.} Ari growled.

He slid his guns back inside his coat and leaned back against the wall. He watched the back and forth fighting of the two till the sound of running feet caught his attention. His crimson gaze lifted up in time to see Integra, Walter, and the mansion guard come running down the stairs. The soldiers were prepared to open fire on Ari and the other Bastet. He growled lowly as he shadow ported himself in front of them.

"Do NOT shoot at them!" He snarled.

Everyone halted quickly at the sight before them. Alucard's shadows were doing the dance of death around him. Integra was taking note of Alucard's protective nature towards Ari.

"What is going on here?" Integra snapped.

Alucard's murderous gaze turned to her and for the first time she was truthfully afraid of her servant.

"A leadership challenge is taking place." Kamtan supplied as he stepped from the shadows.

"Nu mă suna rege în fața colegului tău intenționat Kamtan. Ea nu știe despre împerechere noastră." Alucard growled in a low tone.

Kamtan nodded his head in understanding. Alucard turned his attention back to the fight. Kamtan made his way deliberately to Integra just this time he looked human. Well mostly the bright golden eyes were a hint.

"What do you mean by leadership challenge?" Integra inquired.

Kamtan tipped his head a bit as he contemplated exactly how to explain this. He figured it would be best to tell her the truth.

"A leadership challenge is just that. The other Bastet is challenging Ariella's right to lead our people." Kamtan explained.

That seemed to satisfy Integra. The fight was still going on. Two massive bodies were entangled in a dance that would end in one or the other of them submitting. Ari appeared to have the upper hand. Blood was flying the snow leopard was now almost completely pink.

Ari had blood on her as well as multiple cuts. The unknown male was covered in gashes and slashes. Claws were soaked in blood. Both were still breathing normally. Ari was circling the unknown male she was still snarling.

Her ears were flattened down against her head. Her long tail was lashing back and forth like a whip. Alucard could see the gold starting to show on her face. He felt how calm her mind was, but it was also coldly calculated. She was up to something he just wasn't sure what just yet, but he had an idea.

He was about to give his mate an advantage in the fight. Ari knew what he was thinking but she wasn't quite sure what he was planning. Then she started to feel her drained away energy returning.

{Vlad, my love what are you doing?} She inquired.

{Who says I'm doing anything Iubirea mea?} He countered.

{You are doing something Vlad I can feel it. Just not sure what exactly it is you are doing.} She groused.

Alucard did everything he could so he wouldn't just bust out laughing at Ari's mental growling. He kept himself composed but only by a hair. He was feeding Ari power and strength via their bond. He wasn't technically interfering with the fight. He glanced back seeing the protective stance Kamtan had taken beside Integra.

He wasn't sure if Integra noticed how protective Kamtan was of her or not. For now he was going to let things play out. He turned his attention back to the fight in time to see Ari pin down the snow leopard.

"Kamtan do you know who this foolish one is?" Alucard prompted.

"I believe that is Grigory Sir. He in the Khan of the Russian Bastet people." Kamtan returned.

Ari let go of he weakened snow leopard and walked to Alucard's side. Her bright eyes watched the weakened Grigory get to his feet. Ari shifted to her human form dressed in a pair of skin tight black pants, tan riding boots, and a corset of blood red. The corset had a golden dragon spanning the back. The dragon was barely visible due to Ari's long hair.

"Get to your feet and shift!" Ari commanded.

Grigory got to his feet finally and shifted to his human form. He was a brute of a man with muscles bulging all over. Ari could tell he was used to manual labor.

"Why did you challenge me?" Ari demanded.

"You were exiled you should not be Queen." He growled.

His voice was heavily accented but not so heavy as to make him hard to understand. Kamtan had since moved to stand on the opposite side of Ari.

"Exiled or not Grigory she is the rightful Queen and the chosen of Bast. So you will show her the proper respect." Kamtan snarled.

Alucard kept quiet letting Ari and Kamtan handle Grigory. His hand now rested on the small of her back in a reassuring manner. Grigory was smart enough to know when to give up and this was the time. Alucard looked over to Integra.

"When do you wish me to leave?" He asked.

"Right now the jet is fueled and waiting." She replied.

Alucard nodded his head and then looked back to Ari. His hand hadn't moved at all.

{Pisica mea întunecată our time is up but I would like a moment alone with you before I leave.} He purred.

Ari smiled to him and then turned her attention to Grigory who had not moved an inch.

"Grigory go back home and get your best fighters and bring them back here." Ari snapped.

Grigory nodded his head and disappeared. Alucard chuckled a bit at how ruthless his mate could be.

"I will meet you on the runway." Alucard said calmly.

Once the last word was spoken the pair vanished from sight. Ari had teleported them back into his room. She nodded her head towards the door. Alucard understood and warded the room.

"I know you don't want me to go." He said lowly.

"No, I don't want you to go but, I know you have to." She said softly.

He reached out pulling her against his chest. Neither one wanted to part from each other. Ari knew there were going to be others who were going to challenger her. The males would know by scent she was pregnant.

"Love I am going to keep Ezreal close to me while you are gone." She purred lowly.

"That is fine pisica mea întunecată. I would expect no less. I would kill anyone or anything that hurt you and our child." He said.

He kissed the top of her head lovingly and the pulled away from her. The look in his eyes said that he didn't want to. He dismissed the wards on the room. He kissed her one last time, then disappeared through a shadow. Ari stood still watching the shadow he had just disappeared through.

{Do remember pisica mea întunecată that we can still talk to each other. As our bond is a strong one.} He said.

She smiled because he was right the could still talk to each other. She shook her head a bit and curled up in his chair. Her purr was soft and low. She was for the moment just plainly relaxing. She had a feeling that all hell was going to break loose soon.

She wasn't far from the truth because the German Bastet people had spies watching over the Major. They were feeding the information back via the council. Ari knew she was going to have to call the closest clans to her soon. A sigh left her lips as she got to her fee. Her sheer determination had Alucard chuckling in her mind.

{Pisica mea întunecată your determination is admirable and touching, but keep Ezreal close by.} Alucard said.

{Vlad, my love hush and deal with your cockroach.} Ari chuckled.

Ari shook her head and chuckled as she called to Ezreal. A moment later Ezreal walked through the door.

"You summoned me my Queen?" Ezreal asked.

"I need you to call all the English clans to us Ezreal, and send word to the other European clans to be ready was is coming to us." Ari said.

Ezreal nodded his head to Ari then left in a flash of white. Ari settled back down in Alucard's chair letting her eyes drift closed. She knew this early in her pregnancy she wouldn't feel any changes. She was contemplating going to talk to Walter. The she felt absolute glee through her bond with Alucard.

Slowly she rose up to her feet and made her way to the door. She made her was upstairs in search of Walter. She found him in the kitchen making tea. She leaned back against a wall.
She waited till he had finished with Integra's tea and delivered it to her. When he returned Ari was still leaning against the wall.

"Something I can help you with Miss Ari?" Walter asked politely.

"Walter, can I truly trust you?" Ari asked.

Walter tipped his head curiously at Ari's question. He has never had someone as him that before.

"But of course you can Miss Ari." Walter replied.

"Walter, what I need to discuss with you needs to remain between us." Ari stated.

Ari felt Alucard's unease through their bond. She sent her reassurance back to him. Walter nodded his head in agreement.

"Walter, I'm pregnant albeit not very far along, but my people will scent the change." Ari explained.

Walter had a surprised look on his face. He wasn't sure why Ari was telling him this. Ari watched his reaction to what she had just told him.

"Is Alucard the father?" Walter asked.

Ari just nodded her head lightly. She saw something flash in Walter's eyes. She hadn't said anything openly yet.

"What is it that you need to talk to me about Miss Ari?" Walter asked.

Ari tipped her head a bit. Slowly she pushed off the wall and made her way towards Walter.

"I am going to be needing extra meat and some blood with my meals. I have a feeling that with the baby being half vampire I will need to add the extra in." Ari explained.

Walter thought about what Ari had just said to him. He didn't understand why Ari wanted this kept secret. His gaze hadn't left Ari as she approached him. She moved with a predatory grace. She was every bit the apex predator like Alucard.

"I'm curious Miss Ari as to why you wish this information kept secret?" Walter inquired.

Ari tipped her head just a touch. Did she truly trust Walter enough to tell him the complete truth about her and Alucard?

{My love do you think we can truthfully trust Walter with the truth?} She asked.

She felt that Alucard was thinking about what she had just asked him. She heard his chuckle but she still felt his apprehension.

{Pisica mea întunecată trust your instincts when it comes to how much you tell Walter.} He replied.

She sent her love to her mate via their bond.

"Because Walter it is safer for me that few know about this." She explained.

Slowly she extended a hand out to Walter. He looked to her offered hand and then back up to her. Her eyebrows lifted up waiting to see if Walter would take her hand. After a few minutes Walter took her offered hand. When he took her hand she teleported then both to the forest.

She let go of his hand and walked to a nearby tree. She knew this forest very well being as she hunted here.

"Why did you bring me here Miss Ari?" Walter asked calmly.

A gentle smile graced her lips for a brief moment. She knew why she had brought him here.

"Not as many eyes and ears out here." She stated calmly.

Walter still wasn't sure how to take this particular little situation. He could understand her distrust of Sir Integra, but not her seeming distrust in him.

"What is it you would like to discuss Miss Ari?" He asked politely.

"Promise me what I tell you won't get back to Integra." Ari half growled.

"You have my word nothing will get back to Sir Integra." Walter relied evenly.

"I already told you about the pregnancy, but there is more. Just to start this right Alucard and I are fully mated and blood bound to each other." Ari started.

Walter started to ask a question but Ari nicely silenced him. She would let him as question once she was done with her explanations.

"Walter you can ask me whatever you want once I finish telling you what I need to." She said

Walter nodded his head as he sat down on a log. He figured this was going to take a while so might as well get some what comfortable. Ari chuckled softly as she followed Walter's movements and sat down in the grass.

"It would seem that our mating broke the binding spell that was on Alucard's gloves. And before you ask I truthfully don't know what broke the spell. Now I think that just about covers everything. I know you have questions. I will do my best to answer them." Ari finished.

"How long has Alucard been free of the binding spell?" Walter asked first.

"It happened just before we were sent to South America." Ari replied.

"How long have you two been mated?" Walter asked next.

"About the same length of time. From what I have put together our mating is what broke the spell." Ari explained.

"Why has Alucard continued to follow orders when he doesn't have to?" Walter questioned.

"Because we didn't want Integra to know. So until the time is right he will follow the orders he is given." Ari stated plainly.

{Dragostea mea întunecată try not to make me sound so tame.} Alucard growled to her.

{ Oh you hush, we both know you are as wild and free as the winds.} She replied sweetly.

{Tu dragostea mea întunecată sunt la fel de sălbatic și liber ca munții pe care nu va fi niciodată domesticit nici măcar de mine.} He purred.

She had not a single clue about what he had just said but she loved that low purred tone. Her eyes had never left Walter as he seemed to be contemplating his next question.

"Why has your Elder Kamtan I believe is his name been staying so close to Sir Integra?" Walter asked curiously.

She figured that he would eventually ask that particular question. Only thing was the answer was two fold. She wasn't going to risk Walter trying to interfere with Kamtan's advances. So Walter was going to get half an answer.

"He is to protect Integra as well as answer an questions she has about my people." Ari responded.

Walter nodded his head in understanding. He didn't want to push Ari because he has seen first hand the raw power her slender body contained. That power in truth made him a little bit wary of her. She was just as much of a predator as Alucard if not more so. Just then Ari lifted her head up and growled.

"Walter we need to get back to the mansion it seems hell is almost upon us." Ari growled as she stood and offer her hand.

Walter took her offered hand and in the blink of an eye they were back in the mansion. He ran to go check on Integra. Ari slowly made her way to one of the roof balconies. He form shifted slowly as she walked till the winged hybrid stood on the balcony. Her darkened gaze watched as a car went speeding away from the mansion.

A smile curled up the corners of her lips. She knew Kamtan would protect Integra with his life. Walter on the other hand she wasn't so sure about. There was just something about him that just didn't seem right. She just couldn't put her finger on what it was yet.

{Kamtan have you mated with Integra?} She asked inquisitively.

{Yes my Queen she and I are mated and blood bound.} He replied after a small pause.

{Good there is something off about the butler so keep a close eye on him.} She said.

Her small hears flickered a bit as she picked up the distant sound of a motor. The sound didn't belong to any motor she was used to hearing. It sounded more like a gigantic fan motor. Then the overpowering smell of the undead assaulted her nose. Hell was indeed on its way and she had all intentions of meeting it head on.


pisica mea întunecată = my dark cat

Nu mă suna rege în fața colegului tău intenționat Kamtan. Ea nu știe despre împerechere noastră. = Do not call me King in front of your intended mate Kamtan. She dosen't know about our mating.

Iubirea mea = my love

Dragostea mea întunecată = My dark love

Tu dragostea mea întunecată sunt la fel de sălbatic și liber ca munții pe care nu va fi niciodată domesticit nici măcar de mine = You my dark love are as wild and free as the mountains you will never be tamed not even by me
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