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Hell Is Here

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The Battle has come

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Ari called to Ezreal and had him call all the local Bastet to them. It didn’t take long for the mansion to fill up with Bastet. Ari had remained on the balcony as she was able to see the first of the zeppelins. She stood tall and proud her long tail swayed lightly behind her. Slowly she lifted her hands up gathering her energy as she.

When her hands were in front of her, she released the gathered up energy in a flash of white that damaged the closest zeppelin. The zeppelin crash landed on the ground not far from the mansion. Ari turned and calmly walked back into the mansion. Darkened eyes of now steel blue looked over the gathered Bastet, there were different ones present. Most were in hybrid form a few were in their full form.

“The Vampires are on there way. Kill every last one of them. Let Non walk out of here!” Ari cried out.

The cacophony of cries rang out through the entire mansion. Ari smiled as she shifted and began to walk among her people. The gold markings stood out against her onyx coat. All present bowed respectfully to her. She padded to the doors letting out a final cry as she burst through the front doors to meet the enemy head on.

Her people poured out behind her. Ezreal fought at her side as Pip and his men defended the mansion itself. The vampires they were facing were all former Nazi soldiers. That didn’t mean anything to them most were fierce warriors any way. Some had been trained as fighters from birth.

The cries of her people rang out through the night air. Ari was in the middle of all the death and destruction. They fought with tooth, claw, and anything they could get a hold of. Some of the warriors had specialized weapons. They were slowly thinning down the numbers of vampires.

Ari turned her head towards the mansion hearing the screams of the soldiers. She spun around and took off at a dead run. She reached the mansion in a matter of seconds. What she saw confused her to no end. The men were all screaming about injuries they hadn’t sustained.

She looked around trying to find the source of their seeming madness. Her small ears were turning frantically searching for a source. Then a strange scent crawled up her nose. A low threatening growl rumbled low in her throat. Every fiber of her being tensed up.

She let her nose lead her away from the mansion. Her keen eyes spotted a figure crouching in the grass. The figure had a rather large scythe on its back. Ari dropped her body down to the ground. She began to creep forward agonizingly slow. Her movements were that of a true predator stalking its prey.

Keen eyes were locked onto the crouched figure before her. None of her movements were noticed by the crouching figure before her. She kept creeping forward ever so slowly. She was as silent as death in a graveyard.

{My love if you are done playing with the little cockroach I could use your help.} She grumbled.

She heard his deep laugh and felt his maniacal happiness. She wanted to growl but she wasn’t about to alert her prey.

{I’m on my way back to you now iubirea mea.} He replied.

She growled softly in his mind letting him know she wasn’t exactly happy about his reply. She felt his mental nudge to finish what she was doing.

{If you would be as so kind as to hurry your undead ass up I would be grateful my love.} She shot back.

She got within striking distance of the crouched figure easily. The eyes she saw ere an eerie purple color. Ari wanted to shudder but she stamped out that urge quickly. She remained hidden in the tall grass. Her instincts were telling her that this person had something to do with the men’s seeming madness.

Her small ears were plastered back against her head as muscles bunched up. She held herself still for but a split second. That gathered energy was released in but a single leap. Her body flew forward claws extended, a rage filled scream on her lips. Her body collided heavily with Zorin.

She skidded to a stop a short distance from Zorin. Rage filled eyes were locked onto Zorin. A low snarl left her lips as Zorin slammed the ground with her hand. Little did she know Ari was immune to her mind tricks. If Ari could have laughed she would’ve.

The look on Zorin’s face was absolutely priceless. She had a look of absolute shock on her face. Ari leapt over Zorin’s head shifting to her hybrid form. She landed on her feet her tail twitching.

“I hate to be the barer of bad news you Nazi bitch, but your mind games won’t work on me.” Ari growled.

Zorin didn’t know what to say. Ari stood her ground as she called her guns to her. In a split second Ari put two rounds into Zorin’s head killing her instantly. Ari snorted softly as she dismissed her guns. She turned and saw that the vampire army was no more.

“To the city my people lay waste to the vampires. Kill the all!” Ari yelled.

She watched her people run towards the city. Ari waited and then connected with Kamtan. She sensed his peril. She teleported straight to him coming face to face with Father Anderson and several others.

“Stay back by Integra, Kamtan.” Ari said.

“Yes, my Queen.” Kamtan replied.

Ari locked eyes with Father Anderson her black wings snapping open behind her. One of the people behind him drew guns pointing them at Ari.

“Stand down, even with both your powers combined this one is way to much for you.” Father Anderson said.

Ari didn’t move as Father Anderson approached her stopping just in front of her. His eyes seemed to be taking in every detail. Her small ears flickered back and forth listening to the sounds around her.

“You young lady are a fearsome warrior.” He commented.

“Ari, and I am Father Anderson. Plus there is little that I fear.” She replied.

Suddenly Ari turned her head towards the river a smile curling up the corners of her lips.

{You have finally returned my love.} Ari purred.

{I told you I would iubirea mea.} Alucard replied.

With that Alucard jumped off the ship and sipped his way through the city. He came to stand in between the Vatican soldiers and the Nazi Army. Father Anderson now moved to stand to his right and a strange Nazi soldier stood to his left.

“Sir Integra what are your orders?” He called out.

“Stain in vermillion the army wearing white with your gun of platinum. Stain in scarlet the army wearing black with your gun of iron. Stain with crimson each and every last one of our foes. Search and destroy! Search and destroy! Lay waste to the all! Do not let them leave this island alive.” Integra called out.

“Yes, my master as you wish.” Alucard replied.

A sudden wind blew across the battlefield. Kamtan had teleported Integra onto a rooftop out of harm's way. Ari joined them to watch the show. She had complete faith in her mate.

“Releasing control-restriction system level zero. Announce your return!” Integra yelled.

“I am the Bird of Hermes…” Alucard said.

Ari felt a surge in his power. Her small ears flickered a bit listening to the wind.

“Eating my own wings…” He continued.

At this point everyone gathered save the cats began to attach Alucard. It was as if they all sensed that something terrible was about to happen. Ari on the other hand was thrilled with what she was feeling from her mate.

“To keep myself tame…” Alucard finished.

Ari felt that final release of his power. She shifted to her human form. She watched as all the souls Alucard had consumed were released like a river. They destroyed everything in their path. Nothing they touched was left alive.

She was dressed in her Hellsing uniform. Midnight hair streamed out behind her. Kamtan stood beside Integra protectively. Ari smiled as the shadows began to settle showing her mate in all his glory.  Her eyes drank him in, her purr was low and gentle.

Alucard knelt down before Integra like a knight before his Queen.

“Welcome back, Count.” Integra said.

“I have returned my Queen.” He replied as he lifted his head.

Ari smiled to him as she took notice of his more rugged looks as well as his accent. A long crimson cloak snapped behind him. His body was covered in pitch black armor. A small black moustache was now under his nose. Slowly he rose to his feet letting Ari see his now more muscular build.

He extended his hand out to Ari. She placed her small hand in his larger armored one. Armored fingers closed gently around her hand as he pulled her to him kissing her passionately. Integra was stunned to say the least. His cloak wrapped around them for but a moment.

Ari felt warm and safe in that moment as she poured her heart into the kiss. When his cloak dropped away Ari was dressed in a long black shimmering gown. It had a dragon and panther brocade on it in gold. This showed the union of the dragon and the panther.

“I have missed you my King” Ari purred.

“I will never leave you my Queen.” He replied.

“What is going on here?” Integra demanded.

Alucard and Ari both turned their attention to Integra. Ari turned a bit so her back was against Alucard’s chest. Kamtan remained beside Integra.

“Integra, what do you think is going on?” Ari asked softly.

Integra looked to Alucard seeing the possessive way his arms were wrapped around Ari. Then her gaze went to Kamtan.

“Kamtan, tell your mate about the prophecy that we have kept secret.” Ari said softly.

Kamtan nodded his head as he stepped towards them. He stopped and turned to face Integra. He let out a low sigh.

“It is written that with the coming of the great darkness a chosen of Bast shall be born. She shall be more powerful than any before her. Her mate will be a master vampire and together they shall vanquish the darkness and restore order.” Kamtan recited.

Kamtan looked back to Ari and Alucard. Both nodded their heads to him. He made his way back to Integra knowing he would have some explaining to do later. A yell suddenly caught Ari and Alucard’s attention. Ari let out a growl as her hand shot up. A bright flash of blue light surrounded Father Anderson holding him in place.

“My dear father you are going to hand there till I decide to let you go.” Ari growled.

Ari turned her attention back to Integra. Alucard was duly impressed with his mate’s new found powers.

“Integra, do you understand what is going on now?” Ari asked.

Integra didn’t say a word but seemed to be thinking things over. Ari growled lowly as Father Anderson started yelling. She turned her attention to him for a moment.

“If you don’t shut up I will personally cut off that shriveled up, useless dick of yours. Then I will shove it down your throat.” Ari snarled.

She felt Alucard’s laugh against her back. She heard Integra gasp and then Kamtan’s laugh. Ari just smiled wickedly.

“To answer your question Ari I think I understand but when did this happen?” Integra questioned.

“Our mating happened just before you sent us to South America.” Ari replied.

“And Alucard’s bonds?” She asked.

“Broken at the same time.” Ari replied.

“Then why follow orders this long?” She inquired.

“We decided to keep it from you till the time was right.” Ari said.

That seemed to suffice Integra or at least for the time being. Now Ari had to figure out what to do with Father Anderson. Then she got a wicked idea. She tipped her head back to look up to Alucard.

“My King I just had a wicked idea.” Ari purred to Alucard.

“What is your idea my Queen.?” Alucard whispered in her ear.

She caught his accent and just purred all the more. She loved seeing him at the height of his power. It sent pleasurable chills down her spine. How she would love to strip him of his armor and explore his body. She felt him chuckle at where her thoughts were running.

She blushed and shook her head. It didn’t take her long to rein in her wayward thoughts.

“I was thinking of turning him over to the unmated females as a play toy my King.” She said with a wicked grin.

{Lubirea mea you are truly a wicked little cat.} Alucard purred.

{Indeed my love, this will destroy the priest in more ways that one my love.} Ari replied wickedly.

Ari looked up to the suspended Father Anderson an evil grin curling up her lips. She lifted her hand up and made a quick motion that brought the suspended Father down to eye level.

“You won’t be needing this.” Ari said as she flicked her wrist sending the white priest collar flying.

Alucard kept his arms wrapped around Ari. He felt her powers licking at his. He just smiled as he watched Ari deal with Anderson. She flicked her wrist again as all of his weapons went flying.

“You definitely won’t be needing any of theses where you’re going.” Ari said happily.

Little by little Ari stripped him of everything save his glasses. Anderson now hung in the air completely naked. To everyone’s surprise Anderson was sporting a rather large erection. Ari couldn’t help but laugh at Anderson.

“So it would seem the Father likes to be dominated. Believe me when I say you will be getting plenty of that where you’re going. The females are going to have so much fun with you.” Ari laughed.

With another flick of her wrist a collar made of iron formed around Anderson’s neck. Ari had an absolute evil smile on her face.

“That will make sure you can’t harm my people.” Ari said.

“Esti cu adevarat sunt egale cu dragostea mea.” Alucard said softly.

Ari looked to him with a devious spark in her eyes. Carefully she stepped away from him and with a final flick of her wrist Anderson disappeared. She laughed knowing the hell Anderson was about to be put through.

“Love I have no idea what you just said.” Ari said to him.

He just grinned at her. Ari dismissed her gown for a pair of black pants and black top. Her gaze traveled over the others present. She was ready to get this over with. She turned and held her hand out to Alucard. He took her hand gladly.

“Shall we deal with that infuriating little toad now my King?” Ari purred.

Alucard just grinned to her as they turned around and walked away.

“But of course my dark Queen.” He replied.


Iubirea mea = my love

Esti cu adevarat sunt egale cu dragostea mea. = You truly are my equal my love.
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