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How Dingo Gained his Walkabout Spirit

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Some days it just does not pay to be a mercenary in the employ of Anastasia Reynard, as Dingo learns the hard way. An expansion on the events of the 2nd season episode "Walkabout."

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Title: How Dingo Gained his Walkabout Spirit #25/100
Author: Karen
Fandom: Gargoyles, general series
Character: Dingo from the Pack
Rating: Teen
Prompt #53 Earth

"How Dingo Gained his Walkabout Spirit" by Karen

Its a moot point to think overly much about who is in the wrong
and who is in the right, especially when a job falls into the catergory of ending up as a merecenary that's out of work.

Dingo needs this job and he doesn't care too much about what's been done to the land. Okay, so he does, but he's not going to say to his boss's face. Anastasia Reynard is certainly not the type to take lip from the hired help so Dingo decides he will just keep his opionions to himself for now.

The stuff in the containment unit is like nothing he has ever seen before in the liquid silver bubbling at a highly concentrated temperature. That much he can understand because he ccertainly is not stupid, but he's no scientist either.

What he can't figure out is what the hell they want with the stuff. After all they've been camping out in a makeshift but highly efficent mobile lab for weeks waiting for the proper conditions, whatever those were, and now this stuff is declared ready.

Okay, maybe there's quite a bit he's not being told, maybe there iis a lot more going on that he should know about, and maybe he needs to go right to the source and make her 'fess up.

Because, no matter how much money someone has, or how much he is being paid for doing the job, nobody goes to this much trouble to drag an dangerous volatile experiment halfway across the globe in order to set up in the middle of the Australian Outback. Or do they?

In the back of his mind, he considers that last thought, it would not be the first time some one wanted their activities hush-hush, but this is different, can't say how it's different, but it just is.

It ain't this quicksilver that's making all the fine hairs at the nape of my neck stand up. Damn, now why didn't I listen to my old granny back when she told me over and over again to pay heed to my instincts. Because right now, my instincts are screaming at my to cut my losses and get the hell out of here." Dingo rubs the stubble on his chin from and shoves and considers turning around and heading for the nearest town with a working phone and a taxi service. The liquid in the container moves around sluggishly forcing him to stare at it.

At that instant Ansatasia Reynard came into the lab, red hair flying in a tangled mass, "I told you to stay away from there. Come on, I need your help. We've got a security breach in containment unit 2."

He turns around and follows her out of the transport van and back outsides. "Sure, no worries, little darling."

"Don't try to be cute, it doesn't work," she replied.

When they arrived at the containment unit in question Dingo at once realized that she wasn't kidding because there was a widening crack in the plexiglass of the storage contianer and was spreading at an alarming rate. The vicious silver liquid spilled out in trickling but oddly musical flow. The bio-hazard suited technicans swarming around like ants whose nest has been disturbed.

"Ah, a little help here, what am I supposed to do about it."

"Put a suit on, dummy, and go help them!"

"Gotcha," Dingo replies, stridng over to the box of suits, grabbing one and donning it.

The silver liquid seemingly had now taken on a life of its own and was doing its level best to avoid the efforts of the cleanup crew. Dingo marches forward with the tubing and the suction part of the his equipment level to the ground. Waving it around he thinks, "I must be insane."

In the space of a few seconds the stuff splits apart and headed off in at least three seperate directions.

In the background he heard Mrs. Reynard alternateing between berating and encouraging her staff. Then a yell. Distracted from the task at hand he pivots on one booted heel to take a look. The stuff has grown in the minutes that have passed it is now much, much bigger and growing.

It has completely engulfed the tents, boxes, folding tables and chairs and other inanimate objects left lying around. The staff has already fled, and from he can see, he doesn't blame them. He wished he could run too, but the heavy hazard suit and equipment slowed him down.

Its hard to make out anything for certain, his vision is blurry and he can no longer hear his boss over the loud buzzing in his ears and the tingling sensation in his arms and legs. Dingo dropped the tank and the cord only to glance down at his feet.

The stuff has turned his feet into the base of a silver statue. He should be freaking out right about now, but oddly enough, it doesn't hurt. It is just numb, like he's getting treated to a megadose of novicane. That thought jolts him into action, and exerting all of his strength he tears free of the viscious liquid and starts to run randomly choosing a direction. Anywhere is better than right here at the moment. He thinks that if he can run far and fast enough away that the stuff will lose interest in him.

Dingo flattened in his run, his shadow stretching out behind, he ran all out, arms and legs pumping for all he is worth. The air in his lungs burns but he welcomes that sensation because the pain reminds him that he is still very much alive, and while he's alive he might just make it out of this in one piece.

Meanwhile, the quicksilver is gaining ground.

"Damn it, Why me!" he demands in frustration.

From out of the ground, the air, at his feet a voice answered his deseprate demand."Because, you are the one."

"Great, I'm about to be engulfed here and all I get is some cryptic answer from thin air."

"Understanding will come later, for now, there is the spirit."

"Yeah, yeah, for the body to do yadda, yadda, the spirit must be willing. Well, find some other sap because I'm not interested."

"The quicksilver is a lifeform, and those who sought to harness it to their will no longer pose a threat to you."

"You didn't hurt them, did you?" he asks.

"No. Only enough to prevent them from interferring."

"Well, ain't that dandy."


"Yes." Dingo shrugged. "I am so gonna regret this."

"It is within the realm of possiblity," the voice replied.

"Stop doing that! Okay?"


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