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One Man's Heart

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Macbeth does some late evening reflecting on where he has been and where he is going.

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Title: One Man's Heart #12/100
Author: Karen
Fandom: Gargoyles: general series
Character: Macbeth
Rating: General
Prompt # 47 Heart

"One Man's Heart" by Karen

He made a promise to himself a very long time ago; longer than most people realize, that when it came right down to it, the idea of late night soul searching only got in the way.

Macbeth, as he was once known hundreds of years ago, awoke in this century, memories fragmented and his heart numbed. It took a while but he eventaully adjusted to the changes that occurred while he'd slept. In odd disjointed moments he can recall old legends he'd heard the bards of his time relate, about the legendary sleepers in caves, ancient, legendary kings and warriors, who awaited the summoning of a magic horn before they would awaken and live to fight the good fight once again.

Macbeth is fighter, and and a survivor. He's no hero; he leaves that responsiblity to those who have thwarted his carefully planned schemes time and again; for another legendary race survived into these modern times: the Gargoyles.

Lennox MacDuff as Macbeth as he goes by now, certainly would not equate himself with those figures of legend; after all he's done questionable things, even dangerous and illegal things.

Sometimes he wondered if there were any truth to old saying that there are aspects of magic and techonology are very similar; that might explain the source of his longevity. Not that he ever gave much thought as to why he is still alive after all this time.

His heart is as not as cold and devoid of feeling as his enemies might imagine, after all, he has his passions just like any other man, he is ambitious, and he is driven to succeed; it's just that he is very good at keeping a very fine balance between logic and passion. It's a balance he had worked very hard to achieve for hundreds of years, so one might imagine he has made a measure of sucess in doing so.

Macbeth regared his reflection in the polished surface of the full length mirror in his grand reception hall. "Not bad," he
muttered under his breath. "The beauty part of living on the edge is that one can see both sides without actually going ever the edge."
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