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The Evil Plan

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Rimfire is kidnapped and taken to Etheria. The Mice join forces with She-Ra to rescue him.

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Etherian Visit
Biker Mice/She-Ra Crossover
By: Starblade

Rimfire is kidnapped and taken to Etheria. The Mice join forces with She-Ra to rescue him.

Disclaimer: Biker Mice from Mars is owned by Rick Unger. She-Ra is owned by Filmation. I am not making money off of this. It is just a fanfic.

Part 1: The Evil Plan

"I have found something very intriguing, your creamy cheesiness," Dr. Karbunkle wheezed.

"Well," Lawrence Limburger frowned impatiently. "What is it?"

"I have found a portal to another dimention," the scientist answered. "A dimention filled with natural resources galore."

"Resources ripe for plucking," Limburger mused, a huge smile forming on his fat, false face.

"Yyeesss..." Karbunkle cackled.

"Karbunkle, what is the name of this other dimention?"

"From what I've picked up from transmissions that have filtered through, it is called 'Etheria'."

"'Etheria'?" Limburger repeated. "Hmmm...what an intriguing name. Karbunkle, have Greasepit gather the goons. I hear that those Biker Mice have some visitors from Mars. I'm sure they are the same ones they always have, so here's what I'm wanting to do: We kidnap that boy Mouse -Rimfire-and take him through the portal. The Mice, of course, will follow, and when they do, we will trap them in this 'Etheria', even as we gut the planet of its natural resources."

"Of course, oh milky smoothnesssss..." Karbunkle hissed.


On a deserted stretch of beach, Charley and the Mice were playing volleyball. They were three-on-three, with Throttle, Modo, and Vinnie making up one team, and Charley, Carbine, and Rimfire another. Stoker was on the side, serving as referee.

"That one hit the top of the net, Punk!" the older Mouse called to Vinnie. "Team Charley's point!"

"Awww...come on, Coach!" the white Mouse complained. "That cleared the net, easy!"

"That's not what I saw, mud puppy!" Stoker countered. "Ruling stands."

With Vinnie grumbling about Stoker playing favorites, the game continued. It was interrupted, however, in the usual manner.

"Well, well, well," a voice from atop a sand dune addressed the group. "What have we here? You rotten rodents getting some exercise, perhaps?"

"Limburger!" Modo growled. All play stopped as the Mice drew their weapons and aimed them at the overweight Plutarkian. Beside him were Karbunkle and Fred the Mutant.

"Now, now," he tsked, wagging a finger at them. "Let's not get violent. My boys simply want to play. Greasepit?" The oily giant rode up on his bike, with several goons behind him.

"Yeah, Boss?" he asked in his usual dumb-thug manner.

"Go play," Limburger commanded.

"" Greasepit scratched his head. "I thought youse wanted us to clobber 'em."

"That's what I said," Limburger fumed. "Now get to it!"

"Uh...right, Boss," he replied. "Come on, youse goons. Let's 'play'!" As a group, the goons rode down the dune and attacked the Mice.

"Rimfire," Stoker ordered. "Get Charley to safety. We'll deal with the goons!"

"Hey!" Charley protested. But Rimfire was already pulling her away from the fight.

To be honest, the goons would have better luck facing down a Girl Scout troop. Even then, they would be outclassed. As it were, the fight was merely a token battle. The Mice did not
notice that Greasepit broke away from the rest of the goons.

He found what he was looking for in a clump of nearby bushes. Rimfire stood bravely between Charley and the greasy goon, his blaster in his hand.

"Don't you come any closer to Miss Charley!" the boy growled bravely.

"It ain't her we want, kid!" Greasepit grinned as he swung a chain with a weight on one end. He knocked the blaster out of Rimfire's hand with the weight, than wrapped the chain
around the youth. In moments, he had Rimfire bound up in the metal. Still grining his near-toothless grin, Greasepit hoisted the young Mouse on his shoulders and rejoined his boss at the top of the sand dune.

"Rimfire!" Modo shouted when he saw his nephew in the oily hands of Greasepit.

"If you want him back, Biker Mice," Limburger sneered, "you'll have to follow us."

Karbunkle aimed a strange device at the air, and pressed a button. A glowing, gold circular field appeared in midair. With one last leer, Limburger, Karbunkle, Greasepit, and Fred entered through the strange field. Karbunkle stuck his hand out of the gateway and dropped the device.

The Mice finished with the goons, and they and Charley mounted the bikes and rode up to where Limburger and his henchmen had been standing. Throttle picked up the device and studied it.

"Limburger wants us to follow him," he said. "And Karbunkle left this thing here to make sure we'd follow."

"It's probably a trap," Charley commented.

"Probably," Stoker agreed.

"Definitely a trap," Carbine nodded.

"So, what do we do?" Charley asked.

"What else, Sweetheart," Vinnie grinned. "We follow 'em!"

"And we have to get Rimfire back," Modo added.

"Then let's move out!" Stoker commanded.

"Okay, group," Throttle said. "Let's rock..."

"An' Ride!" they shouted together. As one, the Biker Mice entered the portal. As soon as they were through, it shrunk in on itself, closing them in whatever strange place they had journeyed to.

Part 2: Etheria! The Mice end up in Etheria and enlist the aid of the Rebels to help find and rescue Rimfire.
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