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Mlp Fanfiction: A Sick Day For Spike: Intro

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Spike wakes up with a terrible cold! He's miserable, and wants to just shake it off. Twilight and her friends make an effort to make his day better.

Category: My Little Pony - Rating: PG - Genres: Fantasy - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2016-08-15 - 242 words - Complete

"Achoo!" Spike sneezed, then sniffled.
"Uh, Spike..Why are you up so early in the morning? Ah, never mind." Twilight mumbled as she got up from her bed, then went back to sleep.
"Twilight, I don't feel so, so, so... Achoo!" Spike sneezed.
Twilight got up, with a concerned look on her face.
"What's wrong Spike? Why are you up so early? Oh! I know why. It's those Star Swirl the Bearded books I lent you... Oh, you silly dragon! Now go back to-" Twilight paused as she saw her assistant surrounded by tissues. Twilight placed her hoof over his head.
"Spike..You're burning up. Do you feel ok? The purple alicorn asked as she used her magic to get a thermometer out of a cabnit.
"No," Spike sniffed, "I feel awful. What's wrong with me, Twi?"
"By the looks of it, you have a cold, Spike. Now I'll go get you some soup while you go right back to bed. I'll even read you some of my most favorite books! It'll be great!" Twilight smiled as she tucked Spike into bed.
"I want to go outside! I want to visit Fluttershy's animals, play with Rainbow Dash, bake with Pinkie-" The princess stopped him.
"No, Spike, your sick and need rest, now go to bed."
"Oh all right.." Spike drifted off to sleep while Twilight Sparkle got her friends together as they thought of a plan to make this little dragon happy.

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