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Chapter 1

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This fic has notes of Yaoi/Mpreg between Mr.L and fan character Wolfie Mario. Nothing too explicit, I promise. If you are sensarive to the subjects, do not proceed. If you do not know who Wolfie i...

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Chapter 1

"He is such a cutie, especially when he sleeps," Mr. L thought. His gloved hand slowly reached out and softly stroked Mario's cheek.


A few hours earlier, Mr. L and Wolfie Mario were hanging out - as Mr. L liked to call it - at the Field of Paper Flowers. The two had spent quite a lovely afternoon there together, playing within the colorful flowers, playing hide-and-seek and tag, and trying to catch the little butterflies, which only Mario could do perfectly, as he was gentle, yet quick. Then, when Mr. L had gotten tired, he sat out and watched the little wolf play happily in the Field.

Sunset soon approached, and Mario had also gotten tired, though his fatigue was greater than the Green Thunder's. His blue eyes were growing heavy, and he was yawning constantly. Mr. L saw this and smiled. He walked over and picked Mario up easily, bridal-style. "Come on, I'll let you sleep at my house tonight," he whispered.

Mario struggled to stay awake. "But...wh-what about Luigi...? Shouldn't we...tell him?" he whispered, his eyes half-open.

"Don't worry about him. Besides, your little worrywart of a brother needs to calm down and not be all frantic about you all the time. I think he should be able to handle one night without you," Mr. L reassured. With that, he turned and started walking towards his home.


Mr. L had gently put Mario to bed, making sure his pillows were fluffed and the blankets were warm. The little wolf fell asleep shortly after. Mr. L kissed his hand and pressed it on Mario's forehead, then he went out the room and walked downstairs, planning to turn out the light later. He headed into the kitchen, putting away the last of the clean dishes from the dishwasher and wiping the countertop clean. While he was doing this, Mr. L noticed the blue bottle of Booquila on the edge of the countertop, a very strong liquor that was named after the crafty Boos. It was named so because while the intoxicating effects are great, it would do almost no physical damage to the body after the hangover passed, almost like a ghost. You could still think, but your judgement and reasoning would be heavily distorted, as well as your speaking. He decided that a few sips wouldn't hurt, so he uncapped the bottle and drank a cup's worth from it. Feeling satisfied, he continued doing his work. He straightened out the dining room, and put away the two guitars he had out in the living room. Without thinking, he kept uncapping the bottle from time to time and drinking more Booquila, each drink taking longer each time.

By the time Mr. L was finished with the mild housework, the bottle of Booquila was empty. Not long after that, the intoxicating effects of alcohol began reaching his head.

Hiccuping periodically, the Green Thunder dragged himself upstairs. He was feeling very dizzy, but in an euphoric way. He felt very peaceful and happy, but everything was unclear to him. Every time he hiccuped, he would unintentionally let out a giggle, as if it was amusing.

He stumbled into the bedroom, hanging on to the door frame to keep his wobbly legs from going out. He looked around and saw Mario sleeping in his bed. "Wh-What do we...have here?" Mr. L asked himself in a slurred voice. "Goldilocks is...s-sleeping in my bed...!"

Walking over uneasily, he took a seat at the edge of the bed and looked better at Mario. The little wolf was sleeping peacefully curled up and he had his thumb in his mouth. He was in the REM stage, so there was occasional twitching in his body, especially in his fluffy ears. "He is such a cutie, especially when he sleeps," Mr. L thought. His gloved hand slowly reached out and softly stroked Mario's cheek. Said one sighed pleasantly and continued sleeping, his eyelids fluttering a little.

Mr. L's silver eyes glanced down at Mario's lips. Soft and silky, with a shade of pale rose. Untarnished by the lips of others.

The Green Thunder knew that Mario must have kissed a few girls when he was younger, no doubt about that. He could be a real ladies' man when he wanted to be. But in his wolfie form, only Peach had kissed him, and that was only for saying thank you. Not one of her pecks was meant for love.

No one had given Mario a real kiss of love.

As he thought about this, Mr. L felt himself lowering onto Mario's body, sitting on top of him. His lips puckered out a little and settled onto the little wolf's.

The kiss was light and only lasted three seconds, but to Mr. L, it was like magic. It overwhelmed him with warm passion and left him wanting more. Without thinking about it, Mr. L kicked off his grey boots and removed his belt. They were bothersome to him now and he did not want to upset this moment with them. He thought about removing his shirt or not, since it had those brass buttons on it, but in the end, he pulled it over his head and set it next to the other discarded articles of clothing.

Mr. L sat back over the little wolf and kissed him once more. But this time, it seemed even more powerful than the last, because he felt completely subdued in passion. His face began to burn a bright red blush as his hands slipped themselves under Mario's back and brought him closer to the black-clad figure, in a sort of hugging position. Mr. L knew that Mario was a pretty light sleeper, but he was willing to risk this movement.

However, the little wolf remained asleep, which was a little odd. But Mr. L didn't care about it at this moment. All that mattered was the magical sense of the kiss.

As he continued holding Mario, Mr. L soon realized that something was wrong. The little wolf's clothes were scratchy and bothersome to him. With them on, Mr. L couldn't feel Mario's satin-smooth skin that glowed like a pearl. Though he knew this was too a risky move, he slipped his gloved hands under Mario's shirt at the back and slowly started to remove it.

The little wolf let out a sleepy sigh, but his eyes stayed closed.

Seeing this as a green light, Mr. L proceeded to take Mario's red long-sleeved shirt off completely and set it carefully among the other discarded clothing. He also took off his gloves, as he did not want them on anymore. As soon as his hands touched the surface of Mario's skin, Mr. L couldn't help but gasp. It was so smooth and perfect. It was delightfully warm, too, unlike his own cold, pale fingers. He kept running his hands all over the skin, and each time had a different reaction. The skin was too perfectly suave. Not the slightest hint of blemishes or scars to be seen or felt.

The Green Thunder felt his lips move from Mario's own to his shoulders and chest. He gently kissed the skin, shuddering at the pleasurable feeling it left him. It was like rubbing a soft kitty's belly, but way better, as this kitty wouldn't bite.

Mr. L felt himself lowering on top of Mario's sleeping body again. His hips bucked once automatically in anticipation, but then he stopped. The rational side of Mr. L tried to remind him that Mario was not a toy to play with, but the alcohol was clouding up his mind too much, twisting up his thoughts radically. All he could register at this moment was how badly he wanted Mario's pants removed.

With this one thought, the Green Thunder sat up a little and started to tug at the hem of the blue pants. This made the little wolf automatically stir, but his eyes only opened halfway before he closed them again and fell asleep again.

In a matter of seconds, Mario's pants joined his shirt at the bottom of the bed.

Mr. L continued nuzzling Mario's body, feeling pretty euphoric. He couldn't believe that this perfect body of satin was all his. His fingers were cold, but his face was a red blush of fire. He felt it burn as he placed his face against Mario's skin, savoring the feeling as it were a tangible thing he could keep locked away in a jar.

Blinded by lust, Mr. L's hands automatically began reaching for Mario's boxers. All this clothing was disturbing him greatly and was ruining everything. They had to be removed.

However, as soon as his cold fingers started to tug at the waistband, the little wolf rose from his slumber and opened his blue eyes. He was surprised at feeling this heavy weight pinning him down, leaving him practically motionless.

Looking up, Mario glanced at Mr. L, who did not notice him, being quite preoccupied. "L? Wh-What are you doing...?" he asked sleepily, rubbing his eyes. "Why are you on top of...?"

Mario's voice trailed off with shock as he looked down. His clothing had been reduced to only his boxers, which Mr. L was trying to remove. The Green Thunder wasn't wearing anything but his pants and face mask.

"What are you doing?!" he cried out again, much louder this time. Immediately, blood began rushing to his face, leaving his cheeks marked with a red blush.

Dazed by love and clouded by alcohol, Mr. L stopped tugging at Mario's boxers enough to respond to his question. "I-I'm gonna make you...all mine!" he slurred happily.

"No, s-stop it, please!" the little wolf cried out. He tried desperately to pull up his boxers, but the Green Thunder's grip was stronger than iron. Slow and clumsy, yes, but very strong nonetheless. Even with Mario pulling madly, Mr. L still managed to remove the boxers with ease. He flung them towards the growing pile of discarded clothing.

Mario cried out in embarrassment and shock as his tail automatically swung itself up between his legs to cover himself. He felt hot tears spring into his eyes as the blush on his face grew redder. "Don't, p-please...!" he whimpered.

Mr. L laughed. "D'aww, you look s-so cute...when you blush all red!" His lustful eyes danced up and down Mario's body. "And even more...wh-when you're wearing your b-birthday suit!"

Mario wanted so badly to jump up and run away, but he was pinned down by Mr. L's weight. Running away would be deemed impossible.

"How about we have...a 'lil fun tonight, huh?" the Green Thunder asked seductively as his hand reached up to pull Mario's tail aside.

"No, no, please!" Mario begged. His body was shaking in fright and the tears were now falling freely down his eyes.

His begging suddenly grew into a pained scream as Mr. L drove into him. The pain was sharp and explosive, and it burned like wildfire all along his lower midsection.

"Oh,'re bleeding!" Mr. L noted in a somewhat laughing tone, his silver eyes looking down. "This must be your first time, huh?"

Mario didn't know what the Green Thunder was talking about. All he could register was the unbearable pain that racked his body. He kept letting out pained cries as Mr. L continued driving into him, each time hurting more than the last. He saw bright flashes of red and white dancing along the edge of his vision.

The night continued with painful cries and satisfied laughter that echoed softly through the forest.
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