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Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

White morning sunlight poured in through the glass windows, illuminating the room.

Mario's eyelids slowly fluttered open, feeling the sunlight on his face. He blinked rapidly for a few seconds, the light hurting his eyes a little and throwing his vision out of focus.

As his eyesight cleared up, the little wolf glanced around the room. He recognized that this was Mr. L's room; he saw the two guitars resting on their stands. But what was he doing here?

Looking down, Mario's eyes grew wide at seeing dried blood and some other substance on the white bedsheets. He saw that he wasn't wearing any clothing at all, and this horrified him. His shock grew even more when he saw more blood on his belly and upper thighs. What on earth had happened?!

When Mario turned and saw Mr. L sleeping next to him, also in his full glory, the awful memories of last night came rushing back to him, as well as the terrible pain that coursed like blood in his veins. A throbbing headache hit him, and his arms and back were sore, but nothing compared to the flaming pain that took over the area between his waist and knees.

There were no conscious thoughts in his mind, but something urged the little wolf to get out of there. Things would not be pretty if he stayed when Mr. L awoke.

Motivated by this, Mario forced his body to turn to the other way, towards the edge of the bed. The pain and his stiff joints made it difficult to move much. He managed to swing his aching legs over the edge, then he eased himself down onto the floor as best as he could. Unfortunately, as he was lowering himself, his arms wobbled and lost their momentum, and he crashed down hard right on his tail.

He let out a loud cry, then immediately stopped himself, clamping a hand over his mouth. He couldn't burst into tears now; it would definitely wake up Mr. L. And he knew how the Green Thunder acted when he was startled from his slumber.

Though the pain was unbelievably intense (as his tail was extremely sensitive), Mario managed to keep his mouth shut. The tears slipped down his face, but he made no more sounds. Getting out of here would only be accomplished with quiet.

His eyes darting about, Mario found his clothes in a pile on the opposite side of the bed, along with those of the Green Thunder. He knew walking was impossible at the moment, so he rolled over onto his belly and tried to crawl/drag himself over to the clothing pile. It seemed as though it took hours, but in reality it was only a couple of minutes. As soon as his hand came into contact with his clothes, he grabbed them and pulled them towards him.

With all this pain and stiffness in his body, it took slightly longer than normal for him for put his clothes on. But in the end, he was completely dressed.

Now here was the hard part: standing up and walking. Mario awkwardly adjusted his body in more or less a sitting position, one that his lower midsection would allow. Taking deep breaths, he took hold of the bed with one hand and the dresser opposite him with the other and heaved himself up.

Immediately, his legs lost their footing and started to give out, but Mario clung for dear life to the dresser with both hands. His hands gripped the wooden surface tightly as he tried to get his wobbly legs straightened.

When he felt that he had gained enough momentum, he slowly let go of the dresser and stood up straight, using his arms to balance himself. His legs were still shaky, but at least he wasn't crashing to the floor. However, all this was making his head spin with dizziness. He had to get out of here before it became too much to bear again.

Clinging to the dresser again for added security, Mario cautiously took a step, being very careful when putting weight on his leg.

It seemed to go well, as he did not lose his balance. The little wolf loosened his grip on the dresser and tried walking more. More success!

Now that his legs were getting used to supporting his weight, walking was deemed easier. But carelessness he avoided. He didn't trust his legs enough to go prancing about like nothing. Slow and steady would get him out of here.


It took Mario nearly all morning to stiffly walk from Mr. L's house in the middle of the forest to the castle. Uneven terrain and uprooted trees caused him to stumble and trip a lot. But he kept going, motivated by that one urge to continue. Once he reached the castle, he would be alright.

However, another reason why it took so long was because his mind was plagued by the haunting memories of last night. He kept hearing Mr. L's maniacal laughter and his own cries to stop, that it hurt, please stop it!

No, Mario, I won't! This is much too fun for me! Why don't you ease up and enjoy yourself?

I can't, it h-hurts...!

That's because it's your first time. It's supposed to hurt. Just hush up and have fun! This is a night you'll never forget, my baby!

This made the pain return in throbbing pulses, so he tried his best to banish the memories from his mind and kept going. Forget about everything that happened.

Mario opened the castle doors, exhausted from his long journey back.

Immediately, some Toads noticed him. "Mario!" one of them called. "Luigi's been looking all over the place for you! You didn't appear last night, so he went all frantic over you!"

This information didn't manage to sink into the little wolf's head; he felt like he was getting another headache from all the Toad's yelling. "J-Just tell him that I-I'm back, okay?" he said softly, holding his hand up to his head. "I-I need some rest..." Ignoring the Toad's next response, he turned and made his way up the stairs, feeling the dizziness come back.

When he reached his room, Mario headed straight for the shower. He felt dirty with all this dried blood (and the other substance) covering his body. Plus, he thought it might be a way to wash away all these bad memories that kept invading his mind.

When he was thoroughly showered and dressed, the little wolf felt refreshed, but still dreadfully tired. He went over to his bed and barely had time to lie down on the covers before fatigue overcame him and he fell asleep.



The little wolf heard this voice coming through the realm of his dreams. It sounded very familiar...

"Mario, wake up..."

It sounded so much like Luigi's voice...


Mario's eyes flew open into the afternoon light. He took a moment to let his eyes adjust to this new environment, then he glanced up into the green and blue haze that must be Luigi.

"Bro, thank goodness you're alright!" Luigi said before hugging him tightly. "You went missing all of a sudden, and you had me worried sick!"

"S-Sorry, Weegee..." Mario said softly, his voice breaking. "I was in the F-Field...and...I must have fallen asleep there." He didn't want to tell Luigi about what had really happened last night. It would drive him up the wall.

Luigi was quiet for a few seconds, then he looked up, looking noticeably cheerier. "Well, it's a good thing you made it home safely," he said, ruffling Mario's hair gently. "I would have gone up the wall if anything bad had happened to you."
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