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Chapter 4

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WHAT?!" the two brothers cried in shocked unison.

"Can I believe it? I cannot. But it is true. All of these symptoms are merely side effects that have been caused by hCG. The fever, however, might have been caused because Mario's immune system might have mistaken the hormone for a virus and tried to repel it. But, as it turns out, it couldn't."

Luigi was still shocked. "But how is it possible?" he cried. "Men aren't able to get pregnant!"

"...In your world," Dr. Toadley said. "Here in the Mushroom Kingdom, do human males actually have a chance of getting pregnant? Yes, though some are barren. Every human baby boy that is born here inhales the reproductive spores in the air that are considered the Toads' version of hCG. Do not worry, it is not poisonous or anything. Is it just another type of pollen in the air? Yes, considerably. Male Toads can't really get pregnant because their bodies have a type of natural immunity to it. Plus, they are the ones who give off the spores, so they won't get infected from their own virus. Since you and Mario were born here, both of you inhaled the spores when you took your first breaths. But, are the baby boys who get terribly sick in their first few days of life the ones who turn out to be barren? Indeed they are. And as I remember, Luigi, you were the one who got sick when you were a few days old. Your body developed an antibody that fought off the spores, so you are typically barren. But Mario never got ill as an infant, so the spores have bonded within his bloodstream."

"So, that means Mario could have gotten pregnant whenever?" Luigi asked, feeling mildly horrified.

"No. Had Mario remained a virgin all his life, the spores would have never activated," Dr. Toadley answered. "Do the spores in the blood act as a substitute for female ova? Yes, they do. The spores travel all around the body, but most lie dormant in the reproductive organs, awaiting fertilization. But men who have these spores do not have menstruation cycles because there is no actual ovum in the body. It is only a mere substitute."

Something about Dr. Toadley's words unnerved Luigi greatly. "Wait," he said. "You said that if Mario had stayed a virgin, the spores would have never found a reason to make a baby, right?"

"Is that correct? It is," Dr. Toadley responded.

Luigi cast one uneasy look at Mario before looking back at the doctor. "So, this means that Mario recently did it with someone?"

"Affirmative," the doctor said. "Like female ova, it needs a male sperm cell to be fertilized. Females, of course, do not have these cells, so intercourse with a woman would have no effect whatsoever. Would a male have to have intercourse with Mario in order to stimulate the spores? Yes, he would."

Luigi could only look at the little wolf with pure disdain now, who only looked back at him in confusion.

Dr. Toadley's cheeks reddened a bit as he realized what he just said. "Oh..."

Luigi didn't know whenever to be shocked or angry. He stood up out of spite. "You had the nerve to sleep with a man?!" he asked Mario incredulously, not realizing that his voice was rising. "How could you do something like that!"

"Wh-What...?" Mario replied in a timid voice, not sure what Luigi was talking about.

"Don't play dumb with me, Bro! Pregnancy does not happen out of the blue!" Luigi shouted, anger clearly shown in his eyes. "Who did you do it with?"

"Do what?" Mario asked again, his voice less audible than before. His body began to tremble.

"You answer me this instant, Mario! Who in the hell were you screwing with?!" Luigi yelled at him. In his fury, his hand lashed out and slapped his brother hard across the face. The force of the blow knocked Mario from his chair, sending him crashing to the floor.

"Hey!" Dr. Toadley called as he stood up as well.

Luigi paid no attention to him. All his anger was directed at Mario. "Are you deaf? Answer me right now!"

"I-I, um..." was all that the little wolf could whimper. His eyes were quickly welling up with tears from the sting of Luigi's slap and the ferocity of his words. His bladder (which had been feeling sensitive lately) instantly released and he wet his pants, but he was so scared he didn't even notice.

Luigi was tired of Mario's constant stuttering. "I-I-I - Speak the hell up, Mario! Do not try to play games with me! Who did you have the damn nerve to sleep with?!" he yelled.

"I-I don't know wh-what you're talking about...!" Mario cried. He didn't know what his brother meant by sleep with. He had never heard this term before.

Despite Dr. Toadley's attempts to hold him back, Luigi grabbed the elder sibling by the collar of his shirt and pulled him up. "If you don't tell me who you've been screwing with, so help me, you are not my brother anymore!" he thundered.

The severity of these last words were so great that Mario's heart shattered and he started to cry loudly.

"LUIGI! You stop this NOW!" Dr. Toadley yelled as he used up all his strength and jerked Luigi back. This sudden movement made the green-clad sibling drop Mario, who fell to the floor, still wailing hopelessly. The dark thundercloud instantly appeared over his head.

"Luigi, I will not tolerate this kind of outlandish behavior!" the doctor said severly. "I respect that you are not pleased with Mario's unexpected pregnancy, but striking him and threatening to disown him is downright brutal!"

"He gave his virginity to a man, Toadley," Luigi hissed, still wanted to lash out at the little wolf. "And now he's pregnant because of it. No self-respecting brother of mine will do that. Get him out of my sight!"

Hearing these words, Mario immediately got up, still crying, and ran out of the room and the clinic, not looking back. Even if Luigi didn't want him as a brother anymore, Mario would still love and respect him, even if it means getting out of his sight.


Luigi wanted to chase after him and confront him again, but Dr. Toadley kept him back. "Do not approach him in your anger, Luigi!" he shouted. "Do we take pregnancies here very seriously? Yes we do. They can be life-threatening to our female Toads, as their bodies do not have such strong structures. Your brother is, of course, male, but gender does not matter. If you harm Mario in a way that injures or kills the embryo, you can be charged or jailed for it!"

Luigi was too caught up in his anger to let that information sink in. "I don't care if that baby died inside him, he'd deserve it!"

Dr. Toadley knew that talking was not going to work with this amount of fury. His hand reached up and swiftly struck Luigi across the face. Said one stopped yelling, stunned at the blow.

The doctor jerked the green-clad sibling's chin towards him. "Listen to yourself. You're wishing for the death of your own brother. Are male pregnancies much harder than female ones? Yes, they are. Men are not technically built to have children, so if Mario's embryo dies, it will be highly likely that Mario will die as well. And since his body is much weaker in his wolf form, the stakes are even higher. There is a chance that he might not even survive the three months of pregnancy."

This information definitely sunk into Luigi, who was not blinded by rage now. He opened his mouth, but no sound was emitted from his lips.

Dr. Toadley was glad that Luigi was not acting like a complete lunatic right now, but he still didn't trust him. He led Luigi to the other room in the clinic, which was the room where all the other patients were usually situated. However, this room was empty at the moment. "Will I put you in here for a few hours of observation? I most certainly will. I must see whenever your brutal rage has completely lifted before you can see your brother again. I will not risk any chance of you harming Mario or his embryo."

Before Luigi could react to all this, Dr. Toadley opened the door and pushed Luigi inside. He quickly shut the doors and locked them securely. Then he pressed a button on the keypad next to the doors, and a small intercom iside Luigi's room turned on. "Are you able to do anything you wish here? You are. Talk to yourself, vent some more, sleep a few hours, whatever suits you. But you will not be released until my crystal ball says that your anger has truly receded. I know you are very upset by these news, but you must learn to respect it now. Remember, the person who got Mario pregnant is not important anymore. What is important now is making sure that Mario and the unborn child are well. Anything that goes wrong could very well send the two to their deaths."
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