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Chapter 5

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Of course Luigi had gotten mad that Dr. Toadley had locked him in without prior warning, so he stomped around the room for the first fifteen minutes or so, fuming angrily. Fifteen minutes quickly turned into thirty, an hour, two hours. He kicked some chairs around and pounded on the doors for a while, but soon stopped when his hands and feet began aching too much to bear.

Afterward, he had gotten tired of walking and flopped down on one of those hospital beds that had been pushed to the far side of the room. He closed his eyes for almost ten minutes, but then he opened them. He could not rest. There was too much on his mind.

I just can't believe that Mario would go and sleep with a man like that, he thought to himself. How could he disgrace himself by doing such a thing? That destructive anger began to rise in him again, but then he remembered Toadley's words and managed to lower his temper a little after taking a few deep breaths. I-I mean, Mario has more sense than that, right? He may have the mind of a child, but I'm sure he knows not to sleep with those nasty creepers that only want his body. But why would he even do it in the first place? Is he more simpleminded than I thought he was?

Luigi turned and fluffed up the pillow a bit before he continued. Mario's so naive in his given state that he probably doesn't even know how the whole 'thing' works...No one ever talked to him about it, why would they?

He suddenly sat up as he thought of something that had managed to slip his mind. In all his blind fury hours earlier, he had never paid attention to Mario's frightened responses. He recalled that Mario had shown no knowledge whatsoever to Luigi's angry words.

Do what?

I-I don't know wh-what you're talking about...!

He never knew what "doing it" actually meant.

What if Mario had never planned to get pregnant in the first place?

What if he had been...violated?

"Oh, my goodness..." Luigi lamented as he realized what he had done. All the destructive anger came rushing back, but this time, it was directed at himself.

"Aaargh!" Luigi cried out as he jumped up from the bed. He started pacing around the room, his hands curled into tight fists. Out of spite, he lashed out and pounded the wall again.

"How could I have been so stupid?!" he yelled at himself. "Stupid, stupid idiot! I hit him in the face and I said I would disown him as a brother...! What the friggin' hell was I thinking?!" An angry tear slipped down his face as he continued ranting. "If anything, he should disown me!"

Luigi's anger soon turned to deep regret as he slid down to the floor, his legs unable to support his weight anymore. All these sudden strong emoions were taking his toll on him. His knees were pulled up to his chest as he buried his face in his hands. "Oh, Mario, what have I done to you..." he lamented. "Please forgive me..."

After what seemed to be hours (but was only a couple of minutes), Luigi pulled himself together and heaved himself up, his legs weak and his eyes red and teary. He sniffled as he made his way to the door. Pounding on it again with both hands, he called out, "Let me out! I have to see my brother!"


Mario didn't know where to run at first. Mr. L's home seemed too risky at the moment, the Field of Paper Flowers was too close to the forest and it seemed uninviting, and the brothers' home was no longer available, since Luigi didn't want him as a brother anymore.

As he ran through the streets of Toad Town, he caught sight of Peach's Castle, standing brightly among the trees. Would he be accepted there?

Without any further hesitation, Mario made a left and went towards the pink-and-magenta castle. It was the last place he could go.


Bursting through the doors without so much as a greeting to the other Toads, the little wolf made a straight beeline for the stairs. He didn't want to face anyone right now. Surely, the news had already spread to this pink domain. All those eyes watching him, they must already know...

They must already know how he disgraced his brother and was now disowned.

You had the nerve to sleep with a man?!

Do not try to play games with me! Who did you have the damn nerve to sleep with?!

If you don't tell me who you've been screwing with, so help me, you are not my brother anymore!

All these thoughts began to haunt Mario's mind again. With each step up the stairs, he felt more dreadful than before.

"I am not Luigi's brother..."

Tears filled his eyes as he climbed up the last step. He started to make a right to head to his room-

-And walked right into Peach.

"Oops, sorry about that!" the princess apologized. "I didn't see you there-"

Her voice trailed off as she saw who she had bumped into. "Mario? Honey, what's wrong?" she asked gently, seeing the stillborn tears in his eyes.

Mario tried to speak, but his throat kept choking up too much, cutting off his words.

Peach crouched down a little so she could be at his level. As she did, however, she caught sight of the wet spot on his pants. "Oh, goodness...!" she said, out of shock.

Mario followed her gaze down and noticed his wet pants for the first time. His cheeks flamed red as he started to cry, utterly embarrassed.

Peach gasped and stood back up. "Oh, no, honey, it's okay!" she tried to reassure him. "Please, n-no crying, it'll be okay!"

Mario showed no signs of calming down, so Peach decided to take matters into her own hands. Taking his hand gently, the princess led him to his room, closing the door so no prying eyes would see. She sat him down on the bed, then rifled through his drawers for some new underclothes and pants.

"Here you go, sweetie, you can go change in the bathroom," she said gently to him, holding out the clothes.

Mario took the clothes in his shaky hands, whispered a barely audible "thank you", then disappeared into the bathroom.

Peach looked at the closed door anxiously. Something more serious had happened to Mario than just the wet pants, she knew it. If he had been unable to at least stop sobbing so fretfully, then he was really shook up about something.

A few rapid thoughts coursed through her mind as Peach wondered what the cause was. Was someone badly injured? Did he witness someone attack his precious flowers or butterflies? What if someone dear to him had passed away, Heaven forbid?

She didn't have any more time to dwell on the subject because at that moment, the white door opened and Mario came out.

There was nothing in his hands, so Peach guessed that there was some sort of hamper in the bathroom. His crying wasn't as strong as it was before, but the tears still ran down his face.

"Mario, what's wrong? Did something happen?" Peach tried asking again.

The little wolf did not answer at first. He needed to sit down before his legs gave out again, as they were wobbly. He made his way to the bed and sat down, wincing in pain as he did.

Peach followed his suit and sat down next to him. She was about to repeat her question, but then he suddenly answered. "I-It's Luigi..."

"Did something happen to him?" she asked, feeling concern.

Mario shook his head as he wiped away a fresh round of tears from his eyes. "I...I-I'm not...his brother a-anymore..."

"What do you mean?" Peach said, surprised at his answer.

Mario's throat choked up again before he replied. "H-He said...he doesn't w-want me as a...b-brother..."

"Why on earth would he say that?!" the princess cried, shocked. Mario and Luigi were closer than two peas in a pod, how could Luigi not want him as a brother?

"L-Luigi was r-really me...really mad. H-He said he doesn't w-want me as a brother a-anymore because...I'm pregnant."
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