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Chapter 6

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Mario's response was so unexpected that Peach couldn't resist the urge to laugh a little. Obviously, this had to be some kind of prank that the brothers were playing on her. Men weren't able to get pregnant! "O-Oh, got me there for a second," she said, catching her breath. "That's a good joke right there. I didn't know that you could act like that-"

She stopped talking suddenly when she saw the look of dismay in Mario's eyes. There was no joking laugh coming from him.

"Oh...y-you're serious?" she asked quietly, her eyes widening.

The little wolf nodded mutely, hanging his head in shame.

"Oh my goodness, I am so sorry," the princess apologized, her cheeks turning pink. "I thought you were just playing..."

Mario simply nodded, keeping his head down. He knew she was sincere; male pregnancy seemed like a big joke, too. But he knew it had to be true.

Peach's gaze lowered to Mario's belly, which looked as normal as ever. She just couldn't understand how a baby could be growing inside him. But even then, she was very much intrigued by this.

Without thinking, her hand began to reach towards his belly. She knew she wouldn't be able to feel anything at this stage, but she still wanted to see nonetheless.

Mario saw her hand and his eyes widened in confusion.

"Oh, s-sorry about that," Peach blushed, yanking her hand back. "I-I shouldn't have-"

"It's okay..." Mario reassured in the tiniest voice; he could somehow sense what Peach wanted. "I don't mind."

Still feeling a bit uneasy, Peach moved her hand forward again. But all that went away immediately as soon as she touched his belly. "Oh, my stars..." she whispered in awe. Mario's belly had hardened. It felt tough and swollen, though there was no visible growth.

There was a child growing in there...

Peach heard the little wolf inhale sharply in pain and yanked her hand back. "Oh, I'm so sorry, did I hurt you?" she asked, worried.

"A little..." Mario replied honestly, wincing. "B-But I'll be okay, really..."

As he was saying these last words, however, the princess could see the tears welling up in his eyes again. She knew he wasn't okay.

Suddenly, without warning, Mario burst out sobbing again. He turned and clung to Peach for support, which at first startled her. But then she reached out and hugged him closer to her, hoping that this might ease his pain a little. She didn't know what it was like to be disowned, but she knew how it felt to lose someone very close to you.

The two stayed like this for a while: Mario crying hopelessly, and Peach trying to comfort him.

"Shhh, it'll be okay, Mario..." she whispered gently to his ear, worried at how badly he was shaking. "Don't cry, please..."

"I-I don't have...a-anyone left...!" the little wolf cried in dismay. "Luigi...h-he's the only f-family I have! A-And now...because I-I'm pregnant...I lost him...!" He buried his head back into Peach's arm.

The princess soothingly petted his hair. "It wasn't your fault, honey," she said.

"Y-Yes, it was...!" Mario sobbed. "I-It's my fault...Luigi doesn't w-want me as a brother...! I sh-should have n-never let this happen...I'm so stupid!"

"Don't say that," Peach said in a warning tone.

Mario did not heed her words. There was no one to blame here but himself. "L-Luigi had every right...t-to disown me...!" he continued. "And he knew it."

"Mario!" Peach exclaimed.

"Wh-Why would he want...a b-brother that was s-so he can't even read?!"

"Enough, Mario! Stop it right now!" Peach shouted. She pulled the little wolf away from her and held his arms tightly in place, forcing him to look up at her in surprised fear. "I may not know how you became pregnant, but I respect that and I won't press you for answers. That's your business. But I will not have you beat yourself up like this! It is not your fault for what happened with you and Luigi, despite his words. And it is NOT your fault that you cannot read. You should never consider yourself stupid for that."

Mario only looked up at her, his scared eyes red and teary.

"And don't you worry about losing Luigi as your brother. He was probably so unnerved by your pregnancy that he didn't listen to himself. But, if he truly wishes to disown you, Heaven forbid, then I will go talk to him about it to make sure. I don't want you to be haunted by uncertain thoughts."


Just then, the door flew open, and Luigi came bursting through, out of breath. "Mario, are you in here?" he called out, concerned.

As soon as he heard his brother's voice, Mario completely panicked beyond comprehension. He broke free out of Peach's grasp and dove under the bed, only his fluffy brown tail showing from beneath the covers. He very well remembered Luigi's command to get out of his sight! Even though they were no longer brothers, Mario still felt the need to obey.

"Mario, wait, it's me!" Luigi tried to reassure the elder sibling. But it was of no use, as Mario kept hiding under the bed, whimpering in fear.

Seeing Luigi, Peach stood up abruptly. "What on earth is your problem?!" she shouted at him. "You belittled your brother and tried to disown him! Are you out of your mind!"

"I-I know, and it was a completely stupid thing of me to do!" Luigi tried to say, hearing his voice crack from the tension. He kept trying to look at Mario, but the princess kept blocking his view. "I was mad, and I wasn't listening to anything. I didn't mean anything I said!"

Peach did not say anything, but kept staring hard at Luigi, her arms crossed.

Luigi sighed and closed his eyes, his next words only for the little wolf. "Mario...I know what I said to you is completely unacceptable, and a thousand apologies will never be enough to undo it. But, even if you decide not to forgive me, I just wanna say that I'm very sorry. I'm sorry I hit you, and I'm sorry I accused you of deliberately sleeping with a man."

Peach's eyes widened at this last statement, but she didn't say anything. Now was not the time to make comments.

"I never should have said those things," Luigi continued. "And if the damage I've caused you is so great that you don't want me as a brother anymore, I understand." He lowered his head, his cheeks reddening with shame and regret.

All was quiet in the room until Mario slowly came out from under the bed. His teary blue eyes looked at the green-clad plumber for a few long seconds, then he ran over and hugged him tightly, surprising Luigi.

"I forgive you, Weegee!" Mario cried, starting to cry again. But this time, these tears were of joy. "I would never disown you; you're the only family I have!"

Luigi felt hot tears come to his own eyes as he hugged his brother back. "You're my family, too, Bro. And I promise I'll never say those types of things to you again. B-But if I do in the future for any reason, you just smack me upside the head and tell me to watch myself, okay?"

"I would never hurt you, but I will tell you," Mario agreed, nodding. He felt his broken heart mend again.

Peach stood by the two brothers, feeling relieved that they had made up.

While still in Luigi's arms, Mario suddenly remembered something very important. "Where's my blankie?"

Author's Note: As it is mentioned above, Wolfie Mario is deemed illiterate, but he can understand a few simple words, an example being his name. Other than that, he cannot read, and he cannot write at all, despite the fact that he can draw.
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