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Chapter 7

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Upon hearing this question, Luigi, Mario and Peach quickly headed back to Dr. Toadley's office to retrieve Mario's beloved blankie. While they were there, Peach wanted to know how Mario was able to get pregnant in the first place, so Luigi directed her to the doctor, who politely told her everything about the reproduction spores, how they acted as female ovum, and how only intercourse with a male would activate them. Though no one said a word about it, Luigi, Peach and even Dr. Toadley were wondering who the "father" of Mario's child would be.

Who activated the spores?


A few days later, Luigi woke up in his bed in the morning, the early sunlight pouring in through the green curtains in his room. He lay in bed for a while, trying to recall what he had dreamed last night: riding a Big Boo in a rodeo tournament, with lots of Dry Bones in the audience.

"Man, I have the strangest dreams..." he mumbled to himself as he climbed out of bed. He pulled his bathrobe on, still feeling sleepy, and opened the door to his room. He walked down the hall, rubbing his eyes sleepily. Seeing today's newspaper sitting on a table with a flowered vase on it, he picked it up and started to head to the bathroom, feeling that morning need to relieve himself.

As he opened the bathroom door, his eyes suddenly widened in surprise. Someone had beat him to it.

"Mario?" he asked, seeing his brother slumped on the floor, hands clutching the toilet seat. His face had a green tint to it and he looked very tired. "What happened?"

Mario was about to answer, but then he heaved and quickly turned, throwing up in the toilet bowl.

"Oh...I see," Luigi said, feeling a little awkward. He backed away as he tried to suppress the rising bile in his throat.

"S-Sorry...I've b-been here...too long..." the little wolf managed to say as he grabbed a roll of toilet paper, unraveled a long sheet, and wiped his mouth with it. "B-Belly...hurts..." He tossed the now soiled toilet paper towards a messy stack of identically soiled toilet paper that had accumulated into a large pile. "But...I-I feel much better than b-before..."

"Do you feel well enough to eat breakfast?" Luigi inquired.


About ten minutes later, the two brothers headed towards the dining hall. Mario did seem better, though he still looked a bit queasy and wobbly on his feet. But maybe eating a bit would settle this "morning sickness". Of course, Luigi had never really been around pregnant women, so he wasn't sure how to treat all this nausea.

"Hey, Toad, what's cooking up in there?" he asked the Toad that was standing by the doors, finishing up his own breakfast on his plate.

"Hey, Luigi! They're cooking up some waffles and pancakes, with strawberry jubilee and whipped cream," Toad replied. "At least, that's what I got. It may not be the healthiest breakfast, but who am I to complain? It's delicious!"

Hearing the word strawberry jubilee seemed to awaken something in Mario. He licked his lips hungrily and quickly dashed inside before Luigi had time to realize it.

"Whoa, looks like someone's hungry today," the Toad noted, raising an eyebrow in amusement.

"Yeah...too soon, though," Luigi said to himself, quickly following his brother inside the dining hall.

When Luigi came into the hall, however, he stopped in his tracks, surprised. He saw Mario sitting at one of the tables, eating the largest plate of waffles with strawberry jubilee he had ever seen. It seemed almost as tall as Mario himself and was teeming with strawberries and whipped cream. A crowd of Toads gathered around him, wondering whenever he'd be able to finish such a dish.

"Mario!" Luigi gasped, running towards him. "You can't finish all that!"

Mario laughed as though Luigi had just told the best joke of the century. "What are you talking about, Weegee? Of course I can finish it!" He took another bite of the strawberry-covered waffles. "I remember you being able to polish off an entire Snack Basket* and you were just fine!"

"But you were feeling sick just fifteen minutes ago, and now you're willing to eat all this?" Luigi continued in shock. Hearing this, the Toads close to Mario immediately took a few steps back warily.

"Aww, don't you worry a thing about it, Weegee! I'll be able to finish this in no time!"

Amazingly, the little wolf kept his word, and five minutes later, the whole plate was licked clean. Everyone stared open-mouthed at Mario as he licked his sticky fingers clean and placed the silverware back on the plate neatly. "Mmm, that was delicious!" he said to himself. The he noticed everyone staring at him like he was crazy. "...What?" he asked, his cheeks reddening a bit.


It was like that all week. Mario would always be hungry ten minutes after he had eaten something, and when he did eat, it was a plate of the strangest food of choice. He still got sick every morning, but after that was done, it seemed to fade away entirely for the day, leaving him with endless hunger and bounds of energy. Once, Mario had argued with one of the chefs for a long time because the chef wouldn't let him eat some of the Superspicy Curry**. Of course, it wasn't a good idea to eat spicy foods while pregnant, but Mario didn't know this. All he knew was that he wanted some curry. Soon, the debate grew so heated that another crowd of Toads came to watch. Would Mario be able to beat the old, surly chef with the twinkle in his eye?

"No way, Mario, this is some of the really hot stuff. No one can handle its intense heat!" the chef refused.

"Come on, I can do it," Mario replied.

"No can do. If you eat this, you'll be running around the room uncontrollably, spitting out fireballs!" the chef said firmly. "What if you set something on fire?"

"I won't set anything on fire!" Mario said, sounding very offended. "I'll be super careful. Just one bite?"

"Not even a bite, I'm sorry. The princess and Toadsworth would eat me alive if I let someone eat the curry and bounce around like a maniac, spitting fire everywhere," the chef declined.

"But I want some of that curry...!"

"No, Mario, I'm sorry. I can't let you eat it," the chef said, shaking his head. "It's way too risky and dangerous."

"Then why do you even have it there in the first place?" Mario asked, raising en eyebrow.

The chef thought about it for a moment. " never know when a Smash Tournament would come up, and the players would require Superspicy Curry in their battle..." he said uneasily. "Plus, it's important for us to have every type of food available, even if we can't let most people eat it."

"That's not fair at all!" Mario cried. "You would let some giant Toad eat it, because it wouldn't bother him in the least. But you won't give it to me or another Toad my size because we can't handle it?"

The chef started to sweat nervously. He had never heard the little wolf speak with such vigor before. "Um...wh-when you put it that way-"

But Mario wasn't finished. "And suppose Wario came crashing in on his motorcycle and demanded a Superspicy Curry to be given to him. Would you give it to him? He's pretty big, don't you think?"

"I, um...well, you see-" the chef started, stammering.

"You would, wouldn't you?" Mario answered for him. "So that settles it, then." He turned to the crowd of Toads around them. "Do you think it's fair that the chef only gives out the curry to big, scary people because he thinks they can handle the heat?"

The crowd began to roar out answers. "No, that ain't fair at all!" a green-capped Toad called out.

"I wanted some curry myself, but he never let me!" another blue Toad with black-rimmed glasses and a mustache cried. "And I've always wanted some of it!"

"I never liked it, but I do think it is rather unfair!" a female Toad with white-and-pink shroom pigtails called out.

"I bet he only gives it to big people because he's afraid of them!" a young red-capped Toad with a beanie on his head taunted. "Oh, here, let me give you this Superspicy Curry because I'm afraid you'll hurt me!" he mocked.

"I-I don't do that!" the chef said, blushing a little. "I can stand my own ground, you know! And whenever any of you like it or not, I am not giving this curry to Mario!"

"Let him have the curry!" a purple-capped Toad called out.

"Better yet, let ALL OF US have some!" a female green-capped Toad replied.

"No! I'm not letting any of you have it! You're too soft and sensitive, you'll probably blow up with the heat!" the chef retaliated.

"Let us have the curry!" a few Toads started to chant. "Let us have the curry! Let us have the curry!"

"No curry for any of you!" the chef shouted back.

"Let us have the curry! Let us have the curry! Let us have the curry!"

"No!" the chef replied, though he knew he was losing this debate.

"Let us have the curry! Let us have the curry! Let us have the curry!"

The words resonated in the old, surly chef's ears until he couldn't stand it anymore. "ALRIGHT! I'LL LET YOU HAVE IT!" he yelled, covering his ears.

Mario and the crowd of Toads started to cheer, but then the chef spoke again. "But if you're gonna eat it, then all of you need to go outside! I ain't getting blamed if the castle is set on fire, alright?"

Minutes later, the streets of Toad Town were flooded with running, flaming Toads. As the chef had predicted, not one of them could handle it, but none of the Toads cared. They loved the taste of the curry, even as it burned their tongues and scorched their throats.

And as Mario promised, nothing was burned down.
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