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Chapter 16

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All those weeks of careful planning and secret purchases had paid off. Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Yoshi, Toad and Toadsworth had finally completed the work needed for the baby shower tomorrow. Toadsworth had booked and sealed off one of the party rooms to ensure privacy, while everyone else got the party supplies, food, and decoration. Daisy, Yoshi and Toad had made sure to steer clear of Mario so that he wouldn't get suspicious. Each one of them had also chipped in some pocket money for gifts and necessities, as well. Raising the child wouldn't be so easy without the necessary things.

Luigi couldn't wait till he could finally see the look on Mario's face. Peach was excited for the baby shower games, for she had always wanted to attend those. Yoshi and Toad were all about the food and goodie bags, while Daisy was anxious to watch Mario open the gifts. She had thrown in a couple nice items, and she hoped he and the baby would like them. Toadsworth was also happy for Mario and excited for the shower, but he also hoped that the party would go well.

Now all they could do was wait eagerly until the day of the baby shower...


Only one person was not happy.

As soon as Mr. L had figured out why he had woken up in the infirmary, he was furious. He hated the fact that both Peach and Luigi had prevented him from talking to Mario and his swollen belly, and he was also peeved at the fact that Luigi had whacked him with a shovel.

He also despised himself for not talking to Mario sooner. If that lump in his belly really was a tumor, then that might mean he wouldn't have a lot of time left. He had to talk with him and make amends meet. The fearful look on Mario's face told Mr. L that something bad did happen that night, and he wanted to apologize.

But Mr. L also knew that he could not approach the little wolf in public, for either Luigi or Peach might refrain him again. It had to be done at a private time, in secret. Given his current condition, what time would Mario be alone?


The night before the baby shower, Mario lay awake in his bed, staring mindlessly at the ceiling. It was well past midnight. His only source of light was the pale moonlight softly billowing in from the open window.

He yawned and rubbed his eyes for what seemed to be the thousandth time. He was completely exhausted, but the baby was awake and kicking, making it impossible to rest. The kicks weren't as frequent, but they were still pretty painful. Mario had no idea why, though. He had thought many times to talk with either Luigi or Peach, but after the Harold incident, he was too ashamed to ask. It seemed too much of a burden to put on them. They seemed very busy lately, always scurrying around, talking on the phone, running errands all the time.

Mario winced as the baby suddenly delivered another kick to his abdomen. "Why do you keep doing that?" he whispered in a tired voice. He placed his hand over his rounded belly. "Is it too crowded in there?"

The unborn child's only response was another kick that made Mario whimper in pain, followed by more immediately after.

"Ahh...!" Mario gasped. He tried to shift his position automatically, but the kicking made it impossible to move comfortably.

This was different. Usually, the baby's kicks had longer intervals of time, about fifteen to twenty minutes. But now the kid was wigging out, kicking every few seconds. It seemed endless.

"W-What's happening? Why are you doing that?" Mario asked worriedly. He felt very unnerved by these sharp movements; there was something else to it. It felt like...the baby was sending a message...

At once, his fluffy tail bushed up and his body grew tense. He sensed the presence of another being in the room.

"L-Luigi...?" he asked in a nervous whisper. "Is th-that you...?" He couldn't see much, the moonlight only reached a certain distance. If the door had opened, he didn't see it.

He heard boots softly thumping on the floor, coming near the bed. Mario's heart beat faster; he didn't know who it was. He heard a clinking noise, and then the lamp on the bed-stand turned on.

Mario let out a frightful gasp. "You...!" he cried out.


Mr. L instantly placed his finger to his lips. "Shh, please!"

"Wh-What do you want?!" Mario cried. He wanted to get up and run away, but his swollen belly wouldn't permit it. He couldn't even get up by himself anymore. He could barely roll over.

"I-I just want to talk, okay? I couldn't do so the last time, because your brother and the princess interrupted. I'm not here to hurt you, really!" Mr. L replied.

Mario was quiet, but his eyes still had a look of fear in them. No trust yet.

The Green Thunder looked down at the little wolf's belly. "Is that a tumor?" he asked solemnly, taking his hat off.

No reply for about five seconds, then Mario slowly shook his head. "No, it's not," he replied in a little whisper.

Mr. L sighed in relief. "Oh, good, I thought it was! I thought you were a goner!" he commented happily. But then his happiness soon faded. "But then...what is it?"

Before Mario could answer, another kick came from the baby that made him gasp in pain.

Mr. L was by his side in an instant. "What is it? What's wrong?" he asked, very concerned.

Mario wanted to answer, but then emotion suddenly overwhelmed him and he started to cry.

The Green Thunder didn't know what to do. "Mario, what's happening to you? Please tell me!" he pleaded.

The little wolf kept wiping his eyes, but more tears spilled out. "I-It''s the..." he tried to say. "It's the baby."

"What?" Mr. L said, confused. Then his eyes suddenly grew wide. "The baby?!" he cried out. He stood up abruptly. "Oh my God!"

Mario looked up from his tears to see Mr. L panicking beyond comprehension. It scared him to see the black-clad figure in this state.

"That night...when you stayed at my house..." Mr. L whispered to himself. "Oh, God, no, this is all my fault! I'm so sorry! I'm sorry! I had no idea that could actually happen!" His legs buckled and he fell to his knees. He buried his face into his hands again, sobbing.

Now Mario was really frightened, for Mr. L never cried. "What's wrong? What's your fault?" he asked, worried.

"I made you pregnant! That baby is inside you because of me!" Mr. L sobbed. "Oh, Mario, I'm so sorry...!"
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