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Chapter 17

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What the hell is going on?!" Luigi shouted as the door banged open and the lights flooded on. Peach quickly followed behind him, tying on the ends of her bathrobe.

Mr. L jumped in fright when he heard all this commotion. Leaping to his feet, he grabbed his cap and fled from the room, out the door, still crying bitterly. Peach looked back at the retreating figure in sheer amazement while Luigi quickly went over to Mario. "Are you okay? Did he do anything to you?" he asked worriedly. He had to repeat that several times before Mario heard him.

The little wolf wiped his teary eyes and cleared his throat before he spoke. "I-It's okay, Weegee...h-he didn't do a-anything..."

"What happened, bro?" Luigi asked, still seeing that Mario had a look of terror on his face. "H-He just...talked for a bit. But th-then he s-started crying. I-I've never seen him do w-was scary!"

Luigi was astounded. He had thought that the black-clad figure was unable to shed tears. "Why did he do that?"

Mario's throat choked up a bit. "H-He started saying...that it w-was all his fault. All his fault..." he was saying when his voice trailed off.

Luigi noticed. "Mario, listen to me. I know you might be scared right now, but just tell me: What was his fault? What did he do?"

Before Mario could answer, the baby kicked again, causing him to wince in pain.

"What is it? What's wrong?" Luigi asked worriedly. For a moment, he feared that the baby might be arriving, but this was way too soon. This couldn't be the labor pains!

Mario hated to admit it, but he knew he could not keep his secret any longer. It was time to tell. "Th-The hurts...when it kicks. N-Not at first, it does...and I-I can't sleep when it does."

"Why didn't you tell me sooner?" Luigi asked in disbelief. "How long has it been happening?" He feared the worst. What if the baby really was coming? A million different scenarios played through his head, all of them bad.

"I don't know...two weeks?" Mario started tearing up again. "I-I know, I should have s-said something...but I didn't know how. A-And you and're always busy now...and I-I didn't want to bother you..."

"Oh, Mario..." Luigi said as he sat on the bed and hugged his brother gently. The princess also walked over and sat next to Luigi, but she let him do the talking. "Peach and I will never be too busy to help you if you have a problem. Especially now, since you're getting close to the due date. If you have any problem, any at all, you can tell either me or Peach, okay?"

Mario nodded briefly and wiped his teary eyes. "Okay."


Mr. L's newest appearance had unnerved Luigi, so he had the castle guards know that if they saw the black-clad figure, they were to report to him immediately. Luigi knew that Mr. L hadn't harmed Mario, but he didn't want to take any more chances. The green-clad sibling was also rather concerned about Mr. L's crying, as both Mario and Peach had confirmed. What terrible thing had happened as to drive him to tears?

Another thing that worried Luigi were the painful kicks that Mario had been experiencing. He wanted to call Dr. Toadley, but the clinic was closed at this time, so that would have to wait.


"So, are we ready?" Daisy asked him later that morning, when the sun had come up. Luigi snapped himself out of his daze. "I-I guess..." he could only mutter.

"What?" Daisy asked. She came around to look at his face. "We're all ready...right? Or did something come up?"

"Something came up," Luigi said in a concerned tone. He turned to look at her. "Mr. L came. He went to see Mario in the middle of the night."

"Oh, gosh, did he do anything?" Daisy asked, shocked.

"According to Mario, no. He said that the two were talking...but then Mr. L started crying."

"Whoa!" Daisy exclaimed, her green eyes widening. "I didn't...whoa! I thought he couldn't cry. He's like a stone when it comes to emotions! Do you think he knows about the baby?"

Luigi could only shake his head. "Mario didn't tell me if he did. He's still in shock; I haven't heard him speak at all this morning," he answered, rubbing the back of his head. "The last time we saw him, he thought that the bump in Mario's belly was a tumor or something."

"That could explain the tears. Knowing his only friend's about to die must have shattered him," Daisy stated simply. She knew the feeling; she'd lost two beloved cousins to cancer.

Luigi was quiet as well. He knew about Daisy's cousins and how much they meant to her.

Daisy cleared her throat after a minute. "So, what about the baby shower? That still on or what?"

"Yes, it's still on," Luigi decided, nodding. "But I think it should wait till Mario comes out of shock. I don't know what Mr. L said to him, but when I came, both of them were crying. It'd be best to wait a few days, a week at the most."

"Alright, I'll put the food back on the fridge so that they don't turn," Daisy said, nodding.

"And I'll inform the others," Luigi added.
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